43 First Vassal
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Author :HotIce
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43 First Vassal

A few minutes ago

Tang Shaoyang charged toward the Fogged Ape King with his battle-ax, Destroyer.

It seemed the ape king perceived Tang Shaoyang's intention. It growled to the other three apes and the three apes left immediately.

It was one vs one, the ape king accepted the challenge.

Tang Shaoyang grinned and raised his Destroyer. As soon as he arrived in front of the ape king. He swung the battle-ax horizontally.

To his surprise, the ape king was quite agile despite its size. It jumped into the air, dodging the deadly ax.

At the same time, it clenched its hand into a fist and slammed it down toward Tang Shaoyang.


The giant fist slammed to the empty ground as Tang Shaoyang successfully avoided the deadly strike by rolling his body the right.

With his current attribute, the heavy battle-ax was no longer a hindrance to have his body moved freely.

Tang Shaoyang did not stop there. After rolling down on the ground, he immediately leaped back, creating a safe distance between him and the ape king.


Not only the ape king was quite agile, but its reaction was also fast from an attack to another.

Seeing its opponent running away from it, the Fogged Ape King raised its chest up and slammed his big hand to his chest.

It was furious as its opponent kept running away. As the ape slammed its chest, its lips formed a mocking smile at Tang Shaoyang.

"What? A mere monkey dared to mock me!" Tang Shaoyang was provoked and charged toward the ape king.

The ape king smiled jubilantly and also charged toward Tang Shaoyang.

When the distance between them shortened to three meters. Tang Shaoyang used his battle-ax pointy tip to stab the Fogged Ape King's belly.

He used his long battle-ax as his advantage. But the ape reacted faster. It slapped the battle-ax with its left hand.

Tang Shaoyang's body was dragged by the momentum and lost his balance. Just as he was about to fall, a huge fist hit his chest.


Tang Shaoyang grunted in pain as his body flew away from the hit. The ape king's punch was no joke.

His body flung for over ten meters before crashing to a tree.


Tang Shaoyang spat mouthful blood. He did not say anything and stood again.

But then, a dangerous sensation tingled his sense. Without hesitation, he ducked his body down and rolled forward.

Swoosh! Swoosh Swoosh! Boom!

It was his battle-ax thrown by the ape king. The tree behind was crushed by the impact.

However, Tang Shaoyang had no time to retrieve his battle-ax as a shadow loomed over him. He threw his body to the left immediately.


A booming noise resounded from his beforehand spot. The dust rose, shrouding the ape king's lower body.

Tang Shaoyang made a swift move, circling the ape king to its back and pounced toward it. He sent a punch to the ape king's thick left foot with all his might.


"Growll!" The ape king let out a pained growl and fell on its knee.

Right after that, the ape king made a swift turn and swept his thick to the back.


Unfortunately, the Fogged Ape King hit empty space.

Tang Shaoyang reacted faster by climbing up to the ape's back. He leaped up and doubled his hand before he slammed downward toward the ape's head.


The ape's head shook and its body swayed from the impact. This was a golden chance for him.

Tang Shaoyang landed with a roll. He planned to pounce toward the ape king once again. However, just as he raised his head, he was greeted by the ape king's foot.

Despite the dizziness, it felt from the slam. The ape king still managed to send a kick toward Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang himself was caught off guard. The thing he could in this situation was covered his chest with his hand.


The kick landed and Tang Shaoyang's body flew from the impact.


His body flew and crashed on the ground. It did not stop there as his body kept rolling on the ground. It stopped only after his body hit a boulder, leaving a long trail on the ground.

Tang Shaoyang immediately stood up after all of that. He stood but his body swayed here and there.

Fortunately, the Fogged Aped King did not chase after him. In fact, the ape king was also in the same state as him.

"Ah, shit, that damn ape is damn strong…" He cursed out despite his bloody state. Blood flowed out from the wound he suffered.

Forehead, mouth, nose, and his body, his clothes turned red caused by the blood.

"I will collapse first if this continues…" Tang Shaoyang muttered while breathing heavily.

[Spirit Integration]

A vigorous and excited voice rang at the same time, "Finally you summoned me, My Lord!"

Karan's projection appeared behind Tang Shaoyang. The over two meters Karan scanned the ape king and let out a disappointed sigh, "The opponent is weak though…"

After that, Karan's projection turned into green gas and seeped into Tang Shaoyang's body.

