21 Stage 3 Zombie
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Author :HotIce
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21 Stage 3 Zombie

"What's this Boss?" Lu An immediately asked after the notification rang in his head. He thought his Boss knew something about the mini-game.

"Just like its name, it's a mini-game with your life at stake!" Tang Shaoyang answered casually, it was as if the mini-game was not a threat to them. Indeed, Tang Shaoyang was confident they could easily survive the mini-game with his current level.

Of course, it was with a note that he faced the same thing with the thing he faced back then, his first mini-game.

His reply was not received well by Lu An when the words your life at stake entered his ears. His body shuddered voluntarily as the luxurious lobby turned into an eerie lobby in Lu An's eyes. He backed for a few steps and his back instantly hit the glasses entrance.

Lu An turned around and tried to get out, but the door won't budge even a little bit. Tang Shaoyang noticed his only subordinate panicked.

"It's okay, boy! Look at this!" He showed his intimidating battle-ax to Lu An and added, "I got this from clearing my first mini-game. We might get you a fancy weapon like this if we can clear this mini-game! Don't worry, just stay close to me!"

Only then, Lu An calmed down. Even though he had faced many zombies yesterday, fear still engraved deep in him. He collected himself and got closer to Tang Shaoyang with a steel pipe in his left hand and a butcher knife in his right hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as he calmed down a bit, five continuous booming sounds resounded. Lu An jumped out in fear as he looked toward where the noise was coming from. Then, he saw five creatures that were similar to zombies just destroyed the counter.

They were similar but different, these five creatures crawling with all its four. With their grotesque visages and disgusting yellow liquid flowing down from their eyes, it was truly an unpleasant view.

Tang Shaoyang and Lu An gazed at the five creatures while the five creatures also looked at the two intruders. Of course, the duo not only just stared at the ugly creature, but they also activated their only skills, Basic Detection.


[Crawler - Zombie]

Evolution: Stage 2

Level: 15

Skill: [Claw Strike]



[Crawler - Zombie]

Evolution: Stage 2

Level: 20

Skill: [Claw Strike]



[Crawler - Zombie]

Evolution: Stage 2

Level: 30

Skill: [Claw Strike] [Acid Spray]


Two Level 15 Crawlers, two Level 20 Crawlers, and the last Crawler, Level 30.

"Oh, boy! It's not good! It's fucking five this time!" Tang Shaoyang blurted out. Moreover, the biggest one is Level 30 and there was another skill, Acid Spray.

He did not know what that skill was, but an additional skill meant more abilities for the crawler. What he concerned was Lu An, without talent and additional attribute from the talent, it would be hard for Lu An to even face one of it.

However, in an instant, a plan formulated in his mind. His instinct was telling him to kill the Level 30 Crawler first, then the rest would be easy for him.

Without even looking back, Heero gave out his order, "Can you take one of the lowest levels amongst them? No, you have to at least take one of them by yourself! I will take care of the rest, get ready!"

Lu An was his subordinate and his safety of his responsibility as Boss. But it was different now, in such an occasion, as his subordinate, Lu An had to prove himself as a worthy subordinate.

It was indeed a pity if Lu An died here as they were already close. Nevertheless, he could not protect his subordinates forever.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Lu An's heartbeat instantly accelerated as soon as the order arrived in his ears. It was a lie if he was not afraid of those creepy monsters, but he knew he could not run from his responsibility.

Surprisingly, despite a pang of nervousness he felt earlier, he did not complain or even blamed Tang Shaoyang. Sticking to Tang Shaoyang was not an ideal choice as he would only be a burden which could lead to their demise later.

Despite the nervousness, Lu An accepted his role with his chest straight up, "Alright!" He said that in a firm tone which gained Tang Shaoyang's approval.

Pam! Pam! Pam! Pam!

Right after that, the crawler made their move. With all their fours, the five crawlers rushed toward Tang Shaoyang and Lu An.

Tang Shaoyang was pretty calm as this was not his first time facing the crawler. He pointed his hand to the right side and yelled Lu An, "Get to the right, I will send one of them to your direction!"

After that, Tang Shaoyang charged over the five crawlers. As for Lu An, he heeded the order and moved to the right which had more space. He did not know how his Boss would send the crawler to him, but he trusted his Boss.

With Destroyer in his right hand, Tang Shaoyang charged fearlessly. The fastest one was the Level 20 Crawler, he clashed with it in a flash. Two long arms with horrifying claw were flogging toward his chest.

If the two arms reached his chest, without a doubt it would tear his open. Tang Shaoyang made an abrupt stop and jumped back right after that. The claw missed about five centimeters away from his chest.

