29 Paying Back - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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29 Paying Back - Part 2

Tang Shaoyang followed the group to their shelter. On the way, the chatty Dong Ping kept bothering him. Asking where he got Destroyer, what his level, where he came from, and more.

He answered perfunctorily, but the man was truly a chatterbox. Dong Ping just did not leave him off the hook.

However, Tang Shaoyang discovered something. Mao brothers were keeping a distance from him while Wei Xi kept looking at the tall Su Cheng from time to time. As for Gu Wen, he never talked again since the introduction.

Both Su Chen and Gu Wen never talked if he did not ask him. As for Wan Jingyi, she kept complaining in a low voice. Each of her words directed to her husband. As for Li Na, she hung her head low and stayed near him.

She was the reason Tang Shaoyang followed the group to the shelter. Amongst the eight people, Li An was the only one who accepted his offer, but she had a little sister and mother stayed behind.

On the surface, he seemed to come with them to pick Li An's mother and sister. However, it was not the main reason he followed back to their shelter. He had his hidden motive.

It took half an hour for the group to reach the shelter. The shelter they were talking about was a big house with a big yard in the front. Wei Xi opened the gate and the others followed. Stopping before the big door, Wei Xi knocked on the door three times.

"Who?" a voice responded from behind the door.

"It's me, Wei Xi! We are back!"

After that, the door opened. A man with bulky and did not have hair came out, he scanned Wei Xi and a frown appeared on his forehead, "Where's the food? Did you fail?" His voice was fierce when he brought about this.

A wry smile appeared on Wei Xi's face as he nodded, "Hmm… We failed to bring the food because the zombies guarding the store are an evolved zombie! We were not a match for it, if not…"

"Wait here! I am going to call Brother Lu!" After saying that, Baldy returned and he did not forget to close and lock the door as well.

"I told you! We should go back and take the food with us!" Mao Zhuhong blamed Wei Xi for not listening to him. Yes, earlier, the Mao Brothers suggested going back to retrieve the food as the zombies had been taken care of.

However, Wei Xi insisted to go back first as he was afraid that there would be more evolved zombies. No one objected at that time, but when the baldy brought up Brother Lu, Mao Brothers panicked and blamed Wei Xi.

It did not take a long time before the door opened again. This time, three men came out including the baldy. Aside from the baldy, there was another guy with a big build, kind of similar to the bodybuilder on the tv.

Wearing a sleeveless shirt, the guy showed his bulging muscle. Stern look was plastered on his square face. The guy gave Wei Xi a fierce gaze to Wei Xi and the latter cowered as he pulled his wife with him.

The same for Mao Brothers, they were staggered a few steps back, cowering in fear. Their hands were visibly trembling and both immediately hung their heads low, not daring to look at the three men.

Li Na also hid behind Tang Shaoyang as she seemed a bit afraid of the three men. As for Dong Ping, he was still calmly standing next to him while Su Cheng and Gu Wens stood behind him.

Meanwhile, a man that looked in his mid-twenties stood amongst the two bulky guys. Wearing a long-sleeve white shirt and black pants, his playful gaze landed on Wan Jingyi's chest before turning his gaze to Wei Xi.

"Give me a reason why do I have to keep you guys with me?" The young man spoke in a cold voice and those words were directed to Wei Xi.

Wei Xi pulled his wife behind and lowered his head, he gritted his teeth as he did not dare to refute the young man.

"Heng… If you can't bring the food, then there would be no food for you either! If you want to eat then bring food!"

"But…" Wei Xi raised his head, wanting to speak that yesterday he had brought a lot of food. However, he lowered his head upon the sight of the young man's cold gaze.

But then, the young man's gaze fell back to Wan Jingyi and said, "However, if you let me sleep with your wife for three nights, I can give you a week worth of food! How is it?"

"No Way!" Wei Xi reacted strongly and pulled his wife away from the three men.

The young man snickered and turned to the rest. He was looking at the other girl only to find a new but also familiar face amongst the group. He locked his gaze at the man who grinned wide at him.

"You…Why are you here!?" The young man subconsciously took a few steps back, surprising the others.

"Hoho… You haven't changed, Young Master Lu Wen!" Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear as he approached the young man.

