10 Lu Gang
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Author :HotIce
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10 Lu Gang

Tang Shaoyang single-handedly wiped out the zombies caused the group left in awe and also be cautious around him. It had been fifteen minutes since the battle was over and the group invited Tang Shaoyang to enter the building.

The building was an inn and the group took this inn with many rooms as a temporary base. The group comprised fifty-six men, thirty-three women, and thirteen children around six to ten.

The person who led the fight just now was a man in his early thirties, had a fine build but a bit short with 170 cms in height, he had a square face with slanted eyes and thick eyebrows.

This man was Wei Peng, at least he introduced himself with that name. He did not know if it was his real name or not as this Wei Peng seemed cautious around him. Tang Shaoyang understood why he was cautious around him.

If he was in Wei Peng's shoes, he would be cautious as well. After all, they were strangers and the stranger looked dangerous as well.

Wei Peng led Heero to the lobby and invited him to sit on the sofa. As Tang Shaoyang sat down, there was a woman bringing a glass of water and put it in front of Tang Shaoyang.

The woman was in her early twenties and had a decent look. However, the woman looked haggard from lack of sleep and also exhausted. Her eyes were void of emotion, it was empty. It was as if a woman who had no desire to live.

Tang Shaoyang frowned as he found the unusualness on the woman. He had a bad feeling regarding this but chose to keep silent as he was still not clear about the situation here.

On the other hand, Wei Peng misinterpreted Tang Shaoyang's frown as displeasure. He thought Tang Shaoyang was displeased because he only gave him a glass of water.

"I am sorry, Brother Tang. We do not have any food with us, water is the only thing we can offer you," Wei Peng carefully and cautiously apologized for the poor treatment but he also did not forget to explain the current condition they experienced.

"Oh, no problem," Tang Shaoyang gazed away from the woman. He was aware Wei Peng got it wrong, but he also did not bother to explain.

He picked up the glass and drank a mouthful of water, he was quite thirsty after the fighting. At the same time, he was thinking about how to take these people with him, taking them as his people.

Food was the best choice to lure them. Based on what Wei Peng said, they did not have food. However, even though the food was the best option, but he only had a limited amount of supply for himself.

These guys would not follow him if he asked them like, "Hey Guys, I am strong, follow me and I will protect you," even until now these guys were still cautious around him despite being saved by him. So he had to think of a way to get these people to follow him.

Tang Shaoyang put the glass back on the table and asked, "So, what happened? Why did the zombies attack you guys?"

This the thing Tang Shaoyang wanted to know the most. He did know the zombies sensitive to the sounds. He believed these people stayed in the inn to avoid the zombie, not to attract them. There was no way they would make a loud noise to attract the zombies.

There must be something that attracted zombies and Tang Shaoyang wanted to know about this. Knowing more about the enemy was a good thing for future trouble.

However, Tang Shaoyang noticed Wei Peng had a bitter smile mixed with fury reflected in his eyes. Then Wei Peng began telling Tang Shaoyang what happened to them.

The group was supposed to be under the lead of the cops comprised of five policemen and two policewomen. The cops saved many survivors and took this inn as a temporary base.

At first, everything went smooth and the cops saved more and more people. However, on the second day, there was a group revolted and killed the cops. Five male cops died while the female cops were raped and killed afterward.

Since that day, the group took over the control of this group. The group consisted of twenty men and the man who led this group was Lu Gang. This group began doing as they pleased to the other survivors, they took the women and food with them.

Lu Gang only gave the men and the children one meal a day. What was worse, this group did not go out to look for supply. They just stayed in the inn all day and then, today they ran out of food.

The group then attracted the zombies around here to the inn and left the inn afterward. In short, the Lu Gang group used the survivors in this inn as bait while they ran away.

Even though the survivors' group had more people than the Lu Gang group, they could do nothing about it. Lu Gang had a gun, it was the gun they took from the cops.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows deeper upon hearing Lu Gang. He was familiar with this name. Dragon Wing's Boss also had the same name, Lu Gang. However, Tang Shaoyang was not sure if both were the same person.

However, deep inside, Tang Shaoyang was delighted. From what happened to this group, he could take this chance to take them under his wing.

As for Lu Gang, since the world turned like this, he would never associate himself with Dragon Wing anymore. He did not care as the relationship between the vassal and lord had come to an end.