"Heh, take this, creep!" In that instant, Heero swung his Destroyer horizontally. Remembering how tough the crawler's skin, he thought the crawler would be flung away.

However, instead of getting flung away, his battle-ax cut through the crawler's chest with a hitch.


The reddish-green liquid spurted out as he cut the crawler into two parts. He was dumbfounded at the result, but he was also pleasantly surprised.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

"It was so easy and I gained a level for killing one!" Tang Shaoyang blurted out in delight. 'Then, there's still a chance for Lu An…'

Even though he cut one of the crawlers down easily, Tang Shaoyang would still force Lu An to fight against the lowest level crawler. Right after the Level 20 Crawler was cut, the level 30 Crawler spurted out greenish-yellow liquid toward him.

As soon as his feet touched the floor, he immediately took a side step, avoiding the Acid Spray.

Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!

As soon as the acid spray landed on the floor, the ground was melted. Tang Shaoyang's body voluntarily shuddered at this sight. He just could not imagine what if that acid spray landed on his body.

But the crawler just won't give him a chance to get a break as the other three crawlers arrived. They lunged over him from three directions, but Tang Shaoyang only smirked at such obvious movement.

He ducked his body and their claws missed him. The three crawlers' bodies were in the air, as such, it was not possible for them to avoid his strike. Tang Shaoyang grabbed one of the lowest level crawlers' long arms.

He spun once and threw the crawler toward Lu An's direction, causing a booming noise as the crawler hit one of the pillars on the other side. Right after that, he turned around and saw the crawler just landed on the ground.

"You are too slow!" Tang Shaoyang swung his battle-ax vertically toward the last level 20 Crawler.

The crawler body split with greenish blood spilled over as the organs splattered around. Meanwhile, it was as if it did not learn from its earlier mistake, the last level 15 crawler lunged over him once again.

"Hahaha! This is an easy fight!" With a loud laugh, he released grips on his battle-ax. Once again, he ducked his body, dodging the incoming claw.

When the crawler arrived on the top of his head, Tang Shaoyang's moved and grabbed the crawler neck. With a strong grip on the neck, he jumped out and slammed the crawler to the floor.


The floor cracked from the impact as the crawler laid down with all its four opened. Tang Shaoyang stood with his left foot on the crawler's chest. With his left foot pinned the crawler down, he kicked the crawler's head with his right foot.


Just like a soccer ball, the crawler head flew off as the greenish squirted around the air.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

"Hahahahaha…." Tang Shaoyang was laughing hard as the greenish blood covered his body. If Lu An looked at the current Boss, he might think his Boss was a madman.

After laughing, he turned toward the last crawler and smirked as he licked his lips, "It's your turn, boy!"

Meanwhile, back to the time when Tang Shaoyang threw the crawler toward Lu An.

Lu An was waiting for his opponent and then, he saw one of the crawlers sped up toward him. His head followed the crawler body which was in the air until the crawler hit the pillar and fell.

Looking at the falling crawler, his eyes were brightened and blurted out, "This is my chance!"

Lu An immediately chased after the crawler who was still trying to get up. With nervousness and excitement mixed within him, Lu An madly swung his steel pipe and butcher knife at the crawler.

Until the crawler's long arm shot toward him, only then Lu An jumped back, dodging the claw by a few centimeters. Lu An did not immediately launch another attack, he was looking at his opponent's condition.

Then, after a barrage of madness attacks, he noticed the crawler's left arm was crooked strangely while the right arm was dangled with a deep cut.

"Hehe… this is an easy fight… easy exp!" Lu An smiled as he charged toward the limped crawler. What happened next was Lu An chopping the crawler's head with his butcher knife.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

After he chopped off the head, he did not bother with his level but looked at his Boss's direction. He saw Boss already killed all of the crawlers, including the Level 30 Crawler.

Lu An rejoiced as he ran over, regrouping back with his Boss. As he rushed, he yelled happily, "Boss, we did it! We cleared the mini-game!"

However, what he got back was a frown from Heero. He noticed the frown and asked, "What's wrong, Boss?"

"No, we haven't cleared the mini-game yet. There's no notification for clearing the mini-game yet and where the reward, we haven't got our reward too!" Just as Tang Shaoyang finished his words…

Boom! Boom!

There something heavy fell from the top floor. Based on the sound, it must be something heavy. Both immediately turned their heads over and the saw two more keepers standing at the spot where Lu An battled against the level 15 Crawler.


[Zombie - Crusher]

Evolution: Stage 3

Level: 18

Skill: [Hummer Slam] [Strengthened Fist]



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