17 Fogged Park - Part 4
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Author :HotIce
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17 Fogged Park - Part 4

Lu An was caught unprepared as he did not expect that Boss would throw him again. He subconsciously closed his eyes and had his arms covered his face. He did not want to land with his face.

As he landed on the hard ground, he tried to roll his body. However, he failed and landed with his arms scraped off the hard ground. He felt burning pain, but he immediately stood up.

Lu An opened his eyes, but he dumbfounded to find the surrounding scene was different. He was no longer inside the fogged park, but his surroundings turned clear with no fog. Ahead of him, he saw a big empty road.

On the sides, big empty buildings lined up. With this scene unfolded before him, he realized that he was out of the fogged park. The shock turned into a pleasant surprise, he immediately turned around to inform Tang Shaoyang that the exit was near.

He turned around, but he could not find Tang Shaoyang with fog blocking his sight. Even so, he could still see a tall figure beyond the fog. He recognized the tall figure who was his Boss and there were many other shadows around the tall figure.

"Boss!!! Here! Here!" Lu An yelled out of his lung, hoping Tang Shaoyang would hear him out and headed toward him.

However, Lu An did not see a sign Tang Shaoyang moving toward him. Instead, he saw Tang Shaoyang's shadow swing the big battle-ax toward the bigger silhouettes around him.

"Boss! I am out of the park! Come here! Here! Here!" He did not give up and shouted once again. Lu An thought Tang Shaoyang could not hear him as he kept shouting.

Did Tang Shaoyang not hear Lu An's voice? No, in fact, Tang Shaoyang heard the shout, but he decided not to go out of the park. He heard Lu An was out of the fogged park and noticed the evolved fogged monkey did not chase after Lu An anymore.

He realized something, the fogged monkey would not chase out of the park. It meant Lu An was safe from the evolved monkey. In the first place, he ran away because of Lu An, now Lu An was safe so he could fight without worries.

Just like the zombies, he regarded the monkey as the source of his strength, he could become stronger by killing them. Even though the evolved fogged monkey was stronger than the zombies outside there, the fogged monkey was still in his capability to cope with.

Destroyer might not be the right weapon to fight the agile monkey, but each swing of the destroyer crushed three to six evolved fogged monkeys.


Five evolved Fogged Monkeys' bodies splattered, then he ducked his body to avoid the incoming attack from his back as he released his grips on the Destroyer. With no Destroyer in his hand, he could move his body freely.

He launched a spinning kick, knocking the monkey on his back away. Heero did not stop and picked his battle-ax again before hacking toward the evolved monkey who was about to reach him.

Fighting against the fogged monkey and the zombies certainly were more simple than fighting against people. The way they fought was just charging madly at him, so he with ease came up with a counter.

Without needing to protect Lu An, Tang Shaoyang went wild. Of course, with the countless evolved fogged monkeys ganged up against him, he also suffered injuries. His clothes were torn apart and many scratches could be seen from the exposed skin.

Tang Shaoyang did not cower in the slightest, a mad grin formed on his lips without him realizing it. Ten minutes passed by and the voice he had been waiting for resounded.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

The grin became even wider, even though the voice was emotionless and toneless. The voice was like a high beat song to Tang Shaoyang's ear, it made him even more excited as the wound on his body closed at the same time.

On the other hand, Lu An was worried. He could not stay still, he wanted to jump back to the fogged park but hesitating. He was afraid that he would be a burden to Tang Shaoyang.

Lu An stared at the shadows behind the fog. He discovered Tang Shaoyang fought back the evolved monkeys well. Despite being surrounded and attacked by the evolved monkeys from all different directions, Boss repelled the monkey well.

Yes, he found his Boss fought the beast pretty well. From panicking to nervousness, from nervous to shock, from shock then he calmed down as he watched Boss fought the beast in a daze.

No matter how many the monkeys charged at Tang Shaoyang, Lu An witnessed how Boss ripped them apart, with a bare hand and the dreadful battle-ax. It did not take a long time before Lu An realized Boss was farming experience to level up.

Unlike Tang Shaoyang, Lu An was pretty familiar with RPG games. He understood the basics with the thing called level. Killing the zombies and the beasts to gain experience to level up. It was pretty much similar to RPG games.

"Just what level have Boss reached to be that strong?" Lu An muttered in a low voice as he looked at his status screen.


