61 Knigh
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Author :HotIce
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61 Knigh

Back to the Smart Base

After Zhang Mengyao washed up, she did not go to rest or get her meal. She went to the basement floor, toward the Advancement room. She was about to get her class.

Under Origin's guide, Zhang Mengyao entered the advancement room.

[Under Master's permission, you are allowed to choose a Unique Class.]


Unique Class:

1. Summoner [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

2. Assassin [Advance Class] (Not Available)

3. Swordsman [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

4. Ranger [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

5. Knight [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

6. Berserker [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

7. Cleric [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

8. Flame Mage [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

9. Blacksmith [Advance Class] (1,000,000 GC)

10. Spirit Contractor [???] (Not Available)


The translucent screen appeared in front of Zhang Mengyao. She had heard about the class from Tang Shaoyang himself.

[Do you need a recommendation from me?] Origin's voice rang again while Zhang Mengyao was reading the class. Only 8 Unique Classes were available.

"Lu An must be the one who took the Assassin and he took… Spirit Contractor?" She muttered under her breath.

After reading all 8 Unique Classes, Zhang Mengyao asked Origin with a frown, "There's no description?"

She tried to click one of the classes, intending to find the detail of each class, but things were not working as she expected.

[Do you want to choose Summoner as your class? Yes/No?]

It was what appeared when she tried to press the Summoner Class.

[Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you anything about the classes] Origin gave a negative answer.

The frown on Zhang Mengyao's face deepened at the answer. How she was supposed to choose if she did not know the details of the class. She could not find a suitable class for her fighting style without the description.

Then she remembered Origin offered a recommendation.

"So, what's your recommendation, Origin?"

[I am glad you ask me] Origin's delighted voice filled the room.

[I have three recommendations for you, Swordsman, Berserker, and Knight. Take your time and choose carefully] Origin kindly reminded the girl.

Amongst the three classes, Zhang Mengyao had a gist of understanding of Swordsman and Knight. But she was clueless regarding the Berserker class.

As for Swordsman, the class reminded her of the Zaneos of the Demon Swordsman. Just from the quick encounter, she could tell Zaneos had big destructive power.

—… I want you to stand together with me as we conquer the world together…

Tang Shaoyang's words were ringing in her head. He told her that yesterday, together…

'Then I don't need a destructive power to assist him. He has that destructive power but he is pretty reckless on the battlefield. I don't need a class with destructive power, but a class with high defense. I will protect his back…'

She immediately crossed the Swordsman class from her options.

Then Zhang Mengyao looked through the other classes. She was looking for a class focused on defense but also a combat class.

"Summoner is no…"

"Ranger…" It was a class she did not understand again.


It took her sometimes and she eliminated the other seven choices. Her eyes landed on the Knight class. She pressed the choice without hesitation.

[Do you want to choose Knight as your class? Yes/No?]

"Yes!" Zhang Mengyao firmly responded.

*** ***

Everyone looked at Tang Shaoyang, they found the Zombie Warriors but what would they do next? The decision was in Tang Shaoyang's hand.

The dilemma was the building surrounded by stage 3 zombies. Yes, aside from the Zombie Warriors, many stage 3 zombies on the street.

There was even a new type of zombie amongst the many stage 3 zombies. The zombie had a big chunk of fat on its belly and thigh, but its hand was the meat that formed a round shield. There was even a zombie hammer-shaped hand.

They found their target, but this place was more dangerous than everyone thought.


[Zombie - Buckler]

Affiliation: The Fallen

Evolution: Stage 3



[Zombie - Mace]

Affiliation: The Fallen

Evolution: Stage 3


Buckler was a zombie with a round shield-shaped hand while Hammer was a zombie with a hammer-shaped hand.

These two were truly new to Tang Shaoyang and they looked even more deadly than the Crusher and Crawler.

The Fallen, it was the affiliation of the zombie horde, their faction.

"Tsk, without communication tools, we have to inform them by mouth…"

Since the world turned upside down, the cellphones and even the phone booth miraculously disappeared. Even radio vanished, the communication was truly broken off.

The main reason that caused the confusion. With no communication tool, people did not know whether the government truly had fallen or not.

'Should ask Origin about this! The military needs communication for this moment…' Tang Shaoyang thought to himself as he turned to his team member.

"You guys move and gather with the other teams! After all of you gathered, get to the Fogged Ape Tribe and lead them to here!"

"What about you?" Li Na immediately asked upon finding out Tang Shaoyang did not join with them.

"I will be watching the building, just in case if the Zombie Lord moves out from that building!"

That was the best scenario for now. At least it was what Tang Shaoyang could think of.

"But…" Li Na wanted to volunteer herself to stay with Tang Shaoyang, but she was rejected outright.

"No but! Go right and assemble here quickly! That's the order!" Tang Shaoyang sternly responded.

Li Na flinched back for a moment before she nodded her head. After that, the group immediately left Tang Shaoyang alone on the rooftop.

Tang Shaoyang walked back to the side and looked at the KTV building. He rubbed his chin and calculated the time of his people's arrival, "It will take them at least 50 to 70 minutes…"

Gathering all the teams and called the Fogged Ape Tribe and broke through the zombie horde toward here. It was his estimation, 50 to 70 minutes to arrive here.

"Hoho… Hold back, Tang Shaoyang! Hold on…" His hand was trembling with Destroyer in his hand. His eyes also shone brightly as his eyes landed on the two Zombie Warriors at the entrance of the KTV building.

"Better you guys come quick to level up or I am going to finish this alone…" Tang Shaoyang's expression was brimming in excitement.


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