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Author :HotIce
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Tang Shaoyang peeked into the mansion, but what he saw was a dark hallway. Taking another deep breath, he stepped into the mansion while Lu An followed closely from behind.

After three short steps, Tang Shaoyang halted his steps. He was waiting for the robotic voice.

Lu An did not know what was in his Boss' mind, he did not know what Tang Shaoyang had experienced before. So, he was puzzled at Tang Shaoyang's cautious action. They just entered a mansion, looking by the dark hallway, the mansion seemed to be empty as well.

Lu An could not think of the reason why Boss was so cautious, but he also did not ask. If Tang Shaoyang really wanted to tell him, there was no need for him to ask. He just obediently waited in the behind while scanning ahead of them.

Hearing no voice, Tang Shaoyang was relieved. It was not that he was afraid of the mini-game, but he did not want to fight for now. He just wanted to take a rest for now.

With no mini-game, Tang Shaoyang advanced with ease. He followed the dark hallway that directed him to a big hall. Despite the dim light, Tang Shaoyang could see everything. It was an empty big hall while about ten meters ahead of him were stairs leading to the second floor.

It seemed the mansion was empty, no one was staying here even before the weird occurrence happened. Just as Tang Shaoyang wanted to take another step, the chandelier that hung at the hall's center brightened up.

Tang Shaoyang immediately looked back, then he saw the culprit. Lu An was the culprit. Being stared by Boss, Lu An smiled apologetically as he realized his action startled Boss.

"We are sleeping here today and continue our trip tomorrow!" After saying that, Tang Shaoyang went deeper. He badly wanted to get a shower as soon as possible. The blood that mixed with sweat stuck on his body made him really uncomfortable.

As he looked for a bathroom to wash up, a thought appeared in his mind. Before, he was envious of the rich people who could buy a luxurious mansion like this. However, now, he could walk freely in this luxurious mansion.

If he claimed this mansion, then this mansion would belong to him. It was kinda funny, but it was the current reality. The society had fallen, no one would care about his claim as people tried to save themselves from the zombies.

Usually, this kind of big mansion had a shower room in every bedroom. Tang Shaoyang entered one random room which coincidentally was a guest room and sure enough, there was a shower inside.

Tang Shaoyang really took his time to clean his body. He cleaned his body three times before he was satisfied. Right after that, immediately go to bed. Fortunately, despite no one living here, the mansion was clean.

The bed was covered in plastic, so there was no need for him to clean the bed. He pulled the plastic and he threw his body onto the bed.

"Fyuah… An expensive bed surely different…" Tang Shaoyang muttered before he fell asleep afterward.

The next day, he woke up, he was pretty energized. He took a cold shower before heading out back to the hall. He did not see Lu An here, but he heard steps from the other side.

Just as he wanted to check, Lu An came out with two bowls in his hand. Hot air steamed out of the bowl. Lu An noticed Tang Shaoyang's present and his lips formed a big smile, "Boss, you woke up? Do you want ramen?"

Tang Shaoyang did not reject the offer as he took the bowl off Lu An's hand. He sat on the sofa and asked, "How do you know I am going to wake up at this time?"

Lu An scratched his head in embarrassment and replied honestly, "I don't know. Last night, I immediately fell asleep after taking a shower, so when I woke up, I was very hungry…"

Lu An stopped halfway, even though he did not finish his words, Tang Shaoyag understood the second portion was not for him. When he heard this, the chopsticks that halfway into his mouth stopped.

"Should I make my own ramen?" Tang Shaoyag certainly felt awkward. It was as if he was a Tyrant Boss who took his subordinate's food.

"No. No. No… You can eat it, Boss, I can cook more if I am still hungry after this bowl!" Lu An immediately shook and waved his chopsticks, indicating he did not mind.

So, with that, the duo enjoyed their ramen for breakfast. After finishing the first bowl, Lu An intended to head back to the kitchen for his second bowl.

Before he went to the kitchen, he asked shyly, "Boss, do you still want more? I am going to make my second bowl of ramen?"

