16 Fogged Park - Part 3
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Author :HotIce
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16 Fogged Park - Part 3

Lu An was stunned by the surprise attack and the change of the monkey's size. He was in a daze as he looked at the fog. Many big silhouettes of similar size as the big monkey could be seen.

Just as he was about to pull his butcher knife, there was a huge force pulling him away from the fog. At the same time, he heard a shout from his Boss.


Tang Shaoyang pulled Lu An's small frame and threw him forward.

"Run! Straight!" Tang Shaoyang shouted once again as he followed after Lu An's body.

Lu An fell with his knees on and his hands forward. After hearing the shout, he immediately picked his body up and followed Tang Shaoyang's instruction. He ran straight forward, fortunately, the path ahead was grassy with no trees.

Just as he wanted to look back, a shadow flashed next to him. Lu An was startled, then a voice came from the shadow next to him, "Don't look back! Run with all your might!"

Tang Shaoyang urged Lu An once again. Even though he urged Lu An not to look back, he kept checking his back. Surprisingly, the white monkey that had turned into a gorilla could follow their speed.

He even discovered there were a few gorillas caught up with Lu An's speed. They got closer and closer, it was just a matter of time before the gorilla caught up. Noticing this, Tang Shaoyang slowed his speed.

As soon as he slowed down his speed, six gorillas caught up. Tang Shaoyang immediately swung the battle-ax horizontally. His action was fast, but the evolved white monkey reacted faster than him.

Two gorillas leaped forward and two other gorillas slid down, avoiding the incoming battle-ax. Two gorillas could not react in time were cleaved by the battle-ax. The surviving four gorillas ignored their comrades as they pounced toward Tang Shaoyang.

Two from the top and two charged straight at him. The fact that the evolved white monkey could evade his attack told him the monkey not only evolved in their size and strength. The monkey fighting style also changed, rather than charging fearless, the evolved monkeys tried to evade the attack.

Fortunately, even the monkey had evolved, they were still below Tang Shaoyang, whether in the term of speed or strength.

Even with the heavy battle-ax, Tang Shaoyang easily took two steps back and avoided the incoming four gorillas.

This was the main reason Tang Shaoyang urged Lu An to run away because, in his first attack, he could feel the monkey had grown about four to five times stronger. If the gorillas surrounded them, he could survive, but not for Lu An who was still low in level.

He decided to escape because of Lu An. Lu An had not reached the level where he alone could face many of these evolved monkeys at once.

As he stepped back, his left hand reached out to one of the gorillas. Tang Shaoyang held the gorilla's neck tight.

Krak! Krak! Krak!

Tang Shaoyang crushed the gorilla's neck and bone-cracking noise resounded. After that, he threw the gorilla in his hand toward the other three gorillas. Two out of three gorillas avoided the incoming dead body by jumping.

Tang Shaoyang smirked at this scene. The monkey might evolve, but they were still newbies in the fighting. The monkeys had the strength, agile movement, unfortunately, they did not have any experience like him who had been fighting since his teens.

Upon noticing the two gorillas jumped up, Tang Shaoyang released his grip on his battle-ax. Afterward, he rushed toward the two gorillas who were still in the air. He reached out to the gorillas' foot and slammed the two gorillas down.

Kyak! Kyak! Kyak! Kyak!

The two gorillas released a weird whimper, but with Tang Shaoyang's next movement, the two gorillas' whimper stopped. Tang Shaoyang stomped at their necks and the two gorillas' neck instantly crumbled and blood spurted out of the neck.

If it was a zombie, Tang Shaoyang might be afraid to fight with his bare hand as he still did not know how the zombie infected the other people. However, now, his opponent was an animal that had evolved.

He did not have any worries and concerns to kill the gorillas with his bare hand. After killing two gorillas, he chased after one gorilla who dodged toward the left side.

The sole survivor gorilla was surprised by Tang Shaoyang's speed, but it managed to react fast by brandishing its long arm toward Tang Shaoyang.

As for Tang Shaoyang, he was not surprised by the gorilla's reaction. He ducked his head, avoiding the long arm, and his body rocketed toward the gorilla's body. After taking the gorilla down, he leaped and had his knees on the gorilla's arms.

Unfortunately, Tang Shaoyang overlooked the fact that his opponent was a monkey, not gorilla. Even though the fogged monkey evolved to a similar shape as a gorilla, the monkey had longer limbs than gorillas.

His knees might be holding the arms, but not the feet. Just as he wanted to crush the gorilla's neck with his hand, the gorilla's feet reached his neck. The feet coiled around his neck and tried to pull him back.


Tang Shaoyang spontaneously let out a pained grunt. But he did not relent or tried to release the feet on his neck. Instead, he closed his palm into a fist and hit the gorilla right on its nose. At the first punch, the feet on his neck became stronger.

But he did not stop punching the gorilla, the tighter the feet on his neck, more punches landed on the gorilla's face. Just in five seconds, about twelve punches landed on the gorilla's face.

In his last punch, the feet no longer coiled around his neck. After that, Tang Shaoyang did not stay around longer. He came back to pick his battle-ax and chased after Lu An.

With his current level and his current agility, Tang Shaoyang easily caught up with Lu An's speed. Lu An, however, focused on escaping, he failed to notice Tang Shaoyang stayed behind to take care of the evolved fogged monkey.

Just like before, they had to face an endless fogged path with the grassy ground. Ten minutes of running, the folk of the fogged monkeys still chasing after them, and Tang Shaoyang for a few times slowed down to take the fast monkeys.

As the chase went on, Tang Shaoyang caught a change on the folk of the fogged monkeys. As they chase went on, he found out the fogged monkey became faster and faster. Even though only a few fogged monkeys, he noticed this.

As his feet moved, a thought appeared in his mind, 'Don't tell me they evolve by eating the corpses?'

If he had to look back, the fogged monkeys stopped their fierce assault after the fierce fight. At that time, the fogged monkey's corpses were completely gone and they stopped the attack.

After ten hours of interlude, only then the fogged monkeys launched another assault. During the ten hours, the fogged monkey was consuming the corpse to evolve.

Even though he did not see the corpses were taken back by the fogged monkeys, the change on the fogged monkey was apparent. With another half an hour, Tang Shaoyang was sure the fogged monkey evolved by eating the dead bodies.

More and more fogged monkeys caught up to Lu An's speed. Even though there was not much change in the body, the change was apparent in their attribute.

'If this continues and the fogged monkeys catch up, this guy might lose his life…'

Tang Shaoyang certainly did not want to lose his people. Moreover, this Lu An was the first person who willingly followed him. Additionally, Lu An's breath turned heavy, it was just a matter of time before this guy lost his speed.

Just as this thought flashed in his mind, two shadows pounced toward Lu An from the side. Heero immediately pulled Lu An's small frame with ease.


Two evolved Fogged Monkeys already caught up and they almost caught Lu An. If not for his prompt action, Lu An might die under the evolved Fogged Monkey.

In order to save Lu An, Tang Shaoyang had to pause his steps and the group of the Fogged Monkeys behind almost caught up. If Lu An stayed here longer, he might truly die.

Taking a deep breath, he threw Lu An's small frame with all his might. He did not know what was ahead of them, but at least, there was a chance for Lu An to survive if he held the group of the monkey.


Lu An's body flew and Lu An himself instantly closed his eyes.

Tang Shaoyang had done his best for Lu An, as for the rest, it depended on Lu An. As Lu An vanished from his sight, a grin formed on Tang Shaoyang's lips. He licked his lips and he immediately swung the Destroyer afterward.


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