8 Destroyer
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Author :HotIce
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8 Destroyer

Tang Shaoyang was sleeping like a dead log. The fight against Swiffer really exhausted him, he only woke up when the needle stopped at the number twelve.

He slowly opened his eyes lid and looked at the clock on the wall across the bed. Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow deeper as a stinky smell assaulted his nose. The stinky smell was originated from his body.

The stinky and unpleasant smell filled the room.

"Urgh…" He let out a displeased groan as he woke up from the bed. Not only his body was smelly, but it also sticky which was making him uncomfortable.

"I need to wash up…" Tang Shaoyang left the room, back to the hall where he and Swiffer battled last night.

Surprisingly, the hall was not as stinky as the bedroom. No, in fact, there was no smell in the hall which was weird.

His body was splashed with green liquid and It permeated a penetrating smell to his nostrils. He thought the hall would be more noisome and smelly than the bedroom. He left Swiffer's dead body here.

Tang Shaoyang rushed to the place where he killed Swiffer and found out Swiffer's dead body was missing.

Instead, he found a big wooden chest replaced the Swiffer dead body. He was alerted and immediately checked the surroundings. He was looking for his butcher knife and steel pipe while checking if there was another person or not.

He checked the dimmed hall cautiously and he found the steel pipe and butcher knife was near the wooden chest.

While checking the surroundings, Tang Shaoyang came closer to the wooden chest. However, he stopped his steps 5 meters away from the wooden chest.

He was sure the wooden chest was not here last night. This wooden chest was the most suspicious one.

"Is there a creature inside the wooden chest?" Tang Shaoyang mumbled as he stared at the wooden chest with a look of doubt and full of suspicion.

If there was really a creature inside, it explained why the Swiffer body went missing. The creature inside the wooden chest regarded Swiffer as food and ate it.

"... Or maybe the wooden chest is a living creature? It swallowed Swiffer's body?" Tang Shaoyang's mind ran wild.

He was not surprised if the wooden chest was truly alive. After all, the zombie, robotic voice in his head, the status screen, and everything that happened until now seemed to be surreal. So he was not surprised if the wooden chest was a living creature.

Tang Shaoyang slowly got closer to the steel pipe and the butcher knife. He picked his weapon and ready for another fight.

He moved slowly to create a little noise as he assumed the creature inside the wooden box was still sleeping.

Step by step, Tang Shaoyang got closer to the big wooden chest. It was three meters long and a meter tall. In fact, it was more like a coffin if not for its upper part which was curved upward like a chest.

He arrived at the wooden chest, but there was no reaction from it. There was no sound from inside the wooden box. There was also no sign of the wooden chest was a living creature. It did not move in the slightest.


With a fast motion, he stabbed the wooden chest with a butcher knife in his right hand. If there was a creature inside the wooden, Tang Shaoyang hoped it would die from the stab he delivered. If the wooden chest was a living creature, he hoped it would die with his stab.


However, to Tang Shaoyang's shock, the butcher knife bounced back. He felt numb on his hand, the wooden chest was harder than the butcher knife, not even a scratch on the wooden chest.

Without hesitation, he abandoned the butcher knife and held the steel pipe with his two hands, and then he banged the wooden chest with the steel pipe.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hall was filled with a noise of Tang Shaoyang banged the wooden chest. However, no matter how hard he hit the wooden chest, it won't break. Instead, the steel pipe was slightly bent.

The wooden chest was harder than the steel pipe. Tang Shaoyang immediately picked the butcher knife and retreated to a safer distance from the wooden chest. Wood that harder than steel, there was nothing more suspicious than this.

Tang Shaoyang distanced away from the wooden chest. He held the steel pipe in his left hand and a butcher knife in his right hand, tightly. He observed the wooden chest, waiting for its reaction.

He had been hitting the wooden chest for some time. If there was a creature resided inside the wooden chest or if the wooden chest was a creature itself, it should make some reactions.

He stared at the wooden chest tightly and had his guard up. Twenty seconds and he could not detect any reactions from the wooden chest. There was no sound or movement from it.

"Is it just a normal wooden chest? Should I open it?" Tang Shaoyang mumbled. Deep inside his heart, he wanted to open the chest, but he was worried if there was something dangerous inside the chest.

"What if it's a trap?" He shook his head and decided to wait. It was a battle of patience, Tang Shaoyang thought.

One minute… Nothing happened…

Ten minutes…. Still, nothing happened…

Another twenty minutes… Tang Shaoyang still had his eyes glued on the wooden chest.

He began losing his patience and truly thought he was overthinking. There was no creature or the wooden chest was not a creature.

Despite thinking so, he still did not open the wooden chest or even came close to it.

Tang Shaoyang walked to the entrance. He still did not put the weapon in his hands. In three steps, he looked back, "Got you!"

He was still thinking there was a creature inside the wooden chest and assumed the creature was very cautious. It won't make a move as long as he had his eyes on it. So Tang Shaoyang played this trick.

However, he found the wooden chest was still closed and in the same position. He turned around and walked to the entrance, five steps afterward, he turned around once again. The wooden was still motionless on the spot. It was not moving and still closed.

Tang Shaoyang did the same tricks for five times and arrived at the place where he put the backpack. There was no reaction or movement from the wooden chest.

He ignored the wooden chest and took a set of clothes. After that, he looked for a bathroom, it was so uncomfortable with his sticky and smelly body.