Name: Lu An

Age: 18

Affiliation: None

Level: 5

Talent: -

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 11

Agility: 12

Vitality: 4

Stamina: 4

Magic Power: 3

Sense: 5

Skill: Basic Detection


Different from Tang Shaoyang who allocated all his attribute points to strength, Lu An chose to use his attribute points to increase Strength and Agility for a temporary measure.

He needed enough strength to kill the zombies, he needed agility to enhance his mobility in the early stage. His thoughts were proven right, he now could kill zombies with ease and he managed to escape from the monkeys because he decided to increase his agility.

Magic power was pretty useless as he did not know how to use magic. Stamina could be restored by taking a rest, and lastly, Vitality, as long as he had an agile movement, he could avoid being hurt.

So, in the early stages, agility and strength were the most important attributes. At least, it was what Lu An thought.

Looking at the status screen, then looked at Tang Shaoyang's silhouette who fought the evolved monkeys, a strong determination flashed in Lu An's eyes.

The battle between Tang Shaoyang and the group of the evolved monkeys lasted an hour. After watching the show for fully an hour, Lu An saw Tang Shaoyang come out of the fog in hurry.

The monkeys seemed to be endless, they kept coming over and over. Tang Shaoyang had reached his limit after over an hour of battle. Upon noticing the number of monkeys was not reduced in the slightest, he made a prompt decision to escape.

Tang Shaoyang's body was covered by blood, the gray clothes turned blood red, even his face and hair also turned red. Upon coming out of the fog, Tang Shaoyang noticed Lu An was still here instead of getting into a safe place.

"Why are you still here? Run!" Tang Shaoyang yelled as he ran with Destroyer in his right hand. The monkeys were still following him closely, instead of escaping, Lu An just stood on the spot in a daze.

Just as Tang Shaoyang wanted to pull the silly Lu An, he heard Lu An's calm voice, "Boss, there's no need to run, the monkeys can't come out of the fogged park. We are safe here!"

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang turned around and found out the monkey did not follow him after he came out of the fog. He saw many silhouettes beyond the fog which belonged to the evolved monkeys.

The monkeys stood at the border of the fog. The beastly red eyes were gazing at Lu An and Tang Shaoyang, but the monkey no longer after them.

Tang Shaoyang was relieved at this discovery, but still, staying near the fogged park was not safe.

"Let's leave! I need to wash this blood off…"

Covered by blood certainly made Tang Shayoang uncomfortable. He wanted to wash the blood as soon as possible. Moreover, during the escape, they lost their supplies, so they need to look for more supplies to fill their belly.

They continued their trip without looking back. It did not take long for Tang Shaoyang to notice something strange with the surroundings. It was because this place was void of creatures.

On their back was the famous Central Park and ahead of them was a big road. On his left, he could see three empty restaurants lined up. Further ahead, many big and luxurious mansions lined up.

Tang Shaoyang walked carefully as he scanned the surrounding. This place was pretty messy, but he did not find a corpse or zombie around here.

He reached the first restaurant and he halted his steps. His vision landed the first restaurant which was a seafood restaurant. His vision penetrated the restaurant through the broken window. After a careful scan, he found nothing inside.

Tang Shaoyang continued and he did the same for the next two restaurants. Except for the messy interior, the restaurant was void of life. He and Lu An passed the three restaurants, walking further and only stopped in front of the first luxurious mansion.

The mansion was well maintained with a big gate and steel fence surrounding the mansion. Tang Shaoyang chose this mansion for him to get enough rest after a long battle.

"We will get a quick rest inside," Tang Shaoyang informed Lu An as he walked toward the big gate. Just as he wanted to break the gate, he paused halfway as he remembered something.

"Let's rest here for a moment."

Lu An certainly confused, looking at Tang Shaoyang's solemn face. He refrained himself from asking even though he was curious. It certainly weird, a luxurious mansion in front of them, but Tang Shaoyang decided to get a quick rest outside.

Tang Shaoyang had his own reason, it was about the mini-game. The first time he entered a villa, he was forced to fight against an evolved zombie. He was concerned that once he entered the mansion, he would trigger the mini-game again.

So he took a rest to recover his stamina without bothering to explain this to Lu An.

Fifteen minutes passed by, Tang Shaoyang immediately stood up.

"Let's climb the gate!"

Lu An merely nodded as he was still confused with everything.


Tang Shaoyang landed in the yard, then he paused his movement, but he did not hear anything which meant he did not trigger the mini-game. Of course, it did not rule out the possibility that he would trigger the mini-game only after he truly entered the mansion.

Standing before the three meters door, Tang Shaoyang did immediately open the door. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. After a moment of silence, he opened his eyes and pushed the door.


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