49 Tarrior - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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49 Tarrior - Part 1

"Hiii!!!" Few people were shrieking in fear at the sight of the gruesome scene. The shriek livens up the atmosphere.

Tao Ming, the fourth member of the strongest party was frightened as he witnessed all his friends killed.

His body shook and his hand trembled fiercely. Sweat soaked his back and his face. He felt his energy drained from his body.

'I have to leave now! I have to leave now!' Tao Ming thought about leaving. He did not want to get killed.

As for why he was afraid, it was because challenging Tang Shaoyang was his idea. After gaining levels smoothly, he thought they could take the base forcefully from the current Boss.

It took him a week to persuade Gao Chonglin. The guy was afraid at first but under his persuasion and the lewd guy's encouragement. Gao Chonglin took the bait and agreed to challenge Tang Shaoyang.

Tao Ming thought they would be the Boss and they could do anything they wanted to. Women, food, and drinks, everything.

But he overlooked something, Tang Shaoyang insane strength. He thought the difference would not be that big and they could win if it was four against one.

Everything failed and he had to leave the base now. If Tang Shaoyang found out it was his idea to take the base. He would be dead for sure.

Just as he wanted to leave the crowd, Tang Shaoyang's voice rang.

"Hey, you! Stop there!" Tang Shaoyang pointed to Tao Ming.

The latter had his eyes widened in fear. Without a second thought, he turned around. He wanted to escape, but the place was crowded, making Tao Ming harder to escape.

"I will bring him to you, Boss!" Zhao Zhong said while hitting his chest. Just as he wanted to chase the guy, Lu An made his move.

The young Lu An was much faster than Zhao Zhong. In no time, Lu An caught the guy and dragged him to Tang Shaoyang.

Tao Ming did not resist. As soon as he was thrown in front of Heero, he kowtowed, "I am sorry, Boss! Please don't kill me! I promise this is the last time. Please don't…"

Tao Ming's voice stopped abruptly as Tang Shaoyang swung his battle-ax at the guy's neck.

The guy had admitted his deeds, so he delivered the punishment.

Even Zhao Zhong flinched and took a few steps back. Zhang Mengyao was paled at Tang Shaoyang's ruthless action. This was her first time to see Tang Shaoyang's ruthless side.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang turned around to the people who surrounded him. Even after killing two people, he was still grinning.

"I am accepting your challenge anytime! I am giving you all a chance to replace me to be the Boss! The strong rules the land and the weak follow the strong! But…"

"You have to pay an equal price in order to challenge me!"

Tang Shaoyang then showed the four cold bodies to the people and continued.

"This is the price you have to pay when you fail in the challenge! If you killed me, you will get the reward, the advanced base!"

"I doubt that any of you can win me though!" He grinned ear to ear and turned around.

He circled his hand on Zhang Mengyao's waist and pulled her into the base. The girl was still shocked, but it was just a matter of time for her to witness such a scene.

After all, the main obstacle to establishing his dreamed empire was still the people, not the beast or the zombies. Getting used to killing each other sooner might be bringing an advantage to her.

Lu An and Zhao Zhong followed closely behind.

"Do you have to kill him?" Zhang Mengyao asked in a low voice.

"Yes, I have to! This is how chaotic the base is. If I spare his life, later more people will be coming to me and challenge me! After all, they have nothing to lose and will get something big if they win!"

"I can't let such a thing happen in my base. Moreover, you have to get used to such a thing, as more people would come toward us to prevent our Empire from growing big!"

Tang Shaoyang got closer to her ear and whispered, "Our main obstacle is human, not the beast or the zombie!"

After all, not only Tang Shaoyang who had an idea to be an emperor or a leader of a big faction. More people will establish their faction and war between people was inevitable.

"So Dear~ please set the military system before more people join our Empire. With proper rules and systems, I don't need to kill everyone who does a foolish thing. We can punish them based on the systems instead!"

"Mnnn, I will come up with the basics of the military system by tonight, but I need more people to set the rules for the base!" Zhang Mengyao nodded her head.

Even though the way he did it was hard to accept or more likely she was slow in adapting to the current world. What Tang Shaoyang did was understandable in a way.

There was no law protecting the people, there was no police who would protect the people or even catch the murderer. In such a fallen world, only the strong dictate the people.

So setting the order was a must to set a proper empire. Tang Shaoyang also did not want to mindlessly kill the people. His aim was an empire with him as the emperor.

"You can talk about that to Li Na. She has all the data and maybe you can find a few useful ones to help you!" Tang Shaoyang nodded and directed her to Li Na.

She worked as the clerk, making all the records for the newcomer. Such as name and occupation before the world turned upside down.

When they reached the counter in the lobby, Tang Shaoyang introduced Zhang Mengyao to Li Na who was currently talking with the other two cute girls. The two girls were helping Li Na with her works under his consent.

"She's Li Na. You can ask anything you need to her!"

Zhang Mengyao nodded and introduced herself, "Hello, I am Zhang Mengyao, "

"Hello~ I am Li Na, " Li Na's eyes darted around Zhang Mengyao and Tang Shaoyang.

Both looked intimate and it was no longer a secret that Zhang Mengyao was the third person after Lu An who had access to the Boss' floor. She was Tang Shaoyang's woman.

Li Na looked at the face down to Zhang Mengyao's voluptuous body. She was superior in any way, her charm also had matured.

The thing she had was the fact she was younger.

With a complex look plastered on her face, Li Na spoke, "If you need anything, you can come to me~, "

"I will!" Zhang Mengyao nodded.

Tang Shaoyang tossed his backpack to Zhao Zhong.

"Get this thing to the kitchen and wait for my call tomorrow!"

Zhao Zhong stood up for him before, so the guy would be rewarded. Carrot and stick principle, it was the way he worked.

Zhao Zhong also grinned after hearing that.

"I am going up…" Tang Shaoyang whispered to Zhang Mengyao, "I can't hold it any longer…"

After that, he headed toward the elevator, leaving the blushing Zhang Mengyao. She was still shy as he talked about it before many people.

Inside the elevator

"Anything special during my absence?" Tang Shaoyang asked Origin.

"Nothing special, but I have a few candidates with potential!"

"Mnn… Give the list to Mengyao later, she will decide everything!" He appointed the girl as his empire commander hence he gave her his trust, fully.

As soon as he entered his room, Tang Shaoyang headed to the bathroom. He was missing a hot bath.

He washed his body with a shower and entered the small pool filled with hot water.

After ten minutes of relaxing, he heard the door was opened. Only Zhang Mengyao had access to his room.

He stood up and rushed to the door. The moment Mengyao was about to pass the door, he pulled her in.

The girls could not even scream as her mouth was blocked by Tang Shaoyang's. Noticing it was her man, Zhang Mengyao closed her eyes and returned the kiss.

In no time, all the clothes were gone and after five minutes of foreplay, the bathroom was filled by Zhang Mengyao's blissful moan.


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