11 Massacre
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Author :HotIce
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11 Massacre

Tang Shaoyang did not return the hug, instead, he broke free from Lu Gang brotherly hug. He backed two steps and said in a toneless voice, "Long time no see Lu Gang. May I know why did you block our cars?"

Calling Lu Gang by name proved that he was no longer under his wing. He already thought why did Lu Gang could survive and why he was here. That night, the night where this weird game started, Dragon Wing swiping their rival's territory.

The majority of these areas were Hawk Talon's territory. That night, Lu Gang and his underlings were taking Hawk Talon's territory and trapped here as the weird game started. Tang Shaoyang came into that conclusion as soon as he met Lu Gang here.

"Tang Shaoyang, you are changed…" Lu Gang was surprised by Tang Shaoyang lukewarm attitude toward him and said those words as he backed down for a few steps.

There were about seven meters of distance separated both of them. The atmosphere also turned a little intense. Lu Gang's underlings also eyed Tang Shaoyang cautiously.

Wei Peng was relieved but also nervous at the same time. He relieved Tang Shaoyang was not in Lu Gang's side, but he was nervous as it seemed they were about to clash against Lu Gang and his underlings.

"You are also changed, turning even more lawless than before," Tang Shaoyang returned indifferently.

Lu Gang was not surprised to hear those words. Wei Peng must be telling his deeds to Tang Shaoyang already. However, there was one thing that made him cautious around Tang Shaoyang, the zombies.

There were no zombies around here and the inn also supposed to be surrounded by zombies. How did they get out of the inn? Wei Peng and his groups were cowards, they did not dare to face the zombies. He knew it that well than everyone here.

There was a conclusion, it was Tang Shaoyang who killed the zombies and saved the survivors. But how could one man clear the zombies that numbered to thousands?

He scanned the surroundings, wanting to find if there were other persons. However, the area around here was void of life. He could not even find a walking zombie.

"The world has changed, so we the inhabitants of the world also have to change. The strong rule the weak, it never changed even before the world collapses."

Lu Gang replied with a slight grin. Even though he was marveled by Tang Shaoyang's strength, but it was different now. He had a gun in his pocket, he was not afraid of the Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun.

"Indeed, the strong rules the weak, it never changed…" Tang Shaoyang nodded and made no further comment about that anymore, "Then, please make a way. We will not disturb you anymore,"

Tang Shaoyang did not want to have a fight against Lu Gang and his underlings. At least not now, Wei Peng and the others would be his burden. This was the reason why he wanted to avoid the direct clash against Lu Gang and his underlings.

However, if the fight broke, Tang Shaoyang without hesitation would abandon Wei Peng and the other. He would put his attention only to Lu Gang and his group.

Lu Gang's grin became wider as he heard this. He misinterpreted Tang Shaoyang's intention and thought Tang Shaoyang was afraid of him.

As his lips formed a victorious smile, Lu Gang boldly declared with a big loud, "You can leave, but the supply in the car and these people stay. They are my people!"

Hearing this, Wei Peng paled and subconsciously peeked at Tang Shaoyang. The same for the others, they also lost their face color and subconsciously looked at Tang Shaoyang.

Not a single one of them wanted to stay under Lu Gang's wing. They preferred to stay with Tang Shaoyang. Tang Shaoyang was their only hope.

"You left them as bait to the zombies and I saved them. They are now my people and the supply in the car is mine! You can take the food supply inside the department store if you want."

Lu Gang let out a chuckle and the grin on his face became wider, "Brother Tang, you forget the rule, heh heh heh… The strong rule the weak, you know that right?"

After that, Lu Gang made a signal to his underlings while taking a gun from his waist. He showed Tang Shaoyang that he had a gun, telling Tang Shaoyang he was the strong while Tang Shaoyang was the weak.

Lu Gang's seven underlings also took out a pistol. They pointed the muzzle toward Tang Shaoyag.

In such a situation, Lu Gang thought he was the winner. As long as there were no additional people beside Tang Shaoyang, he believed the situation was under his control.

To Lu Gang's surprise, not only Tang Shaoyang did not cower. He saw Tang Shaoyang made a big grin. He felt bad premonition regarding this, but he just could not think a possibility of Tang Shaoyang could win the fight with a gun in his hand.

The big grin on Tang Shaoyang's face made him uncomfortable. However, he was confident in his group, they had eight guns. It was enough to kill Tang Shaoyang, at least it was what he thought.

Nervous? Certainly, Tang Shaoyang was a bit nervous facing eight muzzles pointed at him at the same time. But he already determined that no longer worked under the others or bowed his head to the others.

"Then let's see who is strong and who is weak…" After saying those words, Tang Shaoyang spoke to Wei Peng in a low voice, "Leave this place, I will take care of these people…"

"But…" Wei Peng felt uncomfortable inside, there was no way he could leave Tang Shaoyang alone to face Lu Gang and the group.

"Leave, I will not protect you guys!" Tang Shaoyang decisively stated that he would not protect them if the fight broke.

"Brother Tang, I already gave you a chance to leave, but you just don't appreciate it. Then don't blame me for being ruthless!" Lu Gang perceived Tang Shaoyang had an intention to fight him.

Actually, he wanted to force Tang Shaoyang to be his subordinate once again. However, he realized that he did not have a powerful background just like before, he could not force the wild Tang Shaoyang to work under him like before.

