78 Seven Sins meeting
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Author :tektite
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78 Seven Sins meeting

Aein POV-

"Mistress. The old man wants you to come to a meeting. Something about 'too much interference happening with lower worlds' although he didn't seem to care before now." Aein

"I'll go.... Mentions of Gin may appear.... I have to make a claim on him before the others become too interested in him. Especially Envy and Lust...." Sillith

A few minutes later we are ready to go to the meeting area in the old man's territory. Mistress decides to take the appearance of an elderly woman wearing heavy fur clothing that envelopes everything but her face.. As for me.... I am wearing a black business suit along with a full-face mask that depicts some demon. Mistress opens a portal and we get transported straight to the meeting room.

A large circular table that has no center takes up most of the room. I can a few figures sitting around it at the moment....

Lust, Pride, Envy, Wrath..... Greed is missing which is not surprising.

"Looks like the new 'Gluttony' is here, that leaves Sloth and Greed.... Greed probably won't come.... As for Sloth.... I guess you could say that he is here?" Old man

The old man speaks up at Mistresses appearance. He is a thin little f-.... Ahem.... A thin and short man with a large mustache. A pair of golden 'bottle' glasses lies on his large nose. He seems to be going bald despite being ageless. Only a small amount of white hair is still present on the sides of his head.

Mistress waves her hand and Sloth appears. He appeared as a kid before but, after going through 'treatment', Sloth is just a genderless featureless doll that has no will anymore. A few gasps and chuckles come from the group.

"It seems that I'm not going to be able to discuss Sloth's freedom anymore." Old Man

"It seems that my efforts to help were in vain huh~" Lust

Lust speaks up. She mostly takes the form of ridiculously beautiful and voluptuous women of various races. She seems to be a lamia at the moment.... Lust's relationships with the rest are rather odd. She is willing to help anyone based on how she feels. She provided a force of troops to aid Sloth along with Envy before Mistress captured him. However, she also has helped Mistress on multiple occasions. No clear allegiances.

"Shit! Now she has a Sin under her control.... It may be possible to have someone usurp that puppet's position though...." Envy

Envy usually takes the form of a beholder. A floating head that has a 'terrifying' mouth filled with fangs. A giant eye takes up most of its face. Several tentacles that have eyes attached to them look around at various things. Envy is a troublemaker. It has caused the most choas and death among everyone present here. A small secret is that Envy doesn't really care about anything, despite being the 'Sin of Envy'. Its countless years of existence has made it a nihilist. It's words, actions, and schemes are actually unconscious at this point.

"Lazy meatbag deserved it. How long could he continue without strengthening himself or recruiting new subordinates. Weakest piece of garbage here." Pride

Then there is Pride. A tan and golden haired 'Hunk'. Usually, only young gods will take that kind of appearence to satisfy their ego. Most will end up taking an appearance that suits their individuality..... Pride does not really get involved in any serious matters saying that they are below him. In actuality, he is just lazy. He would be more suited for the position of Sloth honestly. He likes to badmouth others and pretend that he is some sort of ultimate being. I feel sorry for his subordinates.

"...." Wrath

Wrath is basically a mute. I think Wrath is female, based on her rare roars of rage. It is impossible tell from her appearance as it is always obscured by many layers of clothing. Even her face is not visible. She gets into fights with Envy a lot.... The Old Man has had to intervene on many occasions.

As for Greed. Well, Greed is not important.

"So, you lot may be wondering as to why you had to come here. A few people that are in charge of the systems of lower worlds gave me an earful. Stop messing with lower worlds please." Old Man

"Sorry, I won't stop" Envy

"Who are you? What gives you the authority to tell me what to do!?!?" Pride

"...." Wrath

"I have a few people I like from lower worlds so, sorry." Lust

".... Really? None of you are willing to cooperate? What about you Sillith?" Old Man

"I have staked out a husband from a lower world. I can't." Sillith

"!?!?!?" Envy, Lust, Pride, Old Man

"You have to tell me about it!" Lust

"When can I finally find a mate...." Envy

"Huh? You don't plan on eating the poor sap do you?" Pride

Mistress gives Pride a deathly look. She then closes her eyes, ignoring the other various questions that pop up.

"I want to stake a claim on him" Sillith

"I'll do the same" Envy

"I'll join in as well~" Lust

"..... The two of you don't even know who he is so you can't." Old Man

"Hehe~" Lust

"I was even willing on giving up on my beholder appearance.... Damn...." Envy

"So, do you have the W981MI form filled out or-." Old Man

"Here." Sillith

Mistress passes a 80 page form that is filled out. The Old Man flips through it.

"You still need his permission. If you can get that I'll put it through to Theresa." Old Man

"So if I can learn who he is and get this form filled out, I can get Theresa to marry us?" Lust

"Why are you so interested in Sillith's potential husband?..... The answer is yes by the way." Old Man

"I won't accept that!" Sillith

"Hehe~." Lust

"I may not even have to be the one to cause trouble here." Envy

"You should learn from me. Marriage is not something to take lightly. Gertrude became a real b-..... Beauty....." Pride

"Almost forgot you were actually married.... Only time your pride fails is when Gertrude comes up." Old Man

"I'm warning you. Give up on him." Sillith

"Hehe~!" Lust

"Well, if you get his permission, Lust won't be able to do anything unless you allow her to. Not until he becomes a god anyway." Old Man

"Don't worry~. If I get him first you can be his second wife!" Lust

A heavy bloodlust fills the room. The subordinates of the other Sins start fidgeting uncomfortably. Wrath's subordinates look fine though.

"Now, now, calm down. Please don't cause too much choas in whatever world this young chap is in either. I'd rather not get another earful....." Old Man

"I'll fuckin kill ya!" Sillith

Oh no.... Her one accent is coming out. I'm a bit angry as well. I want to be the second wife too! Although, I am part of Sillith so would that technically make me the first as well? Hmmmm....

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