25 Choosing Class
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Author :HotIce
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25 Choosing Class

Tang Shaoyang was confronted with a big dilemma as he did not know what to choose or what class that fit with him. He was presented with many choices, but the choice did not give any details about the class.

The screen in front of him only showed the class's name. The class was divided into two sections, Basic Class and Unique Class. There were only six Basic Class, Warrior, Tank, Archer, Thief, Mage, and Healer.

Amongst the six Basic Class, he only understood three of them. Warrior, Archer, and Healer.

"Tank? Is that a military tank? An armored vehicle? This class is nonsense!"

"Thief? Oh my… This is the worst! Why would someone choose to be a thief?"

"Mage? What is this? Based on the name, Mage seems to be a decent class, right?"

As someone who never played games, as someone who spent his time on the street and fighting. Tang Shaoyang was clueless with all these classes. The Basic Class already caused him enough headaches, but the Unique Class was more confusing.

He even spotted a class Demon King, Hero, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Knight, and one that attracted him the most, Flame Emperor. The words emperor was the one that actually attracted him.

However, even so, to get the class, he had to pay a huge sum of GC. Origin had explained that GC was the game currency that could be used to buy something from a virtual shop or can be used for Class Advancement.

However, it was impossible to choose that cringe class. He had to gamble it, using his GC to get that close with a probability less than a percent to get one of those classes. Furthermore, he did not have enough GC to gamble.

100,000,000 GC was needed for that. However, there were also a few unique classes that could be earned with GC. There were ten classes in total.


Unique Class:

1. Summoner [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

2. Assassin [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

3. Swordsman [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

4. Ranger [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

5. Knight [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

6. Berserker [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

7. Cleric [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

8. Flame Mage [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

9. Blacksmith [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

10. Spirit Contractor [???] (10,000,000 GC)


Those ten classes were what he could choose aside from the Basic Class. However, there were only two classes that attracted him, Berserker and Swordsman. But he never used a sword and he was worried about that.

Tang Shaoyang was more inclined to Berserker. It reminded him about his title, but being picky, he did not want to bring his past with him. He was a new Tang Shaoyang who would establish his empire.

Berserker only reminded him about his past who was just someone else's subordinate. He was being picky about his Class. Just as he was confused with these classes, the helper came.

"Master, have you decided yet?" Origin's respectful voice rang in his mind.

Tang Shaoyang's eyes lit up as he immediately asked Origin, "Can you tell me about the detail of the class?"

He wanted to know about the class and choose the most suitable for his fighting style. But Tang Shaoyang had to be disappointed with Origin's answer.

"I am sorry, Master! I can't help you with that. Just like the system that does not provide any information, I am as a part of the system is prohibited to leak the information," Origin replied with a dejected voice.

It was as if the AI had emotion as it showed it through its voice. Tang Shaoyang also could discern it as well. He could only let out a sigh as he faced the dilemma.

"However, if you trust me, I can help you to choose your class! If you trust me, allow me to give you my recommendation,"

Indeed, Origin could not leak the details of each class, but it could help its Master with the recommendation. As Origin knew its Master's attribute, it could choose the most suitable for Tang Shaoyang.

Origin could advise its Master with the most suitable class, but with a condition that its Master trusted it.

"Then, what is the most suitable class for me?" Tang Shaoyang asked as he wanted to know Origin's opinion.

"Spirit Contractor! That is the most suitable class for you! It's worth its price, Master!" Origin replied without any hesitation.

Tang Shaoyang looked back at the screen, the most expensive one amongst the ten Unique Classes. Spirit Contractor, he never thought of choosing this class, not only because of its sky-high price, but the name of the class was fishy to him.

The only thing he knew about spirit was a ghost. There was an elderly couple who often shared their experiences about meeting ghosts and vengeful spirit with him. So when he saw the word spirit, he connected with ghosts.

Tang Shaoyang hesitated as he was unsure, but he could not ignore Origin's judgment.

"Does the Spirit Contractor is about making a contract with spirit and letting the spirit fight for me?" Tang Shaoyang tried to define Spirit Contractor.

"I can't tell you, Master~" Origin responded helplessly. With the restriction, it could not tell Tang Shaoyang anything about Spirit Contractor, "I can explain it if only you choose Spirit Contractor as your class!"

Tang Shaoyang opened his status screen and checked the upper right corner. He had 10,506,107 GC in total. Origin told him that clearing the mini-game gave him a lot of rewards, GC Coin included.

As someone who became the first who cleared the first mini-game, it gave him a lot of GC bonus.

"If I use ten million GC for my class, then how am I going to upgrade my territory? You told me I need a lot of GC to upgrade my territory, opening more useful features for my territory!" Tang Shaoyang was hesitating because of its cost, it was not that he did not believe in Origin.

"Master, Don't you want to build an empire, right? To build an empire, you need a lot of people in it. You can use your people to gather GC Coin. You should focus more on your strength for now!" Origin advised.

"Extorting my people? How can I do that to my people!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head. He might be ruthless to his enemy, but not his people.

"No, we are not extorting them. Tax, it's a tax, Master. They are protected by the empire, so it's normal for them to pay taxes. Moreover, we can provide talent and class within our smart territory, paying tax is natural for them. However, before we implement that, you have to be strong, Master!"

"If you are strong, then people are willing to pay tax in exchange for protection and the facilities of our empire. Currently, Spirit Contractor is the most suitable class for you, exchanging ten million for a strong class is worth it!"

Tang Shaoyang was convinced with Origin's words. He needed more power to gather people so these people were willing to join his empire.

"Good, I will choose Spirit Contractor!" He pressed Spirit Contractor on the screen and his GC got deducted instantly.

Right after that, the screen vanished. The room darkened a few seconds before the light returned. The screen list also appeared again.

Tang Shaoyang checked the screen once again and found there were only nine classes in Unique Class. Spirit Contractor vanished from the list, then he checked his status screen.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Class: Spirit Contractor

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 30

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 109

Agility: 39

Vitality: 60

Stamina: 35

Magic Power: 31

Sense: 8

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Sacrificial Offering], [Spirit Contract - Level 1], [Spirit Integration - Level 1]


Class was added to the status screen, but there was no change in attributes. A frown appeared on Tang Shaoyang's forehead. Origin told him that Class could give him bonus attributes.

However, he got three additional skills. He wanted to ask Origin about his skills, but without him waiting for him to ask, Origin started the explanation about the skills. Not only skill, Origin even told him what Spirit Contractor was.

As Spirit Contractor was his class now, Origin was no longer restricted. His duty after all helping its Master.

After the explanation, Tang Shaoyang came out of the Advancement Room. Outside, Lu An was waiting for him. The boy wanted to ask what class he got, but Tang Shaoyang had a task for Lu An.

"Follow me!"

Lu An obediently followed his Boss.

Two hours later, at the center of Changshou Plaza

Tang Shaoyang and Lu An had been gathering the zombie's dead bodies, including the Crawler and Crusher they killed yesterday.

They piled the dead bodies and Tang Shaoyang stood before it. The dead bodies were used to activate his skill [Sacrificial Offering]. He directed his right onto the pile of the dead bodies and activated [Sacrificial Offering].

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A strong wind engulfed the dead bodies. A few seconds later, the dead bodies released green gas. As the wind and green gas that revolved around the dead bodies, his vision was blocked.

The wind and the black gas lasted for five minutes. It dispersed and the dead bodies also vanished. However, at the place where the dead bodies piled up, there was a three meters figure standing there.


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