This time, he would stand alone, establishing his own empire. He would no longer below someone else.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Tang Shaoyang asked impassively. He did not reveal his intention to take this group under his wing.

Wei Peng had a troubled look upon hearing that. He also did not know what to do with the people with him. They did not have food, most of them could not fight with the zombies, and had only a little equipment could be used to fight against the zombies.

The more Wei Peng felt troubled, the more advantage he had. It would be easier to rope these people in.

"Do you know where the nearest place to get food?" Tang Shaoyang changed the subject, he did not force Wei Peng to make a decision. After all, his purpose was to get them under his wing and he was not a dictator who would force them to follow him.

The first thing he should do that was to show them what he capable of. He had to show his more reliable side so they willingly followed him, that was his intention. After all of this, then he would show his intention to take them with him.

Sure enough, after he threw his question out, Wei Peng looked bright. He had a hopeful look as he gazed at Tang Shaoyang.

The scene of Tang Shaoyang slaughtering the zombies played in his mind. He believed that if Tang Shaoyang took an action, the food was not a problem. Then a place came to his mind when Tang Shaoyang asked the place to get food.

"I know a good place to get food, a lot of food!" Wei Peng excitedly responded as he rose from the sofa, displaying how excited he was.

"Good, gather the men, we will get the food," Tang Shaoyang did not betray Wei Peng's expectation with his answer.

Wei Peng was truly delighted. He did not feel suspicious of Tang Shaoyang. If Tang Shaoyang really had a bad intention, there was no need to use a cheap trick like this. With Tang Shaoyang's strength showed them during the battle against the zombies, he could force them under submission without using an underhand trick.

That was why even though Wei Peng appeared to be cautious and vigilant earlier, he did not suspect Tang Shaoyang if he wanted to help them. Of course, he had not completely trusted Tang Shaoyang yet.

But the food was the most urgent need for this group, he had to trust Tang Shaoyang temporarily if he wanted to get the food.

Wei Peng organized a group of an adult and all of them men of course. However, these men looked listless and haggard, lack of vigor.

Tang Shaoyang took his big backpack and took out a bunch of food, chocolate bar, bread, and milk. He shared the food he had and emptied the backpack. He also shared the food with the women and children.

He wanted to get more food, it was better having an empty backpack as he wanted to replenish his supply as well.

"Thank you, Brother Tang! Thank You, Brother Tang…" Wei Peng bowed his head as he thanked Tang Shaoyang repeatedly.

"Thank You, Brother Tang… Thank you, Brother Tang…" The others also followed in tow as they took the food on the table.

For what happened next, it was quite simple for Tang Shaoyang but it was quite thrilling for the others. Wei peng led him to a department store with twenty men while the rest protecting the inn.

Tang Shaoyang easily disposed of the zombies and they entered the department store in such dominating fashion. The zombies were just like pigs being slaughtered by Tang Shaoyang.

The group now looked favorably at Tang Shaoyang. They transported the supply to the car they brought from the inn. The trip was pretty smooth and the group packed the car with a full load of supply.

However, just before the group left the department store, there was a group blocked the car. The group consisted of seventeen men.

At the same time, Tang Shaoyang and Wei Peng also went out of the department store.

Upon sighted the group, Wei Peng's countenance went pale. He recognized the group, it was Lu Gang group who killed the cops and used them as bait in order to leave the inn.

"It's Lu Gang!" Wei Peng exclaimed in anger, but fear dominated him as he knew the opposite side had a gun.

Tang Shaoyang looked at the direction Wei Peng looked at. He found someone familiar in the group. It was his ex-boss, Lu Gang.

Wei Peng braced himself and walked toward the car, Tang Shaoyang followed with a big blade ax on his shoulder. It was quite eye-catching, Lu Gang and his underlings immediately noticed Tang Shaoyang's presence.

At first, Lu Gang was shocked when he found someone with a big and dominated-look weapon he did not know became part of the survivor group. However, the shock turned into a pleasant surprise when he got a clear look at the man's face.

"Brother Tang! Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun, I am glad you survive," Lu Gang approached Tang Shaoyang and gave him a bear hug.

Looking at this scene unfold, Wei Peng's face turned even paler. He could not think that Tang Shaoyang was part of Lu Gang's gang.

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Screen Status Update


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 19

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 72

Agility: 27

Vitality: 38

Stamina: 33

Magic Power: 20

Sense: 6

Skill: Basic Detection



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