14 Fogged Park - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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14 Fogged Park - Part 1

Central Park certainly looked unsafe as it gave off a dangerous vibe. Even so, Tang Shaoyang decided to go as he planned. Taking a detour would take him eight hours or even more to reach his destination while taking the Central Park route would take him two to four hours at most.

Tang Shaoyang decided to pass through Central Park despite the unknown risk. Besides it would shorten his trip, he could also get to know what was inside Central Park.

Central Park was near the RSH Pudong, it was worth his time to investigate Central Park to get a glimpse of what was inside the park. So, taking a risk to enter Central Park was not solely to shorten his trips.

Cold, it was the difference between inside and outside of the park. As he passed through the fog, coldness seeped into his skin. Of course, the cold air was not out of his limit, it was still bearable, about twelve to fifteen degrees.

Besides the coldness, the fog also obstructed his view. His vision only reached about ten meters ahead of him. He could not see further as the thick fog.

Lu An himself was quite nervous and he instead did not feel the change in temperature. The limited vision made him uneasy as his eyes darted here and there, making sure there was no danger around him.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The duo ventured deeper, Lu An did not lower his guard as his grips on the butcher knife became tighter. He felt being watched, right from the back. But each time he looked back, there was nothing there.

'Fortunately, the temperature does not go lower…' Tang Shaoyang paid attention to every detail inside the park. With his vision limited only to ten meters, he paid to every small detail.

With a normal pace, Tang Shaoyang followed the paved road. Even with his vision obstructed by the fog, he only needed to follow the paved road to reach the other side of Central Park. Just like this, the duo already spent half an hour within Central Park, but nothing happened to him.

There were also no zombies popped out of the fog, it was quite safe. But it did not last long as Tang Shaoyang felt someone tugged his clothes. He looked back, it was, of course, Lu An who tugged his clothes.

"B-Boss, d-don't you feel there is something watching us? I feel there is something beyond the fog and that thing watches us…" Lu An said nervously as his eyes kept looking at the fog as he spoke.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised. He was surprised Lu An could feel it, the feeling being watched, not because there was something within the fog. He already felt it, but he did not say it out lest it would scare the youth.

'He has a keen sense…' Tang Shaoyang commented inwardly. As someone who grew up on the street and made a name himself by fighting, he got his sense sharpened as he was often followed by people who wanted to ambush him.

However, Lu An was different from him, from the look, Lu An came from a decent family. A white skin that was a sign for someone who rarely played outside and his expression that had not lost his naivety yet.

He was quite surprised that Lu An could feel it and he was also delighted at the same time.

'It seems my first follower has potential after all…'

"Don't worry about it, just follow me closely and you will be safe," Tang Shaoyang tried to comfort the youth, but instead of comforting, Tang Shaoyang's words only made the youth even more nervous.

His words were telling the youth that there was truly something within the fog. But Lu An wisely followed Tang Shaoyang without words as he came even closer to the Boss.

Tang Shaoyang led the way with caution as he felt the change in the surroundings. Yes, after a short exchange with Lu An, suddenly the fog thickened. Now, his vision was limited to five meters. Not only Tang Shaoyang, but Lu An also noticed the change.

Bump! Bump! Bump!

His heart was beating madly as uneasiness filled his heart. The feeling he was being watched getting stronger. Then a sound entered his ears and at the same time, The Boss also stopped and his body bumped against Tang Shaoyang's strong body.

Pssk! Pssk! PssK!

The sound of movement passed through the bush resounded, indicating the things behind the fog began their movement. Based on the sound, Tang Shaoyang could tell the things that were coming at them not just one, but many.

"Get ready, they are coming!" Tang Shaoyang reminded the young Lu An with a strong caution which never happened before.

Lu An subconsciously gripped the butcher knife tighter as his bulging eyes looked straight at the fog. He had his back on Tang Shaoyang and Tang Shaoyang also trusted his back to Lu An.