As he looked for a bathroom, he kept glancing back at the wooden chest. He did not lower his guard down. He opened the room one by one, looking for a bathroom while keeping a watch at the wooden chest.

However, after opening the fourth room, Tang Shaoyang stopped caring for the wooden chest. He got pissed off because he could not get the bathroom. There were too many rooms and the rooms he opened were a bedroom.

Until then, he found a well-decorated room in pink. The bed cover, the wallpaper, even the ceiling, and the carpet were in pink. Without a doubt, he entered a girl's room.

The room was neat and there were no sign people entered the room. Because the room was different from the other rooms, there must be a shower inside.

Sure enough, he found a big bathroom, even bigger than the place he lived before. There was a square bathtub in the middle and the shower on the right.

"Truly a bathroom for the rich…" except for sink, the square bathtub in 5x5 square meters, and the shower, the bathroom was pretty empty for a big bathroom.

Tang Shaoyang paid no attention to the detail, he headed to the shower and washed the stinky green liquid in his body. He washed his body four times in ten minutes to remove the stinky smell on his body.

After that, Tang Shaoyang enjoyed himself to soak his body inside the big bathtub. As he soaked his body inside the big bathtub, he checked his screen status. He remembered he gained many levels last night.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 15

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 8

Strength: 56

Agility: 23

Vitality: 26

Stamina: 25

Magic Power: 16

Sense: 6

Skill: Basic Detection


Tang Shaoyang held his chin. He was thinking about how to allocate his attribute point. Last night's fight gave him a new light of understanding regarded the zombies.

Not only him, the human who could become stronger, the zombie could also become stronger as well. Last night, it was an evolved zombie he fought against. It was much stronger than a normal zombie.

This meant the zombie outside there could also evolve into this Swiffer or maybe there were also many types of other zombies.

"Should I put my attribute point into agility as well? Agility is not a bad choice… I can match the Swiffer speed by investing my attribute to agility..."

However, an image he smashed the Swiffer head for twenty minutes and also the wooden chest he could not break just now displayed in his mind.

"I need more strength or I will be more miserable if encounter a zombie that has a harder head…"

"Nah, I will just go with Strength and Vitality, it's suited me well. A strong body and super strength are the most suitable for my way of fighting…"

Tang Shaoyang decided to stick with Vitality and Agility. Then, sense caught in his eyes. From level 1 until now Level 15, sense only increased by one.

He tried to add the attribute point he had to sense and a robotic voice resounded in his mind.

[ You can't allocate your attribute points into Sense. ]

"Why?" Tang Shaoyang surprised as he could not add the attribute point into Sense and blurted out in an instant.

However, the robotic voice in his mind ignored him. It did not explain anything afterward except for telling him that he could not allocate the attribute point into sense.

"This Sense might be a crucial attribute amongst the other attributes…" Tang Shaoyang concluded.

"I have to find out how to increase this Sense Attribute…"

After that, Tang Shaoyang allocated his attribute points to Strength and Vitality.


After spending his time in the bathroom for twenty minutes, Tang Shaoyang back to the hall with a fresh and fragrance body.

He immediately checked the wooden chest and found it was still in the same position, not moving even an inch. Here he concluded this just a normal wooden chest.

"It's time to open it…"

Tang Shaoyang was curious about the wooden chest and wondered what was inside it. He picked the butcher knife and got closer to the chest.

With a butcher knife in his right hand, he opened the wooden chest with his left hand.

As he opened the chest, a blinding shot out from the chest.

"Shet, this is a trap!" Tang Shaoyang yelped in surprise. He turned around and ran to the closest room.


He closed the door. Along with it, the robotic voice resounded in his mind.

[ You have opened a Level 9 Treasure Chest. Congratulations! You get Destroyer! ]

Tang Shaoyang's eyes went wide as he heard a familiar voice. It turned the wooden chest he doubted was a treasure chest.

"F*ck you, Robot! Can't you just tell me it's a treasure chest?" he cursed out.

It was silly treating a treasure chest as an enemy. Not only that, but he also tried to destroy a treasure chest with his steel pipe, it was fortunate that the treasure chest did not break.

Tang Shaoyang went out of the room and found out the treasure chest was gone. The wooden chest now replaced with a weapon.

It looked like a spear with a long shaft that reached 3 meters. However, it had different spearheads, on the right side there was a big crescent blade in red and on the other side and the end of the shaft had a normal spearhead.

It looked like an ax to him, but the long shaft proved otherwise. Tang Shaoyang approached the weapon, with just a glance, he could tell the weapon was made of steel. The blade and the shaft were glistening in red.

Tang Shaoyang picked up his new weapon.


The weapon was heavy, but he could still lift it with his right hand. However, he could not use it to fight with only a hand like the steel pipe, he had to swing it with both hands. As he lifted the weapon and a screen appeared before his eyes.



Class: White (Upgradeable)

Attribute Bonus: +15 strength

Weight: 212 Kgs


Tang Shaoyang tried to swing Destroyer with his two hands and created a "Wung Wung Wung" sound. A satisfied smile formed on his lips, "Suit with the name, Destroyer! A perfect weapon to destroy everything blocks my path!"

Tang Shaoyang put Destroyer on his shoulder and walked toward his backpack. He picked up the backpack and walked out of the big mansion. It was time to continue his journey, a journey to establish his empire, the Tang Empire.


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