47 A Challenge From the Strongest Party
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Author :HotIce
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47 A Challenge From the Strongest Party

Tang Shaoyang looked at his status screen in delight. He got yet another spirit, a strong one at that.

He actually wanted to try [Spirit Integration] with Zaneos the Demon Swordsman. But the latter prevented him from doing so. His body was not strong to get through [Spirit Integration] twice in a day.

Tang Shaoyang then turned around, facing the tall Pride. He had to take the aftermath before going back to his base.

"I don't have a particular task for Fogged Ape Tribe yet…" He paused briefly and continued, "For now, get stronger for me, that is your job!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Pride put his hand on the chest and bowed.

"Mnn… About the food, you stay in your fogged territory in the day and go out to search for the food at night! I don't want more people to know your tribe's existence yet, "

"Now you can go back and get strong for me!" Tang Shaoyang dismissed the Fogged Ape Tribe.

Once again, all the apes knelt toward their King and went back to their territory afterward.

Zhang Mengyao looked at the ape in regret.

Lu An noticed that and walked closer, "Don't worry, I hid the fresh meat worth of three apes. We can still enjoy the meat for at least a week and a month if we eat the meat sparingly, "

He made sure he said that in a low voice, so the Fogged Ape would not hear him. The Fogged Ape Tribe, now the Tang Empire's ally, eating their own ally was inappropriate, and Lu An wanted to keep this as his secret.

Unfortunately, Tang Shaoyang heard him, "Don't forget my share!"

"All right, our matter here is done, let's go back to the base!"

He had achieved his goal during this trip. It was to prepare Zhang Mengyao to hold her ground, getting stronger. Now she was ready and he gained more than he expected. A vassal, a territory, and a new spirit. It was time to get back.

It had been three days since Heero left the base unattended. Of course, he had no worry something might happen to his base. Origin was there to take care of the base if he was away. Moreover, he also had his people to keep the base in order.

"It's time to set the military power of our base! Are you ready?" Tang Shaoyang asked the girl.

"But are you sure about this? If the country has not fallen yet just as you said, it will be treason…" Zhang Mengyao did not finish her words as Tang Shaoyang raised his hand.

"Are you ready or not?" He repeated the same question in a firm tone.

Inhaling a deep breath, Zhang Mengyao nodded, "I am ready. You will hear my plan as soon as we go back…" She had her head closer to Tang Shaoyang and continued in a low voice, "... In your room~,"

"Good!" Tang Shaoyang let out a broad grin and turned toward Lu An, "How about you?"

"I am ready to assist the Lady Boss!" Lu An gave his reply fast and positively.

"Call me General Zhang!"

"All right, General Zhang!".

They joked around while carrying a huge backpack on their back.

Lu An carried two backpacks in his hand and one on the back. The same for the others, each of them had three fully loaded backpacks.

Of course, the backpack was filled with meat. It was their bonus harvest after three days continuously battling against the apes.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang was surprised when he arrived at his base. In just three days, the base was crowded with more people. He was happy to see the crowd, meaning he had more people.

Of course, his group also attracted attention as they approached the base. Many eyes fell on them, Zhang Mengyao especially.

Zhang Mengyao was a bit uncomfortable, but she was used to receiving such attention. She was a beauty, after all.

"So many unfamiliar faces…" Lu An muttered.

But some of them were attracted by Tang Shaoyang's battle-ax. It was big, certainly would attract the surrounding people. They could tell in a glance the battle-as was not just a normal battle-ax.

Just as he was about to reach the entrance, a group of four blocked the path.

The four people were equipped well. Their gears were of higher quality than the others had.

"Are you Tang Shaoyang?" A man that looked in his thirties with no hair stepped forward and asked with a grin.

"That's my name! Now you can f*ck off!" With just one look, Tang Shaoyang already knew these people were up to no good.

There was no need to treat someone like this nicely.

"Huhuhu… You really have guts just like the other people say!" A man in his mid-twenties walked next to the baldy.

The man had a typically lewd smile plastered on his face. Even though he spoke to Tang Shaoyang, his eyes darted around Zhang Mengyao's body.

Lu An's hand was ready on his sword and the same for Zhang Mengyao. Facing such kind of people, a battle was inevitable.

Tang Shaoyang yawned, "Get it done! What do you want? I am sleepy!"

"I like straightforward people like you, Tang!" A man with a bulky build and an average face came forward.

He was holding a silver spear in his hand and looked at the battle-ax admiringly.

"Do you know who we are?" The man asked with a big smile, just like a friendly big brother from the neighborhood.

Tang Shaoyang looked toward Lu An and asked, "Do you know him?"

Lu An frowned, he knew this man, but then he saw his Boss winked his eyes at him. He understood what his Boss wanted and played along, "I don't know!"

"What about you?"

"I don't have memories of them!" Zhang Mengyao answered in a flat tone.

"It seems you are not famous enough!" Tang Shaoyang said with a smile. Then he spotted a familiar face and waved his hand.

"Hey, you!" He pointed his finger at a man and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

The man was Wei Xi, the guy he saved from Lu Wen's clutch. Next to him was his wife, Cao Jingyi. They joined the crowd to watch for fun, not expecting the Big Boss of the base would point his finger toward them.

"Me!?" Wei Xi pointed at himself.

"Yes, you! Answer me, do you know who I am?" Tang Shaoyang nodded.

"Don't answer him! Let him solve the problem by himself. Don't get involved with him in any way!" Cao Jingyi firmly warned her husband.

She had seen Tang Shaoyang killing people without batting an eye. So she didn't want her family to get involved with such a man.

However, Wei Xi thought differently than his wife. He did ignore his wife's words and replied in a flattering smile, "Yes! You are Tang Shaoyang, this base's Big Boss!"

"What about the woman next to you? Do you know who I am?" Tang Shaoyang did not stop there.

"Please~ Just this once, please believe me and follow my answer~, "

Cao Jingyi did not want to give her an answer at first. But under her husband's persuasion, she answered, "You are the Boss of this place!"

"Hoho… It seems I am the Boss of this place and certainly more renowned than you. Do you need something with me?"

The man with the average look, Gao Chonglin's lips twitched a little. What Tang Shaoyang was trying to prove with everything just now that he was nothing compared to Tang Shaoyang.

"Let me introduce myself then. My name is Gao Chonglin and I am the leader of the strongest party in this base, the Conqueror Party!"

"I heard you set a rule in this base that the strongest will be the Boss. And here, as the leader of the stronger party in this base, I am challenging you, fair and square to a battle!"

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