55 Battling Against The Horde - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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55 Battling Against The Horde - Part 2

Tang Shaoyang did not know how stage 2 zombies ambushed them from behind. But it was not the time to think about that. He had to save his people.


He rushed to the incoming second wave of the zombie horde.

"Stick to me! Stick to me!" Tang Shaoyang yelled to the terrified people.

Hearing the yell, the remaining people immediately rushed to the Boss.

'They come from the back, there are many possibilities for this and most likely, all stage zombies grouped into one and swarmed a road! It means one of the main teams have fallen, '

This was one of the possibilities that were logical to Zhang Mengyao. If it was what truly happened, then there was truly something that commanded the horde.

"Shaoyang was right, something is controlling the horde…"

Zhang Mengyao shook her head and chased after Tang Shaoyang.

'If one of the main teams have fallen, then the base is in danger. We have to hurry to get back!'

The main road to the base was open to the horde. And the people who stayed in the base were people who could not fight. Most of them were elderly and children.

"We have to get back to the base!" Zhang Mengyao urged Tang Shaoyang.

"I know but before that, we have to save the other teams first!"

Tang Shaoyang prioritized the other teams that might be in danger. Zhang Mengyao agreed to that.

Almost all archers die during the ambush, a few of them managed to save themselves. From forty, the team now only left with eighteen people.

"Follow me! Don't stop and move your ass faster!!!"


The eighteen people clashed against dozens of stage 2 zombies.

Tang Shaoyang swung his battle-ax horizontally, sweeping the Crawlers who blocked his path.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

Despite the level-up notification, Tang Shaoyang was not happy in the slightest. He swung his battle-ax again, pushing his way through the horde.

"Help!" A man's scream resounded from his back. A man was caught by a Crawler.

However, Tang Shaoyang did not stop to help. Instead, he picked up his pace. If he stopped, he might save the man, but the whole would be in danger.

At this state, only Zhang Mengyao was concerned. She wanted to save the man, but when she turned her head, more Crawlers had swarmed to the man.

She gritted and picked her pace to follow Tang Shaoyang. She understood the decision behind Tang Shaoyang's action. But the cold-blooded side of him made her uncomfortable.

'If it was me, would he save me?'

But then, she immediately shook her head, shaking away such a useless thought.

Thanks to Tang Shaoyang's lead, the team broke out of the road and reached the main road. But what was waiting for them was another horde of stage 2 zombies.

By the time they were out, the team was left with sixteen people.

Tang Shaoyang immediately led the team to the next road. They pushed through their way to the horde and immediately met with another team.

A team under the lead of Wei Xi and Cao Jingyi. They fought against the massive stage 2 zombies desperately with ten people left.

"Follow me!" Tang Shaoyang yelled at them as he swept the zombies with his Destroyer.

The two teams united, making it twenty-six survivors. They broke through the horde and went to another road.

The team under Zhao Zhong's lead was doing better even compared to Tang Shaoyang's team. Twenty-seven were still alive.

Fifty-three people survived from the second wave. Just like that, the group continued to save the other teams.

In the next twenty minutes, Tang Shaoyang saved all teams. After the disastrous ambush, the team was left with a hundred and nine people. One team got totally wiped out, and as Zhang Mengyao predicted, all stage 2 zombies swarmed to one road hence her team only faced stage 1 zombies.

With a hundred and nine people, Tang Shaoyang pushed through the way to the base. The base was their last defense line.

However, by now, Tang Shaoyang noticed many people were exhausted. After hours of battle, it was natural for them to get exhausted. They were at their limit.

"Zhang Mengyao! Wei Xi! Zhao Zhong! Tao He! Qin Shoushan! Go lead the group!"

After he instructed five people to lead the group, Tang Shaoyang slowed his pace and stayed at the back.

The bloody and exhausting escape continued. With Tang Shaoyang staying on the back, many were saved by him.

Twenty minutes, it took the group twenty minutes to reach the base.

The people who stayed behind in the base were shocked when they saw the combatant group was being chased by the horde of stage 2 zombies.

"Enter the base! Enter the base!" Zhang Mengyao shouted to the people who stayed outside.

In fact, there was no need for Zhang Mengyao to yell. They were terrified by the sight of the horde. They immediately ran back to the base in their own will.

The lobby was in chaos as people tried to get upstairs. They rushed to the emergency stairs.

However, Tang Shaoyang never planned to continue the battle inside the base. As soon as they reached the entrance, he stopped and turned around.

"Whoever can still fight! Stay at the entrance and battle with me!" He shouted to the group.

At his yell, Zhang Mengyao, Tao He, Wei Xi, Qin Shoushan, and Zhao Zhong made a sudden turn. The five people immediately created a barrier at the entrance.

Cao Jingyi perceived Tang Shaoyang's plan. She stopped running and shouted, "Archer! Stick with me!"

Ten people immediately came over and they headed toward the entrance. Six people in the front and eleven people acted as support from behind. A new formation formed at the entrance, the second round of battle ensued at the base's entrance.

Dai Wenqian and Fu Dandan, Zhang Mengyao's former subordinates in the military, were quite fast with the uptake. They immediately organized another group to support the frontline.

A new formation formed, thirty people created a barrier in the front while another twenty-five people supported the frontline by shooting the zombies.

The advantage of the base was the zombies could not forcefully break the base to enter the Smart Base. They had to enter through the entrance.

The wall could not be destroyed and the entrance was the only way to enter. Tang Shaoyang used this advantage as the last defense line.

Twenty minutes passed, there was no sign the number of the zombies were reduced. They kept coming toward the base. By this time, the early fifty who got twenty minutes of rest joined the fray.

Just as they saw hope, a zombie that was about 2.5 meters came to their sight. Not only one, but dozens of them. The giants were followed by dozens of Crawlers.

These Crawlers were different from normal crawlers. They had eight limbs and longer than usual.

There was no need to use [Basic Detection], they could tell these zombies were stage 3 zombies. Finally, stage 3 zombies appeared.


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