50 Tarrior - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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50 Tarrior - Part 2

"Tarrior!? What's that?" Zhang Mengyao blinked her eyes at Tang Shaoyang.

"Yeah, you say we should start with the basics which is the ranks and name. The Tang Empire Army will be named Tarrior!" Tang Shaoyang answered truthfully.

"I mean why Tarrior?"

"Tang Warrior in short Tarrior. It sounds awkward for the first time, but when my empire grows, people would only look in awe each time Tarrior is mentioned!"

He preferred simplicity rather than complexity hence he named his army Tarrior.

"Starting with the new recruit, for now, let's go with this! Origin! Show her!"


Tang Empire Military Rank


[Recruit] [Tarrior] [Grand Tarrior] [Master Tarrior] [Grandmaster Tarrior] [Ace Tarrior]


[Squad Captain] [Captain] [Field Commander] [Legion Commander] [Marshal] [Supreme General]


Zhang Mengyao read the list and then glanced at her man. It seemed he had prepared everything, the name of course.

The ranks sounded like a military rank in a fantasy world to her.

'But the world has turned into a fantasy world, I guess… but still…'

Just like Tang Shaoyang said, it was so awkward to mention it.

"But are you sure about this?" Zhang Mengyao wanted to confirm it with Tang Shaoyang.

"Mnnn… I actually want to add two more ranks, it's too little if I have to compare with the military rank in the past…"

"No, it's not that! I mean the name, are you sure about it?"

"Yes, of course! What's wrong, something wrong with the name?" Tang Shaoyang straightened up his back and looked at the naked Zhang Mengyao who sat cross-legged on the opposite.

"No, the name's good!" The girl nodded her head and stretched her hands out. She immediately agreed because of Origin.

Yes, Origin spoke directly into her head, "Just accept the name, he has thought hard about the name. Three days! He came up with those names in three days. Just accept it, it's just a name anyway, what the matter is the system!"

Zhang Mengyao could not help but agree with Origin. It was just a name and he had thought it hard to come up with such a name.

"Good, we will start to enlist the warrior tomorrow. You will be the Supreme General while Lu An will be the Vice Supreme General! So, what's your plan after we get the people?" He wanted to hear the concrete plan.

"Wait! How are you going to recruit people? You need to put the condition, we will not recruit just anybody. The requirement, like the level, talent, age, etc. Because this is an early establishment, we can do a quick interview as well to know more about our new recruit!"

Zhang Mengyao immediately voiced her concerns.

"Moreover, we have to give them the benefit of joining the army or even a special privilege. What about the officer? What's the requirement to be an officer? We have prepared all of that before we start recruiting!"

"Oh, I have a name for our first officer… No, two, in fact, I have two candidates to fill the Captain position. Give Zhao Zhong a spot for Squad Captain and let Wei Xi have a spot for Captain!"

Tang Shaoyang gave two names for the candidates of two different positions.

"I can take care of that. First, let's set the wage, other benefits, and the promotion for the warrior…"

Zhang Mengyao continued the discussion. Tang Shaoyang thought it would not be complicated when Zhang Mengyao joined. It was not as simple as it seemed.

It took them a whole night to set the things they needed for enlisting.

The next morning, the lobby was crowded. Many people gathered in one spot, the counter. Two announcements posted there by Origin. Two announcements were about recruitment.


–Tang Empire's enlisting


Level 10

Below 40 years old

Combat-related Talent


Past the interview


Free lodging and food

A fixed wage in Game Coin

20% off purchase at Shop

Note: Only Accept 200 people



–Tang Empire's Recruiting

–Looking for:

–Management work


Management related experience


At least 25 years old

Past the interview


Free lodging and food

A fixed waged in Game Coin

Note: Only accept 20 people


The enlisting and the recruitment notice surely surprised the people.

Li Na and her two clerk helpers were overwhelmed by the question.


Something like hard steel was slammed to the floor. The sudden noise startled the crowd and everyone looked at the noise direction.

Wei Xi stood there with a solemn look on his face. The people attracted to the noise and Wei Xi walked toward the crowd.

He walked around and stood behind the counter.

"All of your questions will be answered during the interview! If you are interested in enlisting or recruiting, you can register at the counter! If you later find the contract or pay does not suit you, you have a choice not to take the job! That is it for now, register if you are interested and leave if you are not!"

After his words were out, the crowd fell silent for a moment before it burst out with noise again. Many people were speaking at the same time, it caused a chaotic situation on the counter.


Wei Xi slammed his spear down once again and shouted, "Silence!"

"Make a line and register properly! Zhao Zhong, watch them! Boss has given us permission to hit them if they don't listen to us!"

"Yes!" Zhao Zhong came forward. His dual swords hung on his waist.

Wei Xi thought there would be resistance, but the people immediately made a proper line as soon as his order was out.

'It seems last night's incident left a deep impression on them!'

Indeed, if he was not saved by Tang Shaoyang from his beforehand boss, he would be terrified as well.

*** ***

Meanwhile, as the enlisting and the recruitment were progressing, Tang Shaoyang brought Zhang Mengyao to a place. The place where they first met.

Of course, he was not bringing her there to reminisce about the past. It was for grinding the level.

He, Lu An, Zhang Mengyao, Cao Jingyi, and Zhang Mengyao's five subordinates were heading to this place for cleaning, the stage 2 zombie.

At that time, Zhang Mengyao and her subordinates were chased by a group of stage 2 zombies. The fact the place had a group of Stage 2 zombies was unusual.

They came to investigate and clean the place.

"This is the place, right?" Tang Shaoyang slowed down the car as he looked at the surroundings.

The car behind them also slowed down.

Lu An was clueless about the place, so he let the couple do the talking.

"This should be the right… Ah, there! Those were our military jeeps!" Zhang Mengyao pointed at two wrecked jeeps ahead of them.

Tang Shaoyang stepped on the gas and stopped the car next to the wrecked jeep. The military jeep was destroyed beyond recognition.

They came out of the car and stood in front of the wrecked jeep.

Tang Shaoyang closed his eyes as his mind pictured out stage 3 zombie Crusher smashed the jeep.

Out of sudden, hands shot out from the wrecked jeep. Two long and bloody hands were trying to grasp Tang Shaoyang's neck.

"Watch out!" Zhang Mengyao alarmed at the sight. She drew her sword out, but Lu An was much faster than her.


Lu An slashed down his sword and cut the two hands.

Tang Shaoyang acted out as his hand caught the hand and pulled the creature out of the wrecked jeep.

Bam! Bam!

Tang Shaoyang swung his battle-ax and cut the creature's leg. Afterward, he tossed the limbless creature back. It was stage 2 zombie Crawler.

"Kill it!"

Cao Jingyi and Zhang Mengyao's five subordinates were surprised by how easy Heero and Lu An handled the stage 2 zombie.

A normal zombie could not be found around, but stage 2 zombie popped out.

"This place is unusual…" Tang Shaoyang muttered.


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