It was better to kill Tang Shaoyang now less he would cause trouble in the future. Lu Gang raised the gun and pointed toward Tang Shaoyang direction.

Before he could pull the trigger, there was a big flying blade-ax flew toward his face. It shocked Lu Gang, but his experienced fighting on the street saved his life. He managed to move sideways, avoiding the blade-ax cut his body.

Lu Gang managed to save his life, but in order to save his life, he had to pay a huge price for that. He lost his right arm and blood spurted out from his right arm.


An acute pain assaulted Lu Gang as he fell on the ground. He convulsed on the ground in pain as he let out a pained roar.


The flying blade ax landed right behind Lu Gang. It stuck on the ground and stood straight.

It shocked everyone including Wei Peng and his group. It happened too sudden and so fast. As everyone looked at Lu Gang who wailed in pain on the ground, there was another shriek resounded.


The shriek stopped half-way and everyone looked toward the voice direction. They saw Tang Shaoyang held one of Lu Gang's underlings on the neck. But the man in Tang Shaoyang's hand already stopped moving, indicating the man died.

Their attention was on Lu Gang earlier, they did not know when Tang Shaoyang moved. Everyone failed to notice Tang Shaoyang's movement.

Everyone gazed at Tang Shaoyang in a shock. Then they noticed Tang Shaoyang took the gun from the man he killed. Then Tang Shaoyang aimed the gun to another Lu Gang's underling with a gun.

It was clear, he intended to kill everyone who held a gun. Tang Shaoyang pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The distance between him and the target was seven meters. Thanks to a short distance, he managed to hole fourteen bullets on the man he targeted. Lu Gang's underling instantly fell with fourteen bullets lodged in his body.

It shocked everyone that two men died and Lu Gang was suffered a bloody wound. The remaining fourteen Lu Gang's underlings shook in shock. One of them immediately turned around and ran away while shouting, "RUN!"

With one of them leading to run away, the others followed. However, Tang Shaoyang did not plan to let these people left. He chased after a man with a gun in his hand.

He easily caught up with the man he targeted. His hand was like an eagle talon, fast and deadly as he caught the man's neck and crushed the neck with his raw strength.


A bone-cracking resounded and the man who was caught by Tang Shaoyang went limp instantly. The man died with his neck and throat crushed with Tang Shaoyang's barehand. Blood flowed out from the man's nose and mouth as the man closed his eyes.

Tang Shaoyang's action did not stop here, he took the gun and aimed the man with a gun as well. Gunshot resounded once again, another two Lu Gang's underling fell.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshot awakened Lu Gang who was still convulsing on the ground. He looked up and found five of his underlings already fell. It shook him as it was too fast, it was only a few minutes and Tang Shaoyang already killed his five subordinates.


Lu Gang roared furiously as he realized his life was at stake. If his underlings failed to take Tang Shaoyang down, then he was done for.

Lu Gang's roar proved to be effective as his underlings stopped running. They turned around, but it was too late. Only two men left with a gun in their hands, the rest only had a stick, steel pipe, and emergency ax.

Tang Shaoyang took the gun from the man he just killed and aimed at the two men who had their guns also aimed at him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three amateurs with guns exchanged shots. Tang Shaoyang did not dare to stay on the spot, he was firing the gun while running.

Lu Gang's two underlings had a hard time to hit Tang Shaoyang. However, the same for Tang Shaoyang as well, it was hard for him to hit these two men.

Crik! Crik! Crik!

The gun ran out of the bullet, the same for Lu Gang's underling. While Tang Shaoyang did not have more bullets to reload, Lu Gang's two underlings reloading their guns.

Of course, Tang Shaoyang won't let them reload the gun. He rushed to the two men who reloaded the gun at a frightening speed. The distance between them was about fifteen meters.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, as Tang Shaoyang arrived, three gunshots rang. After the gunshot, he launched a punch toward the man on the right and he rushed to the other one. He twisted the second man's neck and it caused the man to die in an instant.

The man who got a punch by Tang Shaoyang was still lying down while clutching his belly in pain. Then the man realized there was a shadow covered him. He looked up and found Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang had a gun in his hand and the gun directed at the man's forehead.

"No! Don't kill me… I merely obeyed Lu Gang's order… D-don't kill me, I will be your subordinate…"


Tang Shaoyang pulled the trigger, decisive and impassive, he killed Lu Gang's last subordinate who held a gun. The remaining nine were showing a fear expression as their bodies were shivering.

"RUN!" Once again, Lu Gang's underlings decided to run away as they turned their backs at Lu Gang.

Even though Lu Gang's subordinates decided to run away without a fight, Tang Shaoyang did not let them escape. He rushed toward Destroyer and gave chase to the remaining Lu Gang's underling.

What happened next was a one-sided massacre. Wei Peng saw clearly that one of Lu Gang's subordinates had his body cut into two while the others had their heads separated from the body.

The chase lasted less than ten minutes. Afterward, Tang Shaoyang back to Lu Gang with Destroyer on his shoulder. Fresh blood still dripped from the blade-ax as Lu Gang looked at his former subordinate in a daze.

"I…" Lu Gang wanted to speak, but Tang Shaoyang did not let him speak. He immediately swung Destroyer at Lu Gang's neck.


Blood spurted out from Lu Gang neck, it was like a fountain, but it was blood that sprayed out of the human body. Lu Gang and his group were killed as Tang Shaoyang showed no mercy to his enemy.


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