15 Fogged Park - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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15 Fogged Park - Part 2

Tang Shaoyang was oblivious to the change of his scaredy-cat follower. He was focusing his mind at Fogged Monkey.


Heero swung his Destroyer to the fearless Fogged Monkey. It charged toward Tang Shaoyang in a group and in one swing of Destroyer, at least ten to thirteen. Then, he encountered a problem, these monkeys were fearless.

Despite their kinds being killed in such fashion, they did not pause their steps or scurried away in fear. They kept charging at him relentlessly amidst the slaughter.

The problem was Destroyer's weight. He could swing Destroyer consecutively, but it was not a solution. If he fought that way, it would drain his stamina faster, and if he was late even for a few seconds, the jagged teeth might tear his flesh.

He was no fool to try whether the monkey's jagged teeth could tear his body with 38 Vitality attributes or not. If the Fogged Monkey was low in number, Tang Shaoyang was confident in using Destroyer.

However, he had no way to know the number of Fogged Monkey because of the fog. His vision was limited and he could not even make an estimation number of the Fogged Monkeys.

'Destroyer is not a suitable weapon against the monkey…' After getting into this conclusion, Tang Shaoyang implanted his battle-ax next to him.


After that, Tang Shaoyang pulled out the two steel pipes on his waist. Fogged Monkey was agile, but it had less vitality than the zombie. With his current strength, killing the monkey with one strike of his pipe was not impossible.

Bugh! Bugh! Bugh! Bugh!

Tang Shaoyang fought the fogged monkeys without much thought. He aimed the steel to the monkey that appeared in sight. His aim was the monkey's head, but if he could not reach the head, he would just hit whatever he could hit.

'Fortunately, I did not throw my steel pipes, it still could be handy in this kind of situation…' Tang Shaoyang secretly glad that he did not throw his weapon away after getting Destroyer.

Under the fogged monkey incessant attack, Tang Shaoyang also brutally retaliated. The dead bodies of the fogged monkey around him mostly were headless. There were still a few monkeys still alive, but their bodies were not intact.

There was a monkey that lost its left foot or right foot. There was a monkey that had its face dent in, but it was still breathing. There was a monkey whose body was torn up because of the blunt steel pipe.

However, Tang Shaoyang and Lu An were oblivious to the gruesome scene around them. Their focus was on the monkey. They could not lower their guards or it was the monkey who would tear their bodies with their hideous teeth and sharp claw.

An hour, the battle lasted for an hour and the number of the fogged monkeys lessened. At this time, Lu An's breath was unstable as he gasped for air. Even so, he did not stop his hand. He no longer fought with a pattern as he just slashed and hit the monkey in his range.

Approximately ten minutes after that, the Fogged Monkeys stopped their attack. Even so, Lu An and Tang Shaoyang still had their backs on each other. They vigilantly looked at the fog, as the bright red eyes were still visible underneath the fog.

It meant the Fogged Monkeys were still surrounding them. They kept exchanging stares, but then, the bright red eyes vanished. The surrounding fog also returned normal and Tang Shaoyang's vision back to ten meters.

"So, this fog is the monkey's doing…" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice, but his eyes were still staring toward the fog. The fogged monkey might strike back and he did not want to be caught off guard.

However, Lu An did the opposite. As soon as he noticed the bright red eyes vanished, he immediately slumped on the ground. He did not care if the paved road was stained in blood as he immediately laid down with all four.

"Hah… finally… hah… they… hah… are gone…"

As he laid down, a pang of drowsiness hit him. Lu An wanted to close his eyes, but Tang Shaoyang kicked him.

"Idiot! What are you doing? Do you want to die?" Tang Shaoyang scolded Lu An, "What if the monkey strikes back? Do you want to be their food?"

Upon hearing this, the drowsiness was gone and it was replaced by a horror look. He did not think that far. He immediately stood up as he readied himself for the next battle.

He thought since he and Boss managed to hit the monkeys back, they would not come back again. But monkeys were considered smart animals and what if the mutated monkey became even smarter after the mutation?

They planned this, retreating in order to launch a surprise attack. It was possible. As the thought of him sleeping and the monkey struck back, the monkeys would tear his body in shreds with their teeth.

At this thought, his body shivered as he scanned the surroundings vigilantly. With the help of the unknown system, a new path was opened. He did not want to die this earlier without achieving his goal.

"There's something weird…" Lu An scanned the surroundings and he found something weird. By just looking at the surroundings, he could tell there was something amiss. However, he did not know what it was.

