63 Promising General
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Author :HotIce
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63 Promising General

Tang Shaoyang did not wait for his team to attack. He immediately jumped over after waiting for fifteen minutes but his team had not returned yet.

He activated [Spirit Integration] with Karan and immediately started his slaughter.

Tang Shaoyang started with an [Earth Split], crushing two Stage 2 Zombies instantly. At the same time, the ground slightly shook and caused the zombies around to lose their balance for a moment.

He used this chance to use another skill [Wild Axes]. His target was stage 3 zombies in the back.

The axes sliced through stage 2 zombies and reached the stage 3 zombie, Buckler. However, the axes proved to be useless against it. Buckler out its buckler-like hand to the front and blocked the incoming axes.


The axes disintegrated into nothingness and Buckler was pushed back by the impact.

"Heh, it seems you are quite strong," Tang Shaoyang smirked instead of being disappointed after his axes were blocked.

Thanks to [Wild Axes], the path toward stage 3 zombies opened. With his battle-ax in his right hand, he rushed toward Buckler and Mace.

Of course, Buckler and Mace did not stay still. The moment Tang Shaoyang rushed toward them, they also charged toward Tang Shaoyang. Not only the two stage 3 zombies, but the zombies around Tang Shaoyang also swarmed toward him.

Just as Tang Shaoyang was about to clash against the zombies, he heard a male's voice from inside the building.


To his surprise, the zombies stopped their advance and Tang Shaoyang also stopped. He immediately retreated to keep a distance from stage 3 zombies.

"Huh!? Am I hearing things?" He was not sure where the voice came from, but if he was not wrong, the voice came from the building that was guarded by the zombies.

He gazed toward the building and to his surprise, stage 3 zombies split up and made a path. From the path between the zombies, he saw a woman and a young man walking side by side.

From the young man's face, Tang Shaoyang was pretty sure the young man was a high-schooler or the freshman who just entered a college, around that age.

However, the woman was more mature than the man for sure. A beauty at that. The beauty hooked her hands toward the young man and from this, Tang Shaoyang was a hundred percent sure these two were a couple.

"No, you were not hearing things, it was my voice," The young man opened his mouth.

"So you are the culprit behind this zombie horde I presume?" Tang Shaoyang confronted the young man with a frown.

If the zombies were controlled by this young man, this boy's power was terrifying for sure.

"Technically, yes," The boy nodded his hand and flicked his finger. After that, two stage-3 zombies came out of the crowd.

Tang Shaoyang recognized the two zombies. The Zombie Lord, a zombie that controlled the other zombies. He was quick with the catch-up and guessed the whole situation, "So you control the two Zombie Lords and the Zombie Lords control the other zombies,"

"That's right, but I am surprised that you know about the Zombie Lord," The young truly had a surprised look when Heero instantly called his two zombie lords without carefully inspecting them.

"Anyway I am Yu Shun and yes, all these zombies are my subordinate," Yu Shun introduced himself and his girlfriend, "This is my girlfriend, Luo Lan,"

"Tang Shaoyang, the Empire of Tang's First Emperor!" Tang Shaoyang said his identity without blushing. He said that proudly and his voice contained big confidence.

"Huh!?" Luo Lan and Yu Shun had the same reaction. They were not expecting this.

'Is he a chunibyo or something?' That was what Yu Shun thought of Heero. His first impression of the fierce man.

'Nah, don't care about that. His strength is a real deal,' Yu Shun's expression returned normal, and continued with his purpose of meeting Tang Shaoyang in person, "It seems there's a misunderstanding between us and I want to talk it out with you,"

"You want to talk to me, huh!?" Tang Shaoyang looked straight to Yu Shun. But then, he smirked, "You have killed people it seems, I can tell from your eyes,"

He was surprised and intrigued at the same time.

'Did he kill people to get the woman?' The woman was a beauty and had a kind of foxy look. Killing people for his desire, there was nothing wrong with that.

Yu Shun furrowed his brows and the corner of his mouth was twitching slightly. He did not know but he felt nervous when faced with Tang Shaoyang.

The unnatural green skin and the man remained composed despite being surrounded by his underlings. Yu Shun could tell Tang Shaoyang was not someone could be trifled with.

Luo Lan noticed her boyfriend was nervous. She held her boyfriend's hand tighter to support her boyfriend.

However, such a reaction puzzled Luo Lan. She knew how strong Yu Shun's underlings were. So why was her boyfriend nervous when he faced only one man?

"It's not something I want to talk about," Yu Shun shook his head in response.

"That's right, your zombie underlings haven't killed a single of my people. However, we do have unpleasant memories of zombies and the zombie lord. I know that guy because I have killed one before,"

Tang Shaoyang was willing to talk rather than blindly harvesting these zombies. He could also stall some time for his people to come to share these zombies with them. Moreover, he had another purpose too.

Once again, Yu Shun was surprised by the fact the man in front of him had killed a zombie lord before. He knew well how strong a zombie lord was.

'Could he be bluffing to scare me?'

'But he looks so confident even facing a couple of stage-3 zombies,'

"I don't mean to fight against you, my target is a group of the big apes," Yu Shun showed his real intention, trying to clear the ill misunderstanding between them.

"First, the group of the big apes you are talking about is my subordinate. Second, the zombies are our natural enemy, killing these zombies means killing my enemy,"

Tang Shaoyang replied with his usual grin.

Once again, Yu Shun furrowed his brows. He could tell that the man in front of him seemed not to want to reconcile with him.

"Then it's my turn to talk. You have a quite useful power, what about joining my empire? I love to have useful people under my wings,"

This was Tang Shaoyang's purpose that made him willing to talk with Yu Shun. He wanted to take this boy under him. With the boy under him, he could have legions of the zombie army.

Moreover, the zombie army also had a big pro. There was no need for him to worry about betrayal or spy snuck into his army. It was the reason why he wanted to recruit the boy under his wing.

"Then there's no use talking with you! I would never put myself under any man's order again, ever!" Yu Shun gave a direct and straightforward refusal.

"Kukuku… I love your unyielding character, more reason to take you under my wing," Tang Shaoyang's grin became wider.

Just as Yu Shun was about to respond to Tang Shaoyang, he received telepathy from his zombie lord subordinate.

There was a big group rushing toward his location. Based on the information he received from the zombie lords, it was the big group, a combination of people and apes.

"There's no need to talk further then. Let's leave, Lan! I truly don't want to fight you but…" Yu Shun shook his head and tried to pull his girlfriend with him.

"Do you think you can leave me here," Tang Shao grinned as he raised his Destroyer.

He would not let a promising general such as Yu Shun slip out of his grasp.


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