Lu Wen immediately noticed the battle-ax in Tang Shaoyang's hand. His pupils contracted as he shouted in panic while pointing his finger at Tang Shaoyang, "What are you doing!? Kill him! Kill this bastard! Kill him!"

Everyone was shocked by the sudden change. The Cowardly Mao Brothers immediately distanced themselves as Wei Xi pulled Wan Jingyi farther. Only Li Na, who was in loss, she did not know what to do as she stood motionlessly next to Tang Shaoyang.

However, right after the shout, Tang Shaoyang was the one to make a move. His right hand moved as fast as lightning, grabbing Dong Ping's neck. He raised his hand and slammed Dong Ping down.

Afterward, he swung the battle-ax towards the back. Su Cheng and Gu Wen on the back were getting swept from the impact. Their bodies flung towards the fence, crashing to the fence.

Tang Shaoyang's action was unexpected and too fast, the three men were caught off guard by the sudden assault. He did not stop there as he immediately rushed forward and threw his battle-ax to the baldy's direction.


The top of the battle-ax pierced the baldy's chest and his body crashed to the door behind. It was instant death. At the same time, Tang Shaoyang lunged over toward another bulky guy and his hand immediately reached the bulky guy's neck.

He raised the bulky guy to the air. The bulky guy struggled, trying to break free from Tang Shaoyang's grips. The bulky guy tried to open the grip but to no avail. He launched a kick to Tang Shaoyang's chest and belly, but it did not help him.


Tang Shaoyang snapped off the bulky guy's neck and the guy stopped struggling. Slowly, the body turned weak and no longer moved. The guy was dead.

It happened in less than thirty seconds, he took five men down in less than thirty seconds. With a big grin, he turned toward Lu Wen who had pissed himself upon the sight of the slaughter.

Wei Xi and Wan Jingyi were rooted on the spot while Li Na's feet went weak after witnessing such a scene. As for the cowardly Mao Brothers, they fell with their butt, and their mouths trembled in fear.

"Don't come! Don't come or I will shoot you!" Lu Wen took a gun from his waist and pointed the muzzle toward Tang Shaoyang. Even though he said he would shoot, he did not have the courage to pull the trigger.

Lu Wen, Lu Gang's problematic nephew. Because his uncle held a high position in the underworld, this guy acted unrulily, and he had a weird hobby. Taking someone else's girlfriend was his hobby.

Lu Gang was holding high regard at Tang Shaoyang's performance. They often met on this occasion and Tang Shaoyang got to know Lu Wen through the meeting with his Boss. Until one day, Lu Wen fancied his girlfriend.

Lu Wen thought that Tang Shaoyang was his uncle's subordinate. So Lu we seduced his girlfriend fearlessly. With money, Lu Wen managed to hook up with his girlfriend.

At that time, Tang Shaoyang showed no reaction even though his girlfriend was taken by His Boss' nephew. It repeated three times, but he was not angry at Lu Wen.

His girlfriend chose someone richer than him, it was their choice. There was no reason for him to get angry. He could just find another girlfriend.

However, one day, Lu Wen forced his way to his girlfriend for the fourth time because his girlfriend refused him outright despite the money temptation.

This time, Tang Shaoyang did not let it slide as Lu Wen kidnapped his girlfriend to an orgy party. Yes, Lu Wan shared his girlfriend with his friends.

Tang Shaoyang erupted and beat Lu Wen in a frenzy. Fortunately, Lu Gang caught the glimpse of the incident and managed to arrive in time, saving his nephew from him. However, that day, he made an oath that the next time they met, it was the day Lu Wen would die.

Since then, Lu Wen always avoided him. It was their last meeting and Tang Shaoyang also did not look for Lu Wen. After all, he was still his Boss's nephew, he did not want being hunted by the biggest force underworld in SH City.

But now, everything was different, the world had changed. He had even killed his ex-Boss, why didn't he fulfill his promise now? Settled his past and moved forward.

"Hoho… I am coming to fulfill my promise, Young Master Lu! Did you forget our promise!" Tang Shaoyang let out a wide grin.

"Don't Come!" Lu Wen yelled and pulled the trigger three times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


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