After a short trip, Lu An already reached Level 3. It was still weak, but much better than the past Lu An. As for the attribute allocation, Tang Shaoyang did not interfere with it.

The sounds were getting stronger and stronger. An indication the things were coming closer. Lu An's back soaked in sweat, but his eyes showed a strong determination.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

Suddenly, there were many shadows leaped out of the fog and the things lunged toward him. Not just one, but many. The sudden appearance shocked Lu An, it was so fast that he failed to react.

Just as he thought he would be knocked down by these things, there was a big force pushing his back down. The force was strong enough, making him unable to resist. At the same, there was a strange sound entering his ears.



Then, Lu An felt cold liquid spilled over his back, it was so cold, the cold that made his body shivered spontaneously.

Pugh! Pugh!

After that, he saw there was a monkey whose body split into two fell in front of him. The thing within the fog was a monkey, a gray monkey.

"Get up! Raise your knife and protect yourself!" Tang Shaoyang voice rang in his ears and then, he felt his shirt was pulled up with the force that pushed him down earlier. A gore scene appeared as he saw dozens of monkeys were cut into two.

The surrounding scenery was like a monkey slaughterhouse. But of course, the monkey that scattered around him was different than a normal monkey.

The gray fur that made it looked different and its size was also twice as tall as a normal monkey. If the monkey stood right before, the gray monkey's height about his chest. It had red eyes and its teeth were scary, its jagged teeth were ragged.

There was a long tooth protruded forward, there was a tooth that protruded upward, and even there was a tooth that curved into its mouth. Just looking at the disorder teeth sent a chill into his spine, let alone imagined what would happen if those teeth succeeded in biting him.

Lu An's body shuddered as he shook his head at the same time. He did not want his flesh was torn by those jagged teeth.

"The monkey's flesh is softer than the zombies, but the monkey is fast and agile. Be Careful!" Tang Shaoyang kindly reminded the youth. He did not want his first follower dead this earlier.

Lu An took a deep breath and readied himself to fight against the gray monkey. But then, he noticed the gray monkey stopped coming out of the fog. After the first wave was decapitated by Boss, the gray monkey seemed to be growing more cautious.

Kyaakhh! Kyaakh! Kyaakh!

Then, the monkey let out a strange noise from the fog. Lu An also could see the bright red eyes within the fog. The eyes sinisterly glared at him, but Lu An managed to calm his nervousness a bit. He did not cower and used his only skill, Basic Detection.


[Beast - Fogged Monkey]

Evolution: Stage 1

Level: 15

Skill: Foggy [Passive]


The gray monkey was called Fogged Monkey and the level was quite high for him, but the level was varied. The lowest was level 5 while the highest was at level 15.

"Just focus the monkey in front of you, I will take care of the rest!" Then, he heard an instruction from Tang Shaoyang. Lu An heavily nodded his head in response.

"Get ready, the second wave is coming!"

Lu An heard the reminder and focused his eyes on the things in front of him. He trusted Boss and only focused on the monkey that appeared in front of him.

Sure enough, not long after the reminded, Fogged Monkey lunged toward him, three at once. The Fogged Monkey had its mouth opened, showing its fearful jagged teeth. The monkeys intended to tear him with their teeth.

But, Lu An responded faster than the monkey, he placed his right foot a step forward and slashed the knife horizontally. The butcher knife cut the monkey's arms which tried to reach him. Just like Boss said, the monkey was easier to cut than the zombie.

After he cut the arms, he pulled the steel pipe from his waist and brandished it toward the armless monkey. The hit from the steel pipe stopped the three monkeys' advance who was about to reach him.

At this time, he moved his left foot forward. Using the butcher knife in his right hand, he cut the three armless monkeys that fell on the ground.


He sent three slashes and killed three monkeys. After that he retreated again, making sure he stayed close to Boss. At the same time, he heard a robotic voice rang in his head.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

The nervous Lu An smiled as he heard this voice. Now, he no longer felt nervous, instead, he was excited as he saw the monkeys. He just leveled up!


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