28 Paying Back - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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28 Paying Back - Part 1

Tang Shaoyang rushed over and saw a group of eight people was chased by the zombies. He was surprised to see Stage 2 Zombie, not only one but there were three of them, three Crawlers.

This was the first time he encountered the Stage 2 Zombie outside the mini-game, "The evolution is not slow, but not that fast either… The Stage 3 Zombie might appear in a month or maybe even two weeks!" Tang Shaoyang muttered as he guessed when the Stage 3 Zombie would appear outside the mini-game.

The group of eight people also noticed there was someone coming for them. Destroyer's size immediately caught the group's attention. The two men in the front waved their hands excitedly, "Here! Here! Help!"

Even without the shout, Tang Shaoyang was running toward them. However, he noticed the woman on the behind was about to be caught by the Crawler.

"I will not make it in time…" The distance between him and the group was about thirty meters while the Crawler only needed one leap to catch the woman.

Tang Shaoyang abruptly stopped running, taking a deep breath, then he threw the battle-ax toward the group's direction.

His action shocked the group and the two men in the front were shocked at the sight of a big battle-ax flying toward them.

"Oh, Fuck! This bastard is insane! Get down!" One man in a training suit shouted, but his reminder was too late.


As he finished shouting, the battle-ax passed him, flying toward his back. He turned around and saw the battle-ax swiftly landed on the zombie that almost caught the woman. The battle-ax certainly scared the group, but they did not stop running, only the man in the training suit stunned on the spot.

"What are you doing? Run!" The woman in the last row already caught up and yelled at the man in the training suit. The yell awakened the man who thought he would die when the battle-ax flew toward him.

Only after the yell that he snapped out of his daze and started running again. He looked back and noticed the two Crawlers were only five meters away from him, "Uwaaa! Help!"


A figure passed him and ran toward the two crawlers. He noticed the figure was the guy who threw the battle-ax earlier. This time he was not stupid enough to stop and remind the guy out of kindness, "Run! They are different from normal zombies!"

Tang Shaoyang certainly ignored the reminder. Now he had another reason to kill the zombies and the beast aside for leveling up. It was to get GC Coin, he had to work harder to gather GC Coin for his Tang Empire development.

Noticing Tang Shaoyang paid no heed at his reminder, the man in a training suit no longer looked back and ran forward with all his might.

The two Crawlers noticed the new incoming prey. Both Crawlers immediately brandished their hideous claw at the new prey. Despite running with his maximum speed, Tang Shaoyang easily dodged the claw.

He avoided the claw and rushed to his battle-ax. Even though he seemed to be an advantage against the Crawler with his current attributes. Tang Shaoyang did not underestimate the opponent, thinking he could tear them with his bare hands.

He rushed over to retrieve his battle-ax. The two crawlers no longer chased after the group with Tang Shaoyang's presence that was closer to them. They turned around and chased after him.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang already arrived where his battle-ax was. Its tips that are similar to spearhead pierced the Crawler's back, pinning it down on the ground. He pulled Destroyer and at the same time, he kicked the Crawler's head.


The greeny blood spurted out of the Crawler's neck and the Crawler's head spinning in the air. He did not stop there, as he turned around, he swung his battle-ax horizontally. His attack was spot on as his battle-ax slashed the two Crawlers into two.

Even though the two Crawlers' bodies were split, their hands still trying to reach him. But it was useless as Tang Shaoyang took a leap back and easily avoided the claw.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

The bodies fell, but the zombies did not die yet. The claws were still trying to reach him.

Peng! Peng!

He swung his battle-ax, severing the crawlers' heads. Only after that, the crawler truly stopped moving.

"Hmm… should I bring the corpses back with me? Stage 2 Zombie is a good material for the offering!"

Origin said the higher quality of the offering, the stronger spirit would be summoned. Of course, the quantity was another important factor as well.

The fight ended in less than a minute, Crawler was no longer a threat for the current Tang Shaoyang.

Meanwhile, the man in the training suit was still running for his life. However, soon, he noticed his group had stopped running. He was perplexed and asked, "What's wrong? Why do you guys stop?"

The man in the training suit intended to continue running, but his friend pointed his finger to his back's direction, "Hah… Hah… There's no need to run, the zombies were killed by that man!"

