19 Thrilling Battle For The Young Lu An
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Author :HotIce
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19 Thrilling Battle For The Young Lu An

Tang Shaoyang and Lu An departed from the mansion. Their destination was not that far from the mansion. Lu An was so excited to continue the trip after hearing he could gain a talent for killing a thousand zombies.

However, after five minutes of walking, he did not encounter any zombies. Lu An scanned the surroundings but failed to find even a single zombie which was weird. Before just walking randomly, zombies would pop out and charge at him, but now the zombie vanished.

"Boss, this place is weird… How come there's no zombie around here? Or did someone clean this place already?" Lu An guessed blindly as he lowered the butcher knife.

Tang Shaoyang shrugged as he also did not know. He followed the road until they saw intersections ahead of them.

"Where are we going? Left or right?" Lu An overtook Tang Shaoyang while he asked. Until now, he did not know where he was going, but he also never asked. What he knew, his destination would be his home.

"Right!" Tang Shaoyang instantly answered, but then he noticed the boy stopped at the intersection.

He frowned and picked his pace up. When he got closer, he noticed shock all over Lu An's face while looking in the right direction. Tang Shaoyang followed his only subordinate's gaze and startled too.

The twelve meters wide road was filled with zombies. The zombies they had been looking for were here. The zombies truly filled the road, leaving no gap between them. If they wanted to reach their destination, they had to clean the zombies as they could not outrun the zombies with them blocking the road.

Lu An gulped nervously and said in a flustered tone, "The zombies are too many, should we take a detour, Boss?"

Tang Shaoyang hit Lu An's head, "Fool! This is our chance, our chance to be stronger! We have to kill them all to level up!"

"But there are so many zombies here if we get surrounded, we are done for sure!" Lu An became even more nervous when he heard Tang Shaoyang's response. His legs were gone weak when he heard the answer.

'How can this be a chance for us? This is the same as suicide!' Lu An screamed deep inside as he still did not know his Boss well.

"Stupid, Dork! This is a chance, have you forgotten about the monkey that could evolve yesterday? What if the zombies also evolved just like the monkey? What if they became faster and stronger? It will be harder and harder to kill them!"

"Right now is our best call to kill them and increase our level! Don't let the beasts or even the zombies get stronger than you are or you are done for sure when that time comes! Do you understand!?"

Tang Shaoyang screamed at the nervous Lu An. At his voice, the zombie that was thirty meters away from them also turned around. Then, the zombies began swarming toward them at once.

As for Lu An, he was shaken by Tang Shaoyang's words, only then he understood. Indeed, this was a chance, but still, knowing that fact and facing so many zombies were different matters.

Just as he wanted to speak something, Lu An heard steps from the other side. He turned around, a group of zombies, not less compared to the zombies in the right intersection marched toward him.

"B-Boss… Th-There's more zombies… W-We have to r-run, Boss!" Lu An was flustered, but Tang Shaoyang's reaction to this was not as his wish.

"Haha… If you don't want to get surrounded by these zombies, you have to follow me closely!" Having said that, Tang Shaoyang advanced to the right which shocked Lu An.

Lu An looked back, the zombies behind them were still too far to reach him. He was presented with two choices. First, follow Tang Shaoyang and fight the zombies, but it was akin to suicide, at least it was his thoughts.

The second choice was the safest one, he could abandon Tang Shaoyang and go back to the mansion. At least, he could last for a few months or even more. He could find a way to pass the zombies without fighting them later.

However, the second choice was the same as betraying Tang Shaoyang. Looking at his Boss's back who calmly walked toward the horde, Lu An was in a daze. 'How can he be so calm?'

In the end, Lu An gritted his teeth and chased after his Boss. He decided to gamble his life by following his new Boss.

"Huhu… You just made a great decision! Follow me closely and harvest the zombies well!" Tang Shaoyang chuckled as the distance between him and the horde was only ten meters.

He lowered the battle-ax from his shoulder, holding the huge battle-ax with his right hand. Then, Tang Shaoyang picked his pace while Lu An followed closely. Lu An still had the butcher knife and the steel pipe.

Lu An's hand was visibly shaking, but he braced himself to follow Tang Shaoyang.

Five meters… four meters… three meters… two meters…


Tang Shaoyang swung his battle-ax, sweeping the zombies ahead of him. In just one swing, about ten to twenty zombies were splattered by the battle-ax. It cleared the horde's frontline, but it did not take long before it filled with more zombies.


Again, Tang Shaoyang did not waste his time, he swung his battle-ax again, swept the zombies away as he advanced steadily. He was making a path to pass through the horde.


"Boy! Don't daydream like a stupid asshole, KILL THE ZOMBIES! Don't miss this golden chance to level up, stupid!" Tang Shaoyang shouted at Lu An who only followed him without doing anything.

Only then, Lu An snapped out of his trance as he realized his mistake. Even though Tang Shaoyang's battle-ax disabled many zombies in one swing, not all zombies were killed. As he followed his Boss, he noticed there was a zombie crawling toward them with its lower body gone.

Then, he began poking the disabled zombie's head with his butcher knife. There were also a few zombies that did not get swept by the battle-ax. Lu An was taking care of the zombies that survived from Tang Shaoyang's strike.

'Hah, Boss is carrying me…' He remembered the time when he played an online game. He would help the girl he met in the game to level up. The thing that happened in the game, happened to him now, in reality at that.

So, the duo kept moving forward while swinging their hands tirelessly. Three hours, it took them three hours to break the horde of zombies. Only after three hours, Tang Shaoyang and Lu An managed to break through the horde.

As soon as they broke the horde, they reached a plaza faced with three high-buildings. The three buildings were connected to each other. Changshou establishment that belonged to one of the conglomerates in SH City.

The building in the middle was a five stars hotel, Changshou Hotel. The left building was the entertainment, from the sports center until one of the most famous clubs in SH City was in the left building while the right building was a mall.

"We have arrived!" Tang Shaoyang told Lu An who followed him from behind while gasping for breath. However, Lu An did not have time to appreciate their luxurious new base as the horde still followed them.

"Boss! The horde! The horde! They are still following us!" Lu An yelled, reminding his Boss that the zombies were still chasing them.

With a big grin, Tang Shaoyang turned around, "What are you afraid of? We are going to kill them of course. This will be our main base, so we have to clean the filth from our base!"

Having said that, Tang Shaoyang walked back to the direction of the zombies and said, "I will give you fifteen minutes break!"

Lu An immediately laid down on the ground after hearing that. His hands were sore for killing the zombies three hours non-stop. As he took a breath, he immediately opened his status screen. He allocated the attribute points he got from leveling up.

Yes, three hours thrilling battle, bringing his level up to two levels. Now, Lu An was level 7.

As he looked at his level, he immediately raised his head, looking at his Boss' back. Even after three hours swinging the battle-ax, he found his Boss was not as exhausted as him.

Of course, he knew the key behind the seemingly unlimited stamina was the level. His Boss was Level 21 or maybe his Boss had leveled up again. Then he looked back at his status screen and thought, 'Should I add my stamina too?"

Until now, Lu An chose to increase his agility and strength evenly. However, now, he found the importance of stamina. Looking at the unused attribute points then he looked back at his Boss, Lu An allocated two for stamina and two for agility.

"For now, I have enough strength to kill the zombie in one hit…"

As for why he chose agility, he felt agility was the most important attribute. If one day or in one event he met something that could not be defeated, he still could run away.

After allocating the attribute, Lu An stood up, but his breath was stable at this time. Then, Lu An chased after Tang Shaoyang.

"I haven't got talent yet, I can't be lazy!"


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