3 1000 Zombies
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Author :HotIce
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3 1000 Zombies

"Hah… hah… hah…"

Tang Shaoyang breathed heavily as he distanced himself from the zombies. Each time he killed one zombie, he had to keep a safe distance from the zombies. If he was getting surrounded by these zombies, he was done for.

After killing fifty zombies, this kind of fighting method would slowly exhaust him. Moreover, the zombies seemed to be endless. He even did not have time to check the one called screen status.

However, Tang Shaoyang somehow understood a bit about the attributes. Such as Strength, Agility, and Stamina. Regarding Vitality, Magic Power, and sense, he had no idea what it was.

After all, he could not find out about it in the middle of these zombies. He at least must kill these zombies first and find out about the screen status later.

As for the attribute points he got after leveling up to Level 2, Tang Shaoyang allocated the point to strength. He thought with increasing strength, he could kill the zombies with less hit.

It was effective, sometimes he only needed two hits to kill the zombies. The problem was now the zombies, it was seemingly endless.

"I can't continue like this, I have to find a way to kill these zombies with only a hit…" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice as he threw two hits to the nearest zombie and retreated.

This zombie totaled the zombies Tang Shaoyang killed to fifty-one. Yes, rather than running away, Yang Shaoyang was thinking a way to finish all zombies. He never thought to run away at all.

"Ah, that's it. Uncle Lan Butcher Shop has a big knife. I can use that knife to kill these damned zombies with one hack!"

Tang Shaoyang remembered that there was a butcher shop in this district. He often saw the owner shop, Uncle Lan always bringing that butcher knife for him. Usually, he used it to threaten the men who teased his daughter.

Tang Shao Yang looked up, the distance to reach Uncle Lan butcher shop was 20 meters. The problem was the zombies, a crowd of zombies blocked his way to reach Uncle Lan shop.

"I can do it. I am Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun, I never lost in the fighting regardless it's a zombie or human. I will kill everyone creatures who dare to stand in my way!"

Tang Shaoyang rushed toward Uncle Lan's shop to retrieve the big knife. He charged forward as he brandished his steel pipe wherever zombie came from. His main purpose was to get the big knife, so he did not care if the zombie was killed or not.

He ignored the zombie and rushed toward the shop. Tang Shaoyang reached the shop in no time, but he found there were three zombies inside, a male zombie and two female zombies.

Tang Shaoyang recognized these three zombies. The male. The male zombie was Uncle Lan and the two female zombies were Uncle's wife and daughter.

The zombies were walking around aimlessly inside the shop. They didn't seem affected by the ruckus outside.

Tang Shaoyang tried to open the door but found out it was locked. He broke the window with the pipe.


The glass broke and Tang Shaoyang jumped in through the window. He scanned the surroundings to find the big knife he was looking for. It did not long and Tang Shaoyang found what he was looking for.

A big knife about 10 Cm in width and 1 meter in length. The knife was shining under the bright lamp, showing the knife's sharpness. Uncle Lan took care of his knife really well. The knife was at the end of the room. It was hanging there along with the smaller knives.

Meanwhile, with the noise caused by the broken window, the three zombies moved toward Tang Shaoyang. Of course, with a zombie slow movement, there was no way these three zombies could endanger Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun.

Tang Shaoyang rushed forward and avoided the three zombies claw. He reached the big knife and reached it with his left hand. Upon closer look, Tang Shaoyang believed this knife was extremely sharp.

"Maybe I can kill a zombie in one hack with this butcher knife…"

Tang Shaoyang looked up. The three family zombies turned toward him once again. They were still 7 meters away from him. Looking at the big knife in his hand and looked back at the small family that turned zombie.

Tang Shaoyang bowed his head toward the three, "I am sorry that I can't save you, but I will end your suffering here. Also, I will take this knife with me, thank you, Uncle Lan!"

Afterward, Tang Shaoyang charged forward. He brandished the knife to the neck of the three zombies. In three hacks, he killed three zombies. Sure enough, the butcher knife was more efficient than the steel pipe.

He killed another three zombies, with this, he already killed fifty-four zombies in total.


Right after he killed three zombies inside the shop, the zombies outside broke the door and entered the shop.

"Heh, why do you guys so impatient to get killed!"

