42 Assassin
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Author :HotIce
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42 Assassin

"I will take the huge one and leave the rest to you!" Tang Shaoyang dashed forward.

Lu An immediately followed, "I will be taking the two apes on the right!"

"What? Hey, wait, wait!" Zhang Mengyao called out in a panic as her two companions left her alone behind.

She felt the two men were too careless. Attacking the big one without looking at the big picture. What if there were smaller apes ambushing them from the fog. It would be fatal for then.

Zhang Mengyao stayed behind while scanning the surroundings.

It seemed the group of four apes perceived the human's intention. Two smaller apes charged toward Lu An while the other one rushed toward Zhang Mengyao, leaving the mini lord to face Tang Shaoyang.

*** ***

Zhang Mengyao advanced cautiously until she perceived something coming toward her.

She looked up and found a big ape coming toward her. The distance between them was two meters.

With the current ape's speed. The girl was aware she would not be able to dodge the ape's fist.

Zhang Mengyao put her shield forward and received the big fist.

"Grrrhhhh!" She grunted heavily as her footing was slid back. She was being pushed back for five meters.

In such a time, Zhang Mengyao activated [Basic Detection] on the ape.


[Beast - Fogged Ape Guardian]

Affiliation: Fogged Ape Tribe

Evolution: Stage 3

Level: 52



"Level 52!? Stage 3!!!" Zhang Mengyao muttered nervously as numb sensation started to spread around her hand.

So far, she only had faced Stage 2 Fogged Ape with Level 40 being the highest level.

But her current opponent was on another level. Stage 3 and level 52, it was normal for her to be nervous.

'Then what about the giant one?' Just as she wanted to check the biggest ape, the ape in front of her leaped toward her, giving her no chance to cast another [Basic Detection].

This time, Zhang Mengyao reacted faster, and as she leaped one step back.

'Its attribute is certainly higher than mine. Blocking its attack is unwise. Only block it when it's necessary and aim the vital spot, '


The two big arms smashed the spot where Zhang Mengyao stood just now.

"A vital spot? I don't know much about the ape, but the neck is the common vital spot! But I can't reach the neck,'

'Ah, immobilize it by attacking its feet then kill it afterward!'

With a plan formulated in her mind, Zhang Mengyao took a step forward and slashed his sword at the Fogged Ape Guardian's thigh.


The sword sliced through the thigh, leaving a shallow cut behind. The gray fur turned red, but it was not enough to immobilize the ape.

Afterward, Zhang Mengyao leaped two steps back. Making the Fogged Ape Guardian swung its thick arm against empty air.

Zhang Mengyao's reaction was much faster. In fact, she read her opponent's move and made her move.

"You chose the wrong opponent, stupid monkey!" The girl cheekily taunted the ape.

Even though she said so, her thoughts were different. She was looking at the cut on the ape's thigh.

'The ape has a thicker skin and my sword is just an ordinary sword! It only suffered a minor cut! Then, I have to aim my sword at the exact same spot next!'

"Guwooo!" It seemed the apes understood what the girl said. It furiously hit his broad chest and let out a furious growl.

Bump! Bump! Bump!


The ape made another leap and smashed its two arms downwards.


Once again, it only hit the empty spot, leaving a deep mark on the ground.

Zhang Mengyao avoided the attack by taking a sidestep to the right and slashed her sword at the exact same thigh again.

This time she was not as lucky as before as the Fogged Ape Guardian reacted fast. After its thigh was cut, it immediately swung its thick arm at Zhang Mengyao.

In such a narrow time, Zhang Mengyao had no choice but put her shield forward to block the incoming attack.


"Arghhh!" Zhang Mengyao grunted heavily as she held the huge force behind the ape's arm.

She was almost getting thrown away from blocking the arm, proving the ape's attribute was much higher.

'It reacted faster than before, I have to be careful as it might get faster again,' She kept analyzing her opponent as the fight went on and she gained an upper hand as the battle continued.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the two Fogged Ape Guardians were chasing after Lu An.

