24 Talen
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Author :HotIce
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24 Talen

Lu An was excited as he entered the room with the green door. A talent, he was about to get talent. He had heard about talent from Boss, talent gave an additional attribute in each level, and he was so excited about what he would get.

The room was not that big and empty. Yes, it was an empty room and it was confusing to him. Origin told him he could obtain talent from this room, but how? He scanned the surrounding, trying to spot if there was any tool that could be used, like something similar to a computer or even a futuristic computer.

A steel wall and floor with bright lightning, but he did not find any lamp or any other lightning on the ceiling. He was getting anxious as he faced the empty steel room as this room was similar to an interrogation room in the movie which the only difference was this room had bright lightning.

"What are you worrying, boy? You have me here!" Origin's voice resounded in Lu An's mind. Different from before, he could not find any enthusiasm in it. It was more like an arrogant.

Lu An was surprised at the sudden change in Origin, but he did not pay it as he was waiting for the next instruction from Origin.

"Go walk to the center room, boy!"

Lu An followed the instruction and walked to the center. He wanted to ask what he should do next, but there was a sudden change in his surroundings.

The steel room transformed into a white bright room and there was a screen popped in front of him. The screen gave him two option buttons, the left button was "Random Talent" and the right button was "Tiered Talent".

Below the button, there's seemed to be a price for each button. 1 Talent Points was the cost for Random Talent and while he needed 10,000,000 GC Coin for the Tiered Talent.

"There are two ways to get talent. The first one is killing a thousand zombies with a condition that you killed the zombie in twenty-four hours since the game started. However, it's impossible to achieve as twenty-four hours have passed since the game started!"

"There's a big advantage for the first way, you can choose your talent. It's a pity that instead of killing zombies, you are cowering in fear in your room!" Origin did not forget to mock Lu An, leaving the boy speechless.

"The second one is the thing you face right now. Let me explain about the talent point, every gamer is blessed with 1 Talent Point from the start. However, it can only be used here. As for GC Coin, it's a game currency and you can get GC Coin each time you kill a zombie."

"Each time you kill a Stage 1 Zombie, you will get one GC Coin and a hundred GC Coin for Stage 2 Zombie. You can use GC Coin to use the Tiered Talent, but with your current GC Coin, there's no way you can use Tiered Talent,"

"You can check your screen status to see GC Coin in your possession. But there's no need to check it, just choose Random Talent. You are weak, you can't be compared to Master!" Origin raised its voice as it mocked Lu An.

Lu An actually wanted to ask if he offended Origin in any way, but decided not to. He opened to open his screen status, sure enough, at the upper right corner, there was a number there, 12,312 GC.

He blinked his eyes a few times and gazed back at the number below Tiered Talent. Indeed, it was just impossible to use Tiered Talent. Lu An dejectedly closed his status screen as his hand moved to Random Talent.

"Don't you want to hear more about talent? You are weak, you are sloppy as well! How can Master pick you as his subordinate, you are so unreliable. You should ask me more about talent! Alright, for the sake of My Master, I will explain it to you!"

'Urgh, It's your job, you are the AI…' Lu An almost blurted it out, but he did not want to offend the AI.

"There's a tier for Talent, while E-Tier is the worst and SSS-Tier is the highest you can get. In Random Talent, you will get a random tier Talent. This is a chance for Random Talent and Tiered Talent!"

After that, two screens popped in front of Lu An. His eyes gazed at the left screen.


Random Talent Chance:

E-Tier Talent: 50%

D-Tier Talent: 25%

C-Tier Talent: 12.5%

B-Tier Talent: 6.25%

A-Tier Talent: 2.125%

S-Tier Talent: 0.99%

SSS-Tier Talent: 0.01%


With the list in front of his eyes, he got a clear understanding regarding the talent. It seemed the best tier he could get from Random Talent was B-Tier one. As for the higher-tiered talent, he could not put much hope into it.

Then, his gaze landed on the next screen. It was the chance for Tiered Talent.


Tiered Talent Chance

C-Tier Talent: 70%

B-Tier Talent: 13%

A-Tier Talent: 4%

S-Tier Talent: 1.99%

SSS-Tier Talent: 0.99%


Sure enough, Tiered Talent was much better. In order to get SSS-Tier Talent in Random Talent, one needed divine luck. But Tiered Talent offered a percent chance for SSS-Tier Talent.

At this time around, he was curious about his Boss's talent. What tier his talent was.

"You can use your talent point to draw Random Talent for now. However, if somehow you draw E-Tier Talent, you have a second chance with Tiered Talent. You can only use it once whether Random Talent or Tiered Talent!" Origin continued with the explanation.

"Good, you can draw your talent now!" With Origin's instruction, Lu An pressed Random Talent.

At the same time, he pressed Random Talent, random words appeared in the white room. Yes, countless random words appeared in the white room and he guessed those words were Talent.

It continued for a minute and it stopped. Right ahead of him, the word "Agile" was written. The word was huge, filled the wall and there was something written at the bottom right corner, B-Tier.

Lu An clenched his fist and said, "Yes!" B-Tier Talent was the best outcome he could get from Random Talent. He was satisfied with the result.

"It's a pretty good talent and it's truly fit with your attribute location. Not bad!" Origin, for the first time, talked positively about Lu An.

As for Lu An, he pretty much ignored the haughty AI as he opened his status screen.


Name: Lu An

Age: 18

Affiliation: None

Level: 16

Talent: Agile

Attribute Point: 4

Strength: 12

Agility: 82

Vitality: 4

Stamina: 11

Magic Power: 3

Sense: 5

Skill: Basic Detection


When he opened the status screen, he was freezing for a moment upon the sight of his attribute. He just could not believe that his Agility would be skyrocketed like this.

He calculated his Agility before he got talent and then, he got the result. Each time he leveled, his Agility would be increased by 4. It was a lot and indeed, Agile was perfectly fit with his attribute allocation.

However, looking at his other attributes, it left him speechless. Especially for his Magic Power and Vitality, the difference was just too big. Moreover, it was okay for him if he could not use magic, but Vitality was essential too.

"Don't worry, boy! A Class also could raise your attributes. Not only attributes, but you can also gain a skill after you choose your class. The room next to us is the Advancement Room. It is a place where you choose your class!" Origin seemed to be able to read Lu An's mind.

Lu An's expression brightened and he blurted out, "Then let's go, I want to choose a Class as well!"

Having said that, Lu An wanted to go out. He was impatient regarding the Class The words truly changed just like RPG games. He was excited about this, but Origin poured him cold water.

"Dream on! You need to be in Level 30 to get a class. Even if you are Level 30, you can't go now. Your Boss is in the process of Advancement!"

Yes, in the next room, Tang Shaoyang was in a dilemma. He did not know what to choose. Different from Talent, you could choose your class in Advancement and Tang Shaoyang did not know which one was the right one for him.


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