Even though he knew the zombies had no way to reply, he still said those words out for mere acting cool. He spat those words out and charged toward the zombies. His right hand held 1.5 meters of steel pipe and his left hand held an extremely sharp butcher knife.

With these two weapons in his hand, Tang Shaoyang went on a rampage. Firstly, he pushed the crowd of zombies with the pipe. He forced his way out of the shop.

Second, he would hack here and there to every zombie came closer to him with the butcher knife in his left hand. The butcher knife really sharp, one zombie's head fell each time he swung the knife.

"You have leveled up!"

"You gained 2 Attribute Points!"

The robotic voice sounded once again when Tang Shaoyang went out of the shop.

"Allocate Attribute Point into strength." Tang Shaoyang immediately allocated the point he got to strength.

Moreover, he also found something miraculous happened in his body. After he leveled, his exhaustion from fighting all of these zombies was gone. The feeling was the same when the first time he woke up from his sleep.

Tang Shaoyang discovered as long as he leveled up. He would recover the stamina, maybe it also healed an external wound. But it was still a possibility as he could not prove it yet.

"Nah, I will find out about that later. For now, let's wipe these zombies first!!!"

Tang Shaoyang licked his dry lips and scanned the surrounding. First, as long as he kept killing the zombies, he would level up. Second, each time he leveled up, it would take him back to his prime condition. This meant, he did not need to worry as he would never get exhausted as long as he leveled up.


Tang Shaoyang went for his berserk mode. He only needed to be careful to no get surrounded by the zombies. However, with the butcher knife, he could kill one zombie with only one hack.

As long as the zombies stayed slow like this, there was nothing to be worried about. He went berserk for five hours and he cleaned the zombies in Youyouliucun District.

He did not know how many zombies he killed. However, he reached Level 6 from killing all these zombies. All attribute points he got, Tang Shaoyang allocated all of it to strength.

He now could crush the zombie's head with one swing of his steel pipe.


Tang Shaoyang breathed heavily. Even though he would recover his stamina each time he leveled up, but he still got his head dizzy for fighting five hours non-stop.

The source of his dizziness was the stinky green liquid on his body. Yes, this green liquid was extremely smelly that made one dizzy by smelling it. What made things worse was the district now filled with this green liquid.

Yes, the green liquid was zombie's blood. Tang Shaoyang had to endure this smelly liquid for five hours. His head was now getting dizzy from this smell.

"I have to wash. I could not bear with this smelly liquid anymore."

He entered the most familiar building. It was a fruit shop on the first floor. Aunty Jiang was the owner of this shop and she rented out the second floor to a primary teacher.

Tang Shaoyang knew really well this primary teacher, Ao Xue. She was his s*x partner. Actually, it was a complicated relationship and in fact, this Ao Xue had a fiance.

Tang Shaoyang also knew her fiance and one day, he found Ao Xue's fiance was cheating behind her back. Out of kindness, he told this to Ao Xue, but… He did not expect he would be her s*x partner after telling her fiance's affair. It was really chaotic and complicated.

Tang Shaoyang entered the fruit shop. On the first floor, there was no zombie. He went upstairs and only stopped before a familiar door.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

"Ao Xue! Ao Xue! Are you inside?"

He tried to call her name, but he got no answer. Tang Shaoyang sighed. Most likely Ao Xue already turned into a zombie.

He squatted and took a key from the pot near the door. Ao Xue placed her spare key here so he could get into her room anytime.

Tang Shaoyang opened the door and then, he saw two zombies right behind the door. Tang Shaoyang leaped back and the two zombies missed their best chance to turn him into one of them.

He pushed the female zombie with the steel pipe while hacked the other one with the butcher knife.


The green liquid splattered in all directions. Tang Shaoyang himself got his clothes wet by the zombie blood.

"Fortunately this blood could not infect me…"

"Doing! Dong! Dong!"

"Congratulations! You have killed 1,000 zombies on the first day. You will be rewarded with three talents!"

"You can now make a request for your talent! Please choose carefully!"

Two successions of robotic voice resounded in Tang Shaoyang's head.


Tang Shaoyang could not be bothered with the robotic voice as zombie Ao Xue got up and approached him again.

He bowed his head to Ao Xue, "Ao Xue, thank you for all your services. Now I will end your suffering!"

After that, Tang Shaoyang severed zombie Ao Xue's head with the butcher knife.


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