64 Over
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Author :HotIce
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64 Over

"Do you think you can catch me?" Yu Shun sneered back as his figure slowly backed away.

Stage-2 zombies and stage-3 zombies including the two zombie lords stayed behind. But there were two stage-3 zombies following Yu Shun, Buckler, and Mace.

Tang Shaoyang tried to use [Wild Axes] to clear the path. But the zombies blocked his path and there were just too many of them. It only sliced a few stage-2 zombies on the path.

Just like that, Yu Shun and Luo Lan escaped from the scene. He pulled his girlfriend with him with Mace and Buckler followed them closely from behind.

"Why do we have to run? Can you just beat him?" Luo Lan asked as she did not understand her boyfriend's decision. They were in a big advantage in the number while the opposite part was just one man.

"It's not that simple," Yu Shun shook his head lightly, "He is not alone, there's reinforcement come to our location,"

"Are they stronger than your zombie army?"

"No, it's not about who's stronger, that guy just now, he's dangerous," Yu Shun was not afraid of the incoming enemies but Tang Shaoyang. That man just now gave a dangerous vibe to him, his guts were telling him to escape.

"Is he a human? Or a monster?" Luo Lan asked out.

Tang Shaoyang spoke Chinese just like them but he was taller and bigger than a normal human. He also had green skin that confused her too.

"I am pretty sure he's a human, maybe it was his skill or something…" Having not finished his words, the couple heard a yell from behind.

"You may escape now but I will not let you escape the next time we meet!"

It was Tang Shaoyang's scream. The moment he realized that he would not be able to catch up, he screamed out his thoughts.

The couple looked at each other for a moment before the smiles broke. Both of them were smiling when they heard the scream.

*** ***

"Ah, what a waste!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head in regret.

If the boy just now joined his team, taking over SH City was a cinch. It would be a huge boost in power for his empire.

"Tsk, what a pity, a pity…" Zombies kept blocking his path despite his attempt to chase after Yu Shun.

There was no need to doubt, the boy must be giving his order to block him at any cost. At this point, chasing Yu Shun was pointless. By the time he broke the encirclement, Yu Shun should have escaped.

"The good news is he left his underlings behind for me to harvest! Kill the two Zombie Lords and it should be easy to clear the rest!"

Tang Shaoyang's eyes glinted dangerously at the Zombie Lord.

*** ***

Twelve hours, it took Tang Shaoyang and his friends twelve hours to clear the horde. They battled non-stop and finally, they defeated the horde.

Tang Shaoyang was standing in the middle of the road. He looked at his surroundings, corpses were here and there. He was surrounded by the dead zombies' bodies.

Hah! Hah! Hah!

As soon as the [Spirit Integration] wore off, he breathed heavily. The burden of holding up [Spirit Integration] for over twelve hours was no joke.

Just now, he had been battling madly against the zombies. He did not feel tired, at all. He was filled with bursting energy as he slaughtered the zombies.

Now the battle was over and he could feel it, the exhaustion. On top of that, this was his second battle against a horde of zombies.

A wave of exhaustion hit his body but he remained standing still. The battle might be over but his job was not.

He dragged his exhausted body and came to meet Zhang Mengyao.

"How is it? Are there any casualties?"

"We don't have casualties on our side but dozens of Fogged Apes died," Zhang Mengyao reported.

She joined the battle half-way and she was glad. She was glad that she chose Knight for her class.

During the battle, for some unknown reason, most of the zombies swarmed to Tang Shaoyang. She had done her job, she protected Tang Shaoyang's back.

Tang Shaoyang nodded as he felt a little relieved inside. He then headed toward Pride's direction. This Demonic Ape King did not feel remorse even after losing a dozen members of his tribe.

Pride was letting out a victorious cry while hitting his chest loudly. It was a celebration for defeating his enemy.

"It seems he's okay, but I need to change his mindset," Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice.

Pride did not care about the casualties as long as he won the war. He would crush his enemy with his strength and the number of his tribe. That was how the Fogged Tribe waged war. They did not care about the process but the result.

"But it's not something easy to change, it will take a while…" Tang Shaoyang muttered under his breath and closed his eyes.

'The battle is over and we have a big win this time,'

"Boss!" Lu An waved his hand toward Tang Shaoyang while holding a sword.

Blood covered his clothes and swords. He stopped next to his Boss and did not disturb him. Lu An stayed close while waiting for his Boss to open his eyes.

Tang Shaoyang turned toward Lu An and grinned, "You did well, let's go home!"

Despite the heaviness from the exhaustion, Tang Shaoyang walked back with his feet with Destroyer on his shoulder.

On the way back to the base, it was as if the sky also cheered for them. Thunder was rumbling beyond the sky as if welcoming them. Not long after that, heavy rain started to pour down, and the rain washed the blood on their bodies.

*** ***

The next day

Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes lazily. He flipped out and looked toward the window. The curtain was opened and showed the yellow light of sunset.

He was not surprised that he woke up this late. As soon as he arrived at the base, he washed up and immediately fell asleep like a dead log. It was not only his body was exhausted, his mind also weary from continuously battling the zombies.

He sat up and stretched up his body lazily. After a while, his hand tried to reach someone next to him. He found no one but only him on the bed.

Tang Shaoyang got up and reached the kimono jacket beside the bed while yawning, "Where does she go?"

"She" in his mouth was Zhang Mengyao, of course. He thought the girl would be more exhausted than him but it looked like he was wrong about that.

"Where is Mengyao, Origin?" Tang Shaoyang asked Origin as he headed toward the bathroom.

"She's on the first floor right now. Mistress is managing the survivor for the castle's management," Origin instantly answered.

"Huh, is she okay?" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice as he washed his face. He was asking himself, not Origin.

In the fight against the second zombie horde, Zhang Mengyao was mentally unstable. She was feeling guilty as she blamed herself for the dead. He was quite concerned.

"She should be okay, no, she was doing well!" Origin gave an honest reply. From its perspective, Zhang Mengyao was doing well.

Tang Shaoyang waved his hand lightly toward the ceiling. It was understandable if Origin did not get his concern.

"Tell the kitchen to prepare a huge load of the meal for me, I am hungry," Tang Shaoyang rubbed his belly.

After resting his body and mind by sleeping, it was time to replenish his energy with food.

"Alright! Do you want to eat here or…"

"I will come down,"

Tang Shaoyang went out of the bathroom and changed his clothes into a casual outfit. Then he went out of his room into the elevator, heading to the cafeteria.

"At this point, I have established my position within them. They must have accepted me as their leader after that battle…"


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