As Lu An was confused, Tang Shaoyang answered for him. "The carcasses, the monkey's carcasses are gone!"

"That's right, the carcasses. I am sure that I have killed many monkeys, but where are their dead bodies?" Lu An blurted out in confusion. He scanned around, but he only managed to find the blood that had not dried up yet the dead bodies were gone.

He was sure he killed many of the monkeys and thanks to this monkey, he leveled up twice. He leveled up meant, the monkeys were killed, but where were their dead bodies?

Earlier, he was focused on the monkeys and paid no attention to his surroundings. The same for Tang Shaoyang, he focused on his enemies and failed to notice the carcasses were gone.

"Are there other animals that have taken the dead bodies? But why didn't it attack us?" Lu An started his wild guess but had no way to confirm it.

"Or that animal thinks it has enough food, so it did not attack us?" the more he speculated, the more he thought he was right.

"It doesn't matter, we will continue our trip and leaving this park earlier is our better choice." Tang Shaoyang did not want to waste his time to guess the thing he had no way to confirm. He stopped Lu An's riddle game as the latter nodded his head.

Lu An agreed in an instant. Even though he was exhausted and badly needed a rest, he wanted to leave this creepy park as soon as possible.

Tang Shaoyang led the way as he followed the paved road. Because the fog and the fogged monkey appearance, following the paved road was the safest choice.

With a limited vision and unknown danger underneath the fog, he did not dare to run straight ahead. And if he was not wrong, there was also an artificial lake in the center of the park. With the fogged monkey, he did not want to encounter another mutated beast.

His guts were telling him there must be more mutated beast other than the fogged monkey and he believed the artificial lake was one of the mutated beast's nest. So, avoiding the artificial lake was a wise choice, at least, it was what he believed.

In the next hour, they did not encounter any beast or other dangers. However, the duo still could not reach Central Park's other side. It was supposed to be taking them an hour to two hours walk to reach the other side, but they were still inside the fogged park even after over an hour's walk.

Tang Shaoyang only felt a bit skeptical at first, he did not think much about it. After all, they walked slower because of the fog, so it was natural if it took them longer to reach Central Park's other side.

Two hours later

At this time even Lu An realized there was something amiss. Tang Shaoyang also took a prompt decision, taking a break.

The sun already set and a bright moon hung in the sky, but thanks to the fog, the moonlight only gave the duo limited light as the park turned even eerier as darkness surrounded the duo.

"Let's take a break here!" Tang Shaoyang pointed at the short green grass, "You sleep first and we will take turns later!"

"But…" Lu An however unconvinced with Tang Shaoyang's decision. In his opinion, leaving the park as soon as possible was the right choice rather than sleeping in the eerie park. It would be better if they continued the trip.

"Rest!" Tang Shaoyang raised his voice and Lu An immediately shut his mouth up. He followed Boss's order and laid down on the cool grass.

Even though he said he preferred to continue the journey, he immediately fell asleep as his body touched the grass. Lu An had reached his limit and this was another reason why Tang Shaoyang decided to take a break.

Ten hours, the duo stopped at the same place for ten hours. Fortunately, the fogged monkey did not attack them again. Lu An and Tang Shaoyang respectively got five hours of sleep. Lu An's complexion also got much better after sleeping.

The duo got a simple meal, eating a pack of biscuits, chocolate, and plain water. Lu An did not have an appetite, but Tang Shaoyang forced him to eat. After that, they continued the trip.

An hour later, Lu An panicked as he realized he was lost in this eerie park. Even after following the paved road, they could not get out of the park.

"Boss…" Lu An panicked, but then Tang Shaoyang put his index finger on his mouth and hissed, "Sssshhhhh!"

He was telling Lu An to shut up and Lu An immediately closed his mouth. Then he heard a voice. Not long after the voice, he felt the ground vibrate slightly.

Dump! Dump! Dump! Dump!

It was just like a cavalry army made a charge, but Lu An knew this thing was not a cavalry army. Then he realized, the voice was coming toward them and soon, the thing that caused noise appeared.

It was the same fogged monkey, however… The thing in front of him was bigger. The four limbs became more robust, the fogged monkey now appeared more like a gorilla rather than a monkey.


The gorilla roared at him and Lu An froze on the spot as he was not expecting this coming. Just as the arm that was about as big as his body almost reached him, a familiar battle-ax swept the gorilla.


The gorilla flew away and he was safe from the surprise attack.

"Run!" Tang Shaoyang yelled right at Lu An's ears.


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