Tang Shaoyang slightly tanned skin turned green and his body grew taller. His tight muscles also bulged out as his hair grew longer.

His glossy-black eyes turned green and a savage smile formed on his lips.

—Hahaha… After a long time, finally, I can fight again!

Karan's excited voice rang in Tang Shaoyang's head. Even though Karan did not have control over the body, he would still experience the fight as if it was his fight but from Tang Shaoyang's perspective hence he was excited.

Tang Shaoyang was not bothered by the excited Karan. His eyes were looking straight at his enemy who was puzzled by his change.

"Come, Baby! I will crush every inch of your body!"

—Hahaha… I like it, let's crush every inch of this monkey!


Tang Shaoyang took the initiative to charge at the ape king. The Fogged Ape King was stimulated by Tang Shaoyang's bold charge. It also charged straight.

Of course, Tang Shaoyang was not that stupid enough to have a frontal battle with the seven meters tall ape. When the distance between the two shortened to three meters, he activated his skills.

[War Cry]

An exclusive skill from integration with Karan - The Great Warrior.

Tang Shaoyang subconsciously opened his mouth wide and let out a deafening cry.


The immediate effect was the ape king came to an abrupt stop. Its head shook and his body swayed. It took three steps back to balance its body.

Additionally to that, he heard a robotic voice in his head.

[War Cry activated, boosting your attribute by 20% for five minutes]

With the collapsing ape and bonus attribute from the skill, the grin on his face became wider.

There was no way Tang Shaoyang would miss such a golden chance. However, instead of rushing to the ape king, he remained on his spot. He executed another skill.

[Wild Axes]

Again, it was as if his hand moved on its own. He raised both hands, then a translucent green gas formed an ax shape, in both hands.

The ax was half-meter long. Just like before, Tang Shaoyang moved on its own.


His hand made a throwing motion, targeting the swaying big ape. The two translucent axes made of the green gas were thrown toward the ape king.

The axes were spinning in the air. It shot toward the Fogged Ape King in frightening velocity.


The two axes nailed right at the ape king's shoulder, pushing the swaying ape down.


A pained growl escaped the ape's mouth. Tang Shaoyang, however, showed no mercy. He charged toward the collapsing ape and leaped to its chest.

He grinned ear to ear at the pained ape. Then…

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Tang Shaoyang sent a series of punches at the ape's face.

The ape growled even louder as the pain on its face grew more intense. Moreover, with the twenty percent bonus attributes from the skill, each of his hands brought a crushing force to the ape's face.

"Let's end this with the third skill!"

[Earth Split]

Just like before, a part of his body moved on its own. This time, it was his right foot. He raised his right foot and stomped right at the Fogged Ape King's chest.


The moment his right foot landed on the chest, the ape king sprayed a bucket of blood at him.

It spasmed for a little longer before it sprawled with all four weakly. Its red eyes dimmed, the fierce-looking ape now weakened and about to reach its end.

Tang Shaoyang did not immediately end the Fogged Ape King's life. He retrieved his battle-ax and went back to the ape's chest.

He looked down at the ape and spoke, "Any last word?"

To his surprise, the ape opened its mouth and growled weakly. The thing that shocked him, even more, was the fact he understood what it talked about.

"Growl… Growllll… Growwwlll…" [Human, you are a great warrior… Stronger than this King… I have one last request, Great Warrior]

It was the translation that was transmitted to his head.

"Speak! I will grant it as long as it's within my scope!"

"Growlll… Grooowwlll!!" [Great Warrior, are you willing to bring in my Fogged Ape Tribe with you…? No, please bring my Fogged Ape Tribe to the flourishing era with you]

At the same time, the robotic voice resounded in his head.

[Are you willing to accept the Fogged Ape Tribe as your vassal? Yes/No?]

Tang Shaoyang's eyes shone in brilliance and without any second thought, he chose yes.

[Congratulations! The Fogged Ape Tribe is now the Tang Empire's Vassal! You gained a reward +1 Level and 5 Skill Points]

"Growwll…" [Thank you, Great Warrior]


After that, Tang Shaoyang beheaded his enemy and raised its head as if it was a trophy.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[Congratulations! You have captured the Fogged Land! You gained +1 Level and +5 Skill Points]


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