53 A Man Against The Horde
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Author :HotIce
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53 A Man Against The Horde

Wei Xi, Cao Jingyi, and Zhao Zhong were waiting at the end of the bridge. Based on Tang Shaoyang's instructions, they were to stay here to secure the retreat.

"Berserk from Youyouliucun District? What's that?" Wei Xi asked Zhao Zhong, he heard the conversation earlier and got curious.

"Huh, you don't know Berserk from Youyouliucun? He's an urban legend back then, " Zhao Zhong said in admiration.

"Huh!?" The couple looked at each other, wondering if there was really such a legend back then.

"Youyouliucun? Youyouliucun North District?" Cao Jingyi recalled there was a truly such hearing.

"So he was just a thug who controlled the Youyouliucun Northern District?"

"Haha…" Zhao Zhong laughed at Cao Jingyi's remark. She was talking as if Tang Shaoyang was just a common thug.

"Even back then, people in the underworld would tremble in fear when they heard that name. He is not just a normal thug!"

The couple did not understand where the Zhao Zhong's admiration came from, but they got to know Tang Shaoyang's background.

Their Boss was just a fierce thug.

"That was your guts!? Trusting your life to a street thug!" Cao Jingyi scolded her husband in a low voice.

*** ***

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang was rushing forward fearlessly with Destroyer in his right hand.

Soon, the zombie horde came into his sight. Not only he was not afraid, but a glint of excitement also flashed in his eyes.

The zombies also noticed Tang Shaoyang. The whole horde was excited and picked up their pace. A zombie horde against one man clashed.


In one swing of Destroyer, dozens of zombies butchered into pieces. In the second swing, another dozen zombies cut into pieces.

Within two moves, a huge chunk of the horde's frontline vanished. As soon as the unidentified human entered their formation, the zombies circled the human and stopped advancing.

Just like that, Tang Shaoyang continued butchering the stage 1 zombies. In his fourth swing, stage 2 zombie, Crawler leaped toward through the air.

"Huh, you finally appeared…" Tang Shaoyang ducked his body down, avoiding the crawler's long arms.

When the crawler was on top of his head, he stood up and caught the crawler's neck.


He slammed the crawler down and pulled his neck out. With his current raw strength, he managed to pull the head off. The spine was pulled off and the innards scattered around on the ground.


Again, with a swing of his battle-ax, the surrounding zombies were cleaned up.

Despite the zombie numbers, the battle was not that tough to Tang Shaoyang.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Five Crawlers slipped into the throng of the zombies before they pounced toward Tang Shaoyang. They came from five different directions.

"What a nostalgic scene…" Tang Shaoyang muttered as he was often getting attacked with such a tactic. The only difference was now his opponent was a zombie.

He did not wait for the Crawler to reach him. But he rushed to one Crawler and sent his Destroyer to descend at the Crawler he rushed to.


The crawler's body split into two. He did not stop there as he chased after the remaining Crawlers.

Stage 2 Zombie was an easy target for the current Tang Shaoyang.

"Hahaha…" A man laughed maniacally amidst the zombie horde while swinging the huge battle-ax.

He pushed through the horde while swinging his battle-ax continuously. He stopped until he met stage 3 zombie Crusher. Not only one, but five of them.

[Spirit Integration]

As Zaneos reminded him not to use [Spirit Integration] with him, Tang Shaoyang summoned Karan.

—Yahooo… Another great battle! I love it!

Again, Karan was excited when he integrated with Tang Shaoyang.

As his enemy was stage 3 zombie, he did not underestimate them. He used his skill right away.

[Wild Axes]

He raised his hand as translucent green gas formed an ax shape. Then, he threw the ax toward one of the Crushers, aiming right at the head.


The Crusher's face was cut into pieces by the flying axes. Blood splashed everywhere as the giant body collapsed, crushing a few smaller zombies.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

The grin on Tang Shaoyang turned wider when the robotic voice rang in his head. The warm current passed through all his body, washing away the exhaustion on his body.

[War Cry]


[War Cry activated, boosting your attribute by 20% for five minutes]

The zombies in radius fifty meters swayed after the ear-shattering cry resounded. Even the remaining four Crushers also lost their balance.

Within such a condition, the four Crushers became an easy target for Tang Shaoyang. He decapitated the four Crushers in a flash.

"Hahaha… Horde or not, you walking idiots are not this Emperor's match!"

The man pushed his way through the horde unhindered. But then, Tang Shaoyang witnessed the strange movement within the horde.

Stage 1 zombies ignored him and kept advancing forward. They were no longer swarmed toward him like before. Even the stage 2 and stage 3 zombies did not attack him anymore.

Tang Shaoyang ceased his rampage and stood there motionless. He wanted to confirm his guess.

Sure enough, the zombies merely passed by him. Even though he just stood there, they did not attack him.

"As expected, the zombies are being controlled…" Tang Shaoyang muttered.

The one who controlled the zombies realized these zombies could not defeat him instead he was being an obstacle, slowing down the horde's advance.

That being then commanded the zombies to ignore him and continued marching to their destination. Most likely it was what happened.

"This is more troublesome than I thought! I can't slow them anymore. The only thing I can do is to reduce their number as much as possible!"

With those thoughts in his mind, Tang Shaoyang continued his rampage. But he deactivated his [Spirit Integration]. The skill was taking quite a toll on his body, after all.

While Tang Shaoyang continued his rampage in the center of the horde, the zombie horse already passed through half of the bridge.

Wei Xi, Cao Jingyi, and Zhao Zhong saw the incoming zombie horde.

Looking at the number, the three simultaneously swallowed up mouthful saliva. It was just too many.

"Wait, where is he? Where is Tang Shaoyang!?" Cao Jingyi was quite fast with the uptake, she noticed the missing Tang Shaoyang immediately.

Only then the two men realized Tang Shaoyang was nowhere to be seen. An intense silence shrouded the three.

"Don't tell me, he…"


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