48 Killing The Chickens to Warn The Monkey
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Author :HotIce
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48 Killing The Chickens to Warn The Monkey

"Hahaha…" Tang Shaoyang laughed hard as he heard that. He laughed uncontrollably that even tears came out his eyes.

Gap Chonglin's face turned ugly when he saw the man laughed hard. Clearly, without a doubt, the man was looking down on him.

It took Tang Shaoyang sometime before he stopped laughing. He looked at the man in front of him in great interest.

"Are you sure, you are still sane?"

Gap Chonglin's face turned uglier the moment those words came out of Tang Shaoyang's mouth.

"Do you dare to accept my challenge or not?"

Tang Shaoyang shook his head and said, "I am not that stupid enough to accept your challenge. I mean, I got nothing even I win the challenge, "

"Heh… You are afraid of me, " Gao Chonglin snickered in contempt.

Again, shaking his head, "Why would I? Because you are the leader of the strongest party? Also, how do you know you are the strongest party in this base?"

When Tang Shaoyang mentioned the strongest party, a proud look etched on Gao Chonglin's face.

"You can look from our gear, we are the best! Moreover…" Gao Chonglin grinned proudly, "I am someone with the highest level here, Level 25!"


The people around exclaimed admiringly as they looked at Gao Chonglin. It was certainly the newbies who were impressed.

The guy smirked and enjoyed the praises, "There's one more, my talent! My talent is C-Tier Talent!"

Then, he faced Tang Shaoyang with a broad grin, "So… What do you think? Does that make me the strongest?"

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Out of the blue, Tang Shaoyang started to clap his hand.

"Not only you are insane, but you are extremely stupid! Even if I am weaker than you, I will not let you be my Boss, "

"Huh!?" Gao Chonglin was trying to comprehend Tang Shaoyang's words.

He was expecting to be praised or got an admiring look from Tang Shaoyang. But then, insult was what he got.

"Stupid is not enough to describe you, you are hopeless. You just disclosed your information that is supposed to be your secret!"

"Level 25 and C-Tier Talent, what a pity…" Tang Shaoyang shook his head regretfully.

Such a guy would be a useful subordinate. What a pity he challenged him, he could not spare his life.

He had to use this guy as an example. An example of what would happen to them if they challenged him.

So, the moment Gao Chonglin challenged him, his fate was sealed, death was his penalty.

"Good! I am willing to accept your challenge. You alone or your strongest party will also join? I am fine whether you are alone or joining hands with your party!"

Tang Shaoyang accepted the challenge with a grin on his face.

"I am alone is enough!" Gao Chonglin stepped forward with his silver spear.

"Wait! Wait a minute!" Just when the two were ready, a man stepped out of the crowd.

The man looked in his early thirties and he had a dual sword. There was a particular cut scar next to his right eyes, having a messy short hair, and medium build.

Tang Shaoyang turned toward the voice and frowned, "What's wrong? Do you want to challenge me as well?"

"No! No! No!" The man repeated "No!" three times and shook his head vigorously, "Don't joke around, Boss! I still want to live longer!"

"Then, what do you want?"

"Let me fight him, Boss! He's not worthy to be your opponent!" The man tapped his chest reassuringly.

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang did not expect this. He thought the man wanted to take him down as well, but he did not expect the man came for him.

"Who's your name?" The man piqued Tang Shaoyang's interest hence he asked his name.

"Zhao Zhong! You can leave him to me, Boss!" Zhao Zhong rudely pointed his finger tight to Gao Chonglin's face.

"You can't! He's mine!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head.

Zhao Zhong was disappointed with the rejection. He wanted to use this chance to prove his worth to Tang Shaoyang. But things did not go as he expected.

"He's mine, but you can choose one of his party members!"

Zhao Zhong's face immediately brightened up. His goal was to gain his Boss recognition, and he had successfully taken the first step.

"Do you mind, the leader of the strongest party?" Tang Shaoyang asked with sarcasm.

Gao Chonglin was confident in winning and he agreed readily. In fact, he could not wait to fight. He wanted to take this base for him, he wanted to be the Boss.

"I will choose the lewd one! He has been staring at Lady Boss for quite a while. I will dig his eyes out for you, Boss!" Zhao Zhong chose his opponent with a crazed smile plastered on his face.

"Then I will take care of the badly!" Lu An who always silent stepped forward. Even a stranger came up for his Boss, so he did not want to lose. Moreover…

'This is not the first time…'

"Good! Good! Three on three, we will do it as you say!" The lewd guy exclaimed and turned toward Gao Chonglin, "You must kill him and I will take the woman, okay Leader?"

The badly stretched his neck and swung his broadsword a few times for a warm-up.

"Guys, please give them space! Give them space if you don't want to get dragged into the right or get hurt!"

Wei Xi took the initiative to male the biggest space for the six to battle. Under his urging, the people make a space, leaving only six people in the center of the crowd.

At this point, almost all people in the base gathered at the entrance. They came to watch the fight.

"Let's start!" The lewd guy took the initiative to strike first. A longsword, it was his weapon.

He slashed downward to Zhao Zhong's head. Such a straight forward attack was easily blocked by Zhao Zhong's dual swords. He was not a zombie, after all.


The two weapons collided, causing a clanking sound. Zhao Zhong pushed away from the longsword and did a spin kick.


His kick landed right at the lewd guy's belly. Zhao Zhong frowned as he felt something fishy.

'This guy is too weak for someone above level 20…'

Yes, he was just doing a counter-attack to probe his opponent. But the lewd guy could not even avoid such a simple kick.

'Is this a trap?' Zhao Zhong hesitated for a moment.

From the gear these people got, they were truly not a newbie.

'Let's wait longer…'

The lewd guy staggered a few steps back as pain transmitted from his belly. He clutched his belly in pain as his face turned ugly from embarrassment.

"You c*nt!" The lewd guy charged forward angrily. He swung his sword again.

'Ah… I see… I see… He's definitely not a newbie, but a noob!'

Looking at the lewd guy charged him blindly, Zhao Zhong came into a realization. This guy was a noob, thinking of killing the zombies and human were the same.

He raised his left hand and blocked the incoming sword.


Right after that, Zhao Zhong made a slash motion to the lewd guy's thigh.


The fancy armor the lewd guy had did not cover his thigh.


Just as Zhao Zhong guessed, the lewd guy was a noob despite his high level. The guy dropped his sword and clutched on his wound as he shrieked on the floor.

"I won!" With that, Zhao Zhong kicked the lewd guy on the forehead.


The shriek stopped instantly as the lewd guy passed out.

Just as he wanted to show off in front of Tang Shaoyang, the other side had just started the battle.

Gao Chonglin rushed toward Tang Shaoyang and thrust his spear toward the chest.


Tang Shaoyang easily deflected the incoming spear with an upward swing of his battle-ax. Even Gao Chonglin staggered a few steps back from the impact.

He immediately raised his head, intending to launch another attack. However, what greeted him was the pointy tip of the flying battle-ax. Yes, the battle-ax shot toward him


The battle-ax pierced Gao Chonglin's head and pinned the body down. Instant death was guaranteed. The guy had his eyes opened wide in his death. From his expression, he could not believe he would be dead.

As for Lu An and the baldy, the fight also ended in a flash. The young Lu An did not underestimate his enemy as he combined [Dash] and [Fatal Strike]. It was an overkill.

The baldy's head severed and rolled on the ground. It generated a pool of blood.

Zhao Zhong was stupefied with the sight. Even Lu An who was a few years younger was even more ruthless than him.

The battle was over as soon as it started. An eerie silence followed afterward as the people who watched the fight paled at the gruesome scene.

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