56 Zombie Lord and Zombie Warrior
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Author :HotIce
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56 Zombie Lord and Zombie Warrior

At the sight of stage 3 zombies, the people who had seen a hope early despaired. Stage 2 zombies were pressuring them hard, now it was massive stage 3 zombies.

They lost their spirit and will to continue the battle. It was natural. When you knew you would lose the battle regardless of how hard you tried, your morale would just drop.

But of course, there was an exception amongst the group. Tang Shaoyang, his eyes were burning in fighting spirit. He would never admit his defeat as long as he was still breathing.

He was ready to use [Spirit Integration] and took all stage 3 zombies alone. He still saw the hope to win.

Zhang Mengyao seemed to be able to read Tang Shaoyang's mind.

"I will have your back!" She was getting closer to Tang Shaoyang, ready to follow him at any moment.

Tang Shaoyang nodded and just as he was about to activate [Spirit Integration], one Crawler. No, an upper body of a crawler fell right before him.


Yes, only the upper body. It was squirming on the ground, tried to reach Tang Shaoyang's feet.

But before it could reach the feet, a huge figure fell right on top of the crawler.


A five meters tall figure crushed the crawler. Not long after that, more and more giants landed in front of Tang Shaoyang.


The people behind Tang Shaoyang were frightened by the sudden giant appearance. They took a few steps back, a few fell on their butt, and the remaining were running inside to the base.

Cao Jingyi despaired and regret filled her eyes. She regretted that she failed to convince her husband to leave with her. She did not blame Wei Xi for his choice.

"At least, even if we die, we will die together…" she muttered under her breath.

The others were the same as Cao Jingyi. They regretted choosing to stay at the base. They despaired, they were doomed to die today.

The zombie horde was still there, yet now giant apes came for them. Yes, it was a group of giant apes.

But then, what happened next shocked everyone. The demonic ape in the front suddenly knelt to Tang Shaoyang and followed by the silver apes behind.

"Your Majesty!"

The group of giant apes called their Boss with "Your Majesty!". It was natural for them to feel shocked. They failed to comprehend what actually happened before their eyes.

After that, a figure hopped down from the Demonic Ape's back. A petite figure and he was holding a sword in his right hand. To their surprise, it was Lu An who came down off the Demonic Ape's back.

Lu An's body was covered in blood. From his hair to his toe, all covered in red blood. Not much different compared to Tang Shaoyang.

That was right, they were the reinforcement, Tang Empire's first vassal, the Fogged Ape Tribe. The demonic ape was Pride.

"You have come! Now it's not the time for useless formality! Follow me to the battle!"


Tang Shaoyang rushed to the zombie horde with his battle-ax. With the reinforcement, it was time to turn the tide of the battle.

Pride and Lu An followed closely behind Tang Shaoyang. Rushing toward the overwhelming zombie horde.

The surviving people were looking at the battle, dumbfounded. They failed to comprehend what actually happened. Why was a group of giant apes submissive to Tang Shaoyang?

From the build, Demonic Ape, Pride looked stronger and not less intimidating compared to Tang Shaoyang. Then why?

The third round of battle commenced. They looked at the battlefield in a daze. Stage 2 zombie was nothing to the giant ape while stage 3 gave the apes a fierce battle.

The flow of the battle favored their side with the reinforcement.

After a momentary silence, Wei Xi broke the silence with his question.

"W-who are they?" He stuttered a little to utter that question.

Amongst the group, only Zhang Mengyao who remained calm and collected. Now, she was smiling happily in fact.

"They are the Fogged Ape Tribe, the Tang Empire's first vassal!" Zhang Mengyao replied proudly.

Her answer stunned the others, the first time since the ancient time they heard a thing called a vassal. Moreover, the vassal was quite unique, a tribe of apes.

"A… a vassal?" Zhao Zhong muttered unbelievably. But then, his eyes were gleaming in excitement. He did not choose the wrong path, he did not choose the wrong man to follow.

"All right! It's not time to be in a daze! Get your ass ready! We are going to support them!" Zhang Mengyao yelled, organizing the team to join the third round of the battle.

With the help of fogged apes, the tide of the battle changed. Under Tang Shaoyang's lead, the zombie horde was getting pushed back.

Stage 2 zombies stood no chance in front of the fogged ape. The zombies were torn by the fogged apes.

In an hour of a long battle, the zombie horde out of sudden ceased their assault. They stopped attacking and made a distance from Tang Shaoyang's group.

Afraid it might be a trap, Tang Shaoyang also ordered his men to stop chasing after the zombies.

The horde ceased their movement and Tang Shaoyang too. The two groups were separated by thirty meters.

Then, the zombie horde was separated, creating a ten meters wide path.

Not long after that, a group of zombies emerged from the path. The group comprised ten zombies, four of six meters tall zombie, five of Crawlers with six arms, and a two meters tall zombie who led the group.

What was surprising Tang Shaoyang was that the giant zombies had armor covering their certain parts of the body and a helmet covered their heads.

The same for the six-armed zombie, it had certain parts of its body covered by armor and also a helmet to protect its head.

All of them were also armed with weapons. The giant zombies armed with a big maze while the six-armed zombies were holding spears, six arms, and six spears.

The weirdest amongst the group, it was the zombie leader. It did not wear any armor, but a suit. Yes, the zombie who led the group was wearing a black suit.


[Zombie - Crusher]

Affiliation: Dark Lord

Evolution: Stage 4

Class: Zombie Warrior



[Zombie - Crawler]

Affiliation: Dark Lord

Evolution: Stage 4

Class: Zombie Warrior




[Zombie - Witter]

Affiliation: Dark Lord

Evolution: Stage 5

Class: Zombie Lord



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