Lu An did not confront his opponents. He kept running away from the two apes, not he was afraid or stalling time. He was probing the enemy's speed.

Amongst the three, Lu An was the only one who had an unbalanced attribute. He had an extremely high Agility attribute. His speed was his advantage.

Now, he was probing the ape's speed and he found out the ape was much slower than him.

'With my speed, I can confront it and don't need to worry they will catch me, '

"Status Screen!"


Name: Lu An

Class: Assassin

Age: 18

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 32

Talent: Agile

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 62

Agility: 208

Vitality: 20

Stamina: 20

Magic Power: 3

Sense: 8

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Dash], [Fatal Strike]


Yes, Lu An chose Unique Class, Assassin. Actually, he wanted to choose a basic class as he did not have enough Game Coin.

However, his boss helped him with the GC and forced him to choose a Unique Class. Of course, Assassin was his choice, not Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang did not meddle or told him anything about what class he must choose.

He chose the Assassin class under Origin's recommendation, causing the unbalance attribute. He did not regret his choice, instead, he was satisfied with the choice he made.

Assassin Class gave him additional attributes each time he leveled up. +2 Agility and +1 Strength, with two skills for Assassin, [Dash], and [Fatal Strike].

He kept running around while maintaining seven meters of distance between him and his pursuers.

'I can combine [Dash] and [Fatal Strike]...'

Lu An stopped and turned around. He charged toward his pursuers, but his eyes fixated at ape in the right.


Suddenly, Lu An's figure glowed red and his body's blurred.

[Fatal Strike]


His red sword glowed in red and Lu An slashed the sword toward the ape's neck.


The boy was shocked by his skill as he decapitated the ape with one slash.

The Fogged Ape Guardian's head flew to the air and blood fountain formed as blood spurted out from the decapitated neck.

Such a scene lasted for five seconds before the Fogged Ape Guardian's body collapsed. The ape head rolled on the ground and one guardian was killed just like that.

Lu An grinned happily after experiencing how amazing his skill was.

He turned around and faced the remaining Fogged Ape Guardian. The ape also glared at him with the furious red eyes. He then noticed the ape glowed in red.


The ape rushed toward him, faster than before. Lu An however merely smirked and made his move.


The ape slammed the ground with his two thick arms, creating a small crater. The ape without a doubt had overwhelming strength. Unfortunately, even having such overwhelming strength was useless if it could not hit its opponent.

The Fogged Ape Guardian hit an empty ground and Lu An appeared on its back.

[Fatal Strike]


The remaining Fogged Ape Guardian died in the same exact manner as its companion. The head was severed from its body and its body fell powerlessly to the ground.

*** ***

On the other side

Boom! Boom! Boom!

She gained an upper hand after a while, but then, suddenly the ape glowed in red. Not only did it get stronger, but it was also getting even faster.

Zhang Mengyao had no choice but rolled around on the ground to avoid the thick arm. She even activated [Envisaged] to dodge the ape's furious fist.

It had been full five minutes since she rolled around on the ground.

Just as she was about to push herself, even more, the girl saw the ape fell with its knees.

She did not know why it suddenly fell and grew weak, but she knew this was her chance.

Zhang Mengyao without hesitation rushed toward the falling ape and shouted, "Die!!!"

She thrust her sword at the ape's wounded neck.


The sword pierced through the neck. After that, she swung the sword to the right, tearing the neck apart.


Zhang Mengyao bathed in blood and the Fogged Ape Guardian fell with no breath. She won the battle, but she was concerned more about her man.

Right after she killed the ape, she searched for Tang Shaoyang's figure. Soon, she found a figure standing next to a giant corpse.

The man she was looking for was bathing in blood. He had his battle-ax laying on his shoulder while his right hand was holding a big ape's head.

At the same time, a robotic voice resounded in her head.

[Congratulations! You have captured the Fogged Land. You gained +1 Level and 5 Skill Points]


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