Only then, he noticed the group seemed to be shocked by something. The man in the training looked back and saw a man with a big-battle ax in his right hand, standing amongst the three weird zombie's corpses.

Amongst the eight people, there was a young married couple. Both were having above-average looks and based on their appearance, they seemed to have a good time despite the disaster.

"Sir! Are you from the military? Did you come to save and bring us to a proper shelter?" The man asked in a hopeful tone while the woman was having a hopeful gaze as well. Both were hoping Tang Shaoyang was a soldier sent by the military to save the survivors.

Tang Shaoyang did not immediately answer the question, he looked at himself, wearing long black pants and casual tops, he replied with a question "Do I look like a soldier to you?"

The answer despaired the young couple. Even though they did not get the answer, they already knew Tang Shaoyang was not a soldier based on his reply. The couple let out a sigh and bowed their heads, "Thank you for saving us~ My name is Wei Xi and this is my wife, Wan Jingyi~"

"Thank you for helping us, we might lose our lives without your help~ Thank you," Wan Jingyi bowed her head slight;y

The couple was polite to him, Tang Shaoyang satisfied with this. At this time, the other six people also gathered. The woman who ran in the last row earlier and saved by throwing his battle-ax, the woman rushed and gave him a hug, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you…"

On his chest, the woman kept saying thank you. Tang Shaoyang was not pleased, being hugged by a stranger. After a while, he pushed the woman and said, "No problem, I am just doing what I am supposed to do!"

'After all, I need all you guys to gather GC Coin for me later!' Of course, he kept those words in his mind.

The woman was Li Na, she seemed to be in her early twenties and had a delicate look. Moreover, she had a pretty good body as well, but Tang Shaoyang was not charmed by the delicate beauty before him. He had other things in his mind.

And so, the others also expressed their gratitude to Tang Shaoyang. The man in the training suit was Dong Ping. He introduced himself as a gym trainer and indeed, he had a good body but his look was average.

The other four were also men, Mao Zhuhong with a lanky build, Mao Zedong who was short but had a similar face to Mao Zhuhong. Both were brothers. The other two were Gu Wen who looked reserved and Su Cheng with height reached 1.9 M.

After a brief introduction, Dong Ping asked curiously as he looked at the gleamed red battle-ax, "Brother, where do you get this awesome weapon? I want one too! With such a weapon, killing those zombies are easy!"

Dong Ping acted rather intimate with Tang Shaoyang despite this being their first meeting.

But Tang Shaoyang ignored him and asked the others, "Do you guys have a place to stay? If you don't have a safe place to stay, you can follow me. I have a pretty safe shelter, at least you don't have to worry about getting attacked by the zombies while sleeping!"

However, to his surprise, only Wan Jingyi reacted positively to his invitation. Wan Jingyi was the only one excited while the others had various kinds of expression.

Wei Xi had a wry smile and rejected his offer, "I am sorry, Brother Tang. We have our shelter too, why don't brother Tang tag along with us so we can help each other?"

Instead of responding to Wei Xi, he scanned the other guys. Li Na wanted to talk, but she was hesitating. In the end, she only hung her head low helplessly. As for the other guys, fear reflected on Mao Zhuhong and Mao Zedong's eyes which was weird to Tang Shaoyang.

Dong Ping, Gu Wen, and Su Chen showed no reaction at his offers. The three were pretty calm, but Wan Jingyi reacted strongly to her husband's refusal.

"What? Why? Why do you want to stay in that place? We not only get one meal per day, that guy even forced us to look for the foods! Not only that, since yesterday, but he also kept staring at me with his perverted eyes! Wei Xi! Do you want your wife to get fucked before your eyes!"

Wan Jingyi burst out in anger all of sudden. Here the drama unfolded and Tang Shaoyang finally understood everything as Wan Jingyi shared what she experienced in the last week.

As Wan Jingyi narrated everything to him, Tang Shaoyang caught Wei Xi's eyes that kept looking at him and Su Cheng, back and forth. No, Wei Xi was looking at his battle-ax and he seemed to be struggling about something.

After Wan Jingyi narrated everything, only then did he get a clear understanding of this group's situation.

'Lu Wen oh Lu Wen, I am not expecting we will meet this fast…' A broad grin spread over Tang Shaoyang's face. was average.


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