Tang Shaoyang did not stand in a ceremony as he nodded, "Hmm!" After the first one, the second and the third would be easier. With that, the duo had two bowls of instant ramen for breakfast.

After gulping a bottle of water, Lu An opened his mouth, "This mansion's owner is weird. No one lived here, but they stocked many instant ramens…"

Tang Shaoyang merely shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe it's for the mansion's keeper?"

Lu An nodded understandingly as he found out the mansion was pretty clean despite no one living here. After that, Lu An opened his status screen. Looking at this screen, he was sure the thing that happened yesterday was real.

At the sight of his level, Lu An turned toward his Boss who drank a glass of orange juice. The yesterday's scene was still clear in his mind, how his Boss fought against the big Fogged Monkey, alone.

'Just what level is he? Should I ask him... ?' However, he was hesitant as the level was supposed to be confidential, let alone in this kind of time. Telling the level to others was the same as telling how strong he was, but he was truly curious.

The gap between him and his Boss was too far, he wondered if his Boss had reached over Level 30. After some consideration, he still decided to fulfill his desire to know his Boss' level.

"Boss, If I may know…" Lu An stopped as he still hesitated to ask.

"What is it? Ask away!"

Taking the last deep breath, Lu An braced himself to ask, "Boss, may I know your level?"

Hearing this, Lu An noticed Tang Shaoyang staring in space. He thought Boss did not want to tell him and said in a flustered tone, "Boss, it's okay if you don't want to tell me. It's okay... I am just curious."

"Hmm, I am Level 21!" Tang Shaoyang did not mind telling his level to his subordinate. Instead, he wanted Lu An to know his level, letting his subordinate know how strong he was a must. At least, he thought so, with that Lu An would think twice or thrice if he wanted to betray him in the future.

As for why he stared into space, he just checked his status screen. He remembered he gained level yesterday, but he forgot about his current level.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 21

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 4

Strength: 76

Agility: 29

Vitality: 40

Stamina: 35

Magic Power: 22

Sense: 7

Skill: Basic Detection


If Lu An knew he was strong, his subordinate would not dare to betray him. It was a form of intimidation to Lu An. As for why he did not mind telling his level because his level would always grow.

Today he was level 21, maybe a week later he would reach level 30. That was why he did not mind telling his level.

However, there was one thing he calculated wrong. Telling his level to Lu An did not intimidate his subordinate in the slightest. Instead, Lu An looked at him in admiration.

'Wow, just how many zombies Boss has killed to reach Level 21… I have to work hard as well, so Boss does not leave me far behind!'

Yes, not only Lu An did not feel intimidated, instead, he felt inspired. Even though Tang Shaoyang failed to achieve his goal, it ended up in a good way without him knowing. As for betraying Tang Shaoyang, it never crossed in his mind to do that.

Talking about level, Tang Shaoyang remembered about the talent. He wondered if his subordinate got talent just like him.

"What about talent? Do you get talent?" He asked as he remembered that he got three talent points from killing a thousand zombies.

"Talent?" Lu An froze as he heard this. His talent was a strip and he felt ashamed for not having a talent. Scratching and lowering his head, he shook his head, telling his Boss he did not have talent.

'I don't have talent… How useless am I? I hope Boss does not leave me behind…' Lu An was a bit afraid if Tang Shaoyang would leave him behind after knowing he did not have talent.

"Hmm… you should kill more zombies to get talent point and you can exchange the talent point for talent. I got my talent after killing a thousand zombies!" Tang Shaoyang shared the things he knew about the talent.

Hearing this, Lu An froze for a moment. He tried to digest what his Boss said to him, after a moment, she snapped out of his trance and asked, "You can gain a talent!?"

"Hmm, but you can get talent only after killing a thousand zombies," Tang Shaoyang nodded and rose from the sofa, he tapped Lu An's shoulder and said, "Work hard, talent will give you a tremendous boost of attribute!"

After saying that, Tang Shaoyang headed back to his room to retrieve his weapon and said, "Get ready, we will depart to our future base in fifteen minutes!"

"Yes, Boss!!!" Lu An replied loudly as he was excited to know that he could also get a talent.


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