60 Locating Zombie Lord
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Author :HotIce
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60 Locating Zombie Lord

20 hours since the battle against the second zombie horde commenced. Tang Shaoyang had his people retreat from the battle and regroup in empty space.

His people included the Fogged Ape Tribe. Even after a long battle, the number of zombies was still a lot. The estimation of the number of zombies was triple or even quadruple compared to the first horde.

They tried to search the Zombie Lord but to no avail. The long battle continued until finally, Tang Shaoyang decided to retreat. He could still continue the unending battle but not for his people.

They were exhausted, even the vigorous ape was exhausted after the long battle.

"We can't continue the battle just like that!" Tang Shaoyang turned toward Pride, "The number of the zombies we face is much more than before! Also…"

Pride met with his Master's gaze.

"We will change our tactic! We will be entering the fogged park and starting a new round of battle there!"

"Uh!? Why?" Pride could not understand the decision at all. He thought they were doing fine. If they rushed to the Fogged Land, they would be defensive.

"Haven't you realized it yet?" Tang Shaoyang questioned Pride.

"Huh!?" The Demonic Ape truly did not understand.

"Huh…" He sighed and pointed at the other apes behind Pride, "Look at your kind!"

Pride looked back, still clueless what his Master talked about.

Tang Shaoyang was left speechless as Pride had not realized it yet.

"You number! Look at your people! Many of them have fallen in the battle!"

"What's wrong with that? It's an honor for a warrior to die on a battlefield!" Pride hit his chest twice proudly.

"Stupid! If they can survive it's much better than dying on the battlefield! We are not fighting against the time, we can take our time, using your advantage to fight them defensively!"

If it was Fogged Land, the Fogged Ape Tribe had a high rate of survivability. It was their domain and they had a big advantage there.

"But what about our people? The Fogged Land put us at a big disadvantage, " Zhang Mengyao raised her hand.

Yes, the fogged park might give the ape a big advantage, but it would give the opposite effect for them as their vision would be limited because of the fog.

Moreover, the zombie could still move freely under the fog. The zombie could locate their enemy with their sharp hearing as zombies were attracted by the noise.

"We have a different task! Our task is not to confront the zombies head-on but to search the zombie lord! After we locate the zombie lord, then we will face them together!" Tang Shaoyang tapped Pride's big arm and stood in front of the big guy.

"I know you are a great warrior, getting into a defensive position doesn't mean your tribe is a coward! Remember your position, you are their leader and this war! You win if your tribe survives! You lost even if you destroyed your enemy while all your people are dying!"

Pride looked at Tang Shaoyang into the eyes. Then he realized what Tang Shaoyang was true. If he lost all his people in the battle, it was not a victory even if he defeated his enemy.

"I know!" Pride nodded

"Good if you understand. Get enough, we will start to move in half an hour!"

After that, Tang Shaoyang turned around and faced his people, "It's time to switch! You guys go back and call the first team here! I will be waiting for half an hour here!"

They nodded and left the gathering place, leaving four girls behind. Zhang Mengyao, Fu Dandan, Dai Wenqian, and Li Na.

"What are you doing? Go back!" Tang Shaoyang ordered the four girls.

"No! I will stay until the battle is over!" Zhang Mengyao replied firmly.

"Nope! This is an order! You go back now!" Unfortunately, Tang Shaoyang was even firmer with his decision.


"I order you to go back, Zhang Mengyao! If you are worried about them, Lu An will replace your position during your absence! Go back now!"

Zhang Mengyao had been staying on the battlefield for almost two days including the beforehand battle. Her body might not be exhausted, but he believed she was mentally exhausted hence Tang Shaoyang commanded her to go back.

"Moreover, you have something more important to do, right?" Added Tang Shaoyang.

She had reached Level 31, it was time for her to get a class to upgrade her strength.

Zhang Mengyao gritted her teeth and met with Tang Shaoyang's gaze, "What about you?"

Tang Shaoyang himself had not gone to rest yet, she was worried about him.

"And about your promise?" She was talking about yesterday's promise. He promised her to fight together.

"Stupid woman! I never say to break the promise! This is not our last battle and I am much stronger than you! You know about it!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head with a wry smile.

He approached the girl and gave her a hug.

"Go back, okay? I don't want to lose you…" Tang Shaoyang whispered with a magnetic voice.

Subconsciously, Zhang Mengyao nodded her head obediently. She could not refuse him somehow.

She broke free from Tang Shaoyang's embrace with a reddened cheek.

"Be careful…" After that, Zhang Mengyao delivered a kiss to his cheek and left. Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian also followed Zhang Mengyao, leaving Li Na.

"What about you girl? Why don't you go back too?"

"No, I want to stay. I can hold another ten hours battle and will switch in the next wave!" Li Na replied with a stronger determination.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised at the girl's firm reply. He scanned the girl's expression and found she was truly not someone that looked exhausted.

He looked at the girl's body, her armor was still intact and clean. Understandably as she was an archer, Tang Shaoyang could see dried blood at her sheathless short sword, indicating she also fought in close combat.

In the end, Tang Shaoyang relented at the girl's request.

"Good, you can stay! Get good rest, we will start our next movement in half an hour!"

Li Na nodded in response and found a comfortable place to stay. Tang Shaoyang also chose a corner to get a nap.

Half an hour later, Lu An, Wei Xi, and Qin Shoushan came with the switch team. It was the team that got the rest ten hours earlier. Now they came back with a fresh complexion.

As soon as the group came, Tang Shaoyang woke up and briefed the plan.

"... We are going to search for the Zombie Lord. All of you had seen the Zombie Lord's appearance, so Immediately regroup after you find the Zombie Lord or the Zombie Warrior!"

After that, fifty-five people split into five groups, Tang Shaoyang himself led one group this time. Li Na immediately slipped herself to Tang Shaoyang's team.

"Good! Let's depart!"

The Fogged Ape Tribe took different directions as the team also spread. Tang Shaoyang took a detour and tried to sneak to the zombie horde back, a place where the Zombie Lord would most likely stay.

After 15 minutes of running, Tang Shaoyang led the team into a seven-story apartment. There were a few Stage 1 zombies inside and it was taken care of easily. They rushed to the rooftop.

"Search for the Zombie Warriors, they must be guarding the Zombie Lord like the beforehand zombie horde!"

Ten people immediately spread and looked down at the street, searching for the Zombie Warrior.

Maybe the Lady Luck was on their side, it did not take long before Li Na yelled excitedly, "I found them! I found the Zombie Warriors!"

Everyone gathered around Li Na and looked at the direction she pointed out. She was pointing at five floors of the KTV building. At the entrance, two Crusher stood with their big maces.


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