Another Stupid Isekai
645 Day UNKNOWN: Party, part III: Shananigans
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Another Stupid Isekai
Author :MasterHexer
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645 Day UNKNOWN: Party, part III: Shananigans

Sadly for me, none of them seemed to be in the vicinity, but I was not giving up and curiously looking around. I spent around an hour traveling through the gardens between the buildings of the estate, but I couldn't find anybody. The three Atri accompanied me, following me everywhere in silence.

I grabbed a few drinks as the party progressed, but they didn't seem interested in that at all, or maybe they were specially told to not do that. I don't know, but it felt quite annoying. Like a kid constantly watched by the mother on some school dance.

Then I decided to visit one of the buildings which seemed to be quite occupied by the guests, and I indeed managed to hit the jackpot.

It was a large hall, with a band, playing some slow melody. Some of the guests were dancing in the middle, some occupied the sides, where there were a few tables. By one of those, I noticed Druoag, surrounded by a crowd of fans, who flooded the poor warrior with hundreds of questions.

I passed by him, knowing that he won't escape me, and looked deeper, hoping to find Bashan. And I did! He was by the bar placed in the corner with few individuals. Clearly wealthy. One of them was Yagg himself. They were drinking and talking on some engaging topics.

I was about to get there when I suddenly felt a massive hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see a towering crocodile-man.

- Finally, I found you - he said. - I was hoping we could have a word.

- Right now? - I asked, and glanced again at Yagg and Bashan.

- Is the timing not right? Your friend and owner seem to be engaged in a conversation. How about interrupting them, you give me a few minutes of your time instead?

- Ugh... - escaped my mouth before I managed to turn it onto a word.

- Do not be afraid. I'm an honorable warrior, despite all the rumors about me, and besides, I already admitted you won fair and square. I just want to talk bout the possibility of a rematch. I know you probably have your eyes on the Na'Tikki and the title, but without defeating me again, I'm not sure you will get your shot.

I rolled my eyes. This fucker clearly was also part of whatever the hell was going on, so I could talk with him as well.

- You know what? Let's talk.

- Good - he, I believe, smiled. - I already checked, and the closest free spot for us to fight would happen in two weeks.

This was what the translation device told me. Obviously, he was using the local time measuring units, but my equipment was calibrated to suit the units I could easily understand.

- It's soon, but I believe we both are very much prepared, considering the outcome of our last fight. Do you agree?

I was about to answer, but then some massive creature threw a shadow on me, standing directly behind. I didn't even need to turn around to know who that was.

- The possibility of a rematch should be discussed in proper circumstances, and not on the side during a party - said Druoag. - This is not a decision Peter can make by himself. There are many aspects involved in this, so how about your side and ours hold an official meeting for such a talk? We are prepared to do it here, but are you? I didn't see your manager anywhere.

The crocodile measured the massive former champion, and then finally spoke again:

- I'll go find him, so we can hold proper talks.

With those words, he left us, and to my surprise, we were almost immediately joined by Bashan. I also noticed how several people were watching us, probably because of the small scene which just transpired in front of their eyes.

- What was that about? - he asked.

- I believe Vazasse wanted his rematch in some shady circumstances  - explained Druoag. - I told him we are ready to talk, but he should grab his manager first.

- Good, but there is a problem. We are not really ready to hold such talks - said Bashan. - Yagg is not feeling well. He wants to get some fresh air. Could you do me a favor and talk with him? You know that he won't listen to me, but you are a different case.

The former champion nodded. Then the old man pointed at the door close to the bar and said:

- He went there, to get out of people's eyes.

It was not big enough for the massive alien to normally pass through, but if he were to bend a bit, it looked like it was doable.

- I'll be right back - he informed us.

As soon as he was out of the range of hearing I asked:

- What the fuck is going on?

The old man smiled.

- Follow me, and you will find out.

- I'm done... - I was interrupted by one of the Atri, who slightly pushed me.

I looked over my shoulder at her, but her face remained expressionless. I sighed and went after Bashan, who clearly was waiting for me to start moving.

We got outside, and with intent passed a portion of the garden, going through a few buildings, until the crowds around got thinner and thinner, before completely disappearing. He was clearly leading me outside of people's attention. What was surprising was the fact how well he knew Vazasse's mansion.

Eventually, we ended up in a quite colorful and secluded part of the garden with a small building in the middle of it. He clearly was heading there, and as I found very soon later, there were four individuals waiting for us there, inside an empty room, all wearing long cloaks obscuring their figures, with deep hoods, covering their heads and faces.

All of them nodded, acknowledging Bashan. I had this weird feeling o being lured into a trap, so I glanced over my shoulder, but the three Atri were just behind me, and one of them pushed me inside.

Whatever was that Halloween party, I still could easily get out of it if I wanted to.

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    《Another Stupid Isekai》