65 Hearty Meal
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Author :HotIce
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65 Hearty Meal

When Tang Shaoyang arrived at the cafeteria on the second floor, he was greeted by Li Yue. The little girl that bravely said she wanted to join the battle before.

"Welcome~ We have prepared the table and the food for you~," Li Yue greeted Tang Shaoyang with a wide smile.

"Good kids!" Tang Shaoyang rubbed her hair and the little girl next to her. There were six little girls with Li Yue.

After that, Li Yue and her friends led him to a table. There were only a few people in the cafeteria after the life and death battle in the last few days ago. The atmosphere was a little gloomy and quieter than usual.

Moreover, some people also left the base which made the number of people who stayed much less than before.

'The only thing I need is to establish authority and law! I can't let the same incident happened twice,'

If the people did not leave the base, there would be fewer casualties. But he did not prevent them from leaving. It was a process of elimination so all assholes would leave. With fewer assholes, it would be easier to manage the base as well.

While Tang Shaoyang was thinking about the next step of his Empire, the aroma of food assaulted his nose. He looked toward the direction of the aroma.

Li Yue with the help of her grandma was bringing a tray of food. They brought a steaming basket toward and placed the basket on the table.

"This is the appetizer for you, Big Bro!" Li Yue proudly pointed at the steaming basket, "This is my grandma's handmade dumpling! The most delicious dumpling in the world! You get lucky to be able to taste it!"

"Oh!? Really!?" Tang Shaoyang played along with the little girl as he put a surprised face.

"Yes!" The little girl replied with an unwavering look. She was dead-serious with her words it seemed.

"Haha, don't listen to her! She's saying nonsense. I hope you like the food I made and I am here to say my thanks to you for protecting us!" The old lady bowed toward Tang Shaoyang with a grateful look.

Li Yue's grandma was in her fifty-five. Despite the wrinkles on her face, she looked healthy for someone her age.

"It's okay. It's my job to protect you guys here!" Tang Shaoyang nodded as he opened the basket. The steaming dumplings were lining up inside the basket as a tantalizing aroma assaulted his nose once again.

"Huhu… well then, let me taste the most delicious dumpling in the world,"

Tang Shaoyang then took a dumpling with his chopsticks. He delivered the steaming dumpling into his mouth and took the first bite.


The lower part of the dumpling was crunchy and soft on the inside. A juicy and steaming liquid flowed out of the dumpling after the first bite. Even though it was hot, Tang Shaoyang's face brightened.

He blew the hot air from his mouth but he still chewed the dumpling.

"Wow!" That was the first thing that came out of Tang Shaoyang's mouth as he cast a surprised look toward the old lady.

Li Yue grinned as she looked at Tang Shaoyang's reaction. She was truly proud of her grandma's dumpling.

"How is it?" The little girl asked with great anticipation.

"This is truly the most delicious dumpling in the world!" Tang Shaoyang nodded his head with a still surprised expression on his face.

"Yay!" The little girl raised her hand and jumped up before she turned to her grandma, "I told you, Grandma! Big brother will like your dumplings,"

"Mnn, it's truly the best dumpling I ever have!" Tang Shaoyang did not forget to compliment the old lady too.

"Thank you, Sir! I am glad you like the dumpling I made," Li Yue's grandma smiled in return. She was truly happy that her dumplings were to Tang Shaoyang's taste.

Then, she noticed her granddaughter tried to take one dumpling sneakily with her little hand, "Li Yue! You can take that. You have yours in the kitchen!"

The old lady reprimanded the little girl as she hit Li Yue's hand lightly.

"Oh, she can have one if she wants to," Tang Shaoyang did not mind if it was the little girl who tried to steal his food.

Li Yue stuck her tongue out as she smiled embarrassedly, "It's okay, I have mine in the kitchen~,"

"Okay, let's get yours in the kitchen. Don't disturb Big Brother's meal!" After that, the old lady pulled her granddaughter with her to the kitchen.

Tang Shaoyang then feasted himself with the dumpling. He was genuine with his praise, the dumpling was truly delicious. More importantly, the meat inside the dumpling was the Fogged Ape meat. He could tell that in one bite, and it was also another factor that made the dumpling the most delicious dumpling in the world.

He finished the whole basket of dumplings pretty fast. The whole basket dumpling was not enough to satiate his empty stomach. Fortunately, the main course came not long after he finished the dumpling.

This time, it was not Li Yue who delivered the food. Maybe the girl was busy filling her stomach with the dumplings as a lady in her early twenties who delivered the food.

From her face, the lady looked pretty nervous around him. Her hand was shaking visibly as she put a bowl of rice in front of Tang Shaoyang. After that, the lady took a bigger bowl next to the rice.

Tang Shaoyang looked at the main dish. It was a meatball in the size of a fist with red sauce. Around the meatball, there were also four smaller meatballs. Maybe he was hungry but the dish looked so appetizing to him.

"Thank you," He did not forget to say that before he scooped the smaller meatball into his mouth.

It was the same meat used to fill the dumpling, Fogged Ape meat. The red sauce was a little bit spicy and sweet. Overall, it was delicious to him but he liked it more if the sauce was spicy.

"This is good!" Tang Shaoyang complimented as he chewed the meatball in his mouth. He scooped a little sauce and put it onto the rice before he scooped the rice into his mouth.

"This is actually very good!" He could not help but compliment the dish once again. The sauce was blending pretty well with the rice. It gave a new taste when he mixed the sauce and the rice.

'Since when we have a good cook in our base,' The food was more delicious than usual. He was surprised.

'Or maybe I am just too hungry so the food is more delicious?'

The lady also seemed happy with his praise. She was no longer nervous but happy now.

"Can I have more rice, two more bowls please!"

"Yes, right away! Please wait for a moment," The lady immediately nodded and left the table to the kitchen.

Tang Shaoyang was served pretty well by the kitchen people. After the meatball, he ate three more dishes before he finally stopped.

Leaning back against the chair, his stomach was bloated. He was satisfied with his meal after the long battle.

[Lady Mengyao has managed the kitchen staff! You now have a proper chef and staff for the kitchen!]

Origin voice rang in Tang Shaoyang's head. It meant Zhang Mengyao had taken care of the kitchen for him.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. The food was getting more delicious for a reason, after all. They were the pro in their fields

Then, the dessert came. It was Li Yue and the other kids who delivered the dessert. Ice cream and pudding for dessert.

What was funny to Tang Shaoyang was the kids. They looked into the desert with an almost drooling face. There were six of them including Li Yue.

Before he could say something, Origin's voice rang once again.

[There's a group of people coming to our base but Lady Mengyao blocked them by the entrance! The group is about to create disturbance!]

"Who's these people? Why does Zhang Mengyao block them?" Tang Shaoyang asked Origin.

They were exchanging conversations through their mind so the kids could not hear it.

[They are the people who left from the base to avoid the battle against the zombie horde!]

When Tang Shaoyang heard the answer, he immediately stood up. He rubbed the kids' hair and said, "You can have the ice cream and the pudding! Big brother wants to get exercise after eating a lot!"

"Really?" Li Yue asked back with a pleasantly surprised look.

"Yes, you can have it but you have to share it equally, understand?"

"Yes, Big Bro! Thank you, Big Bro!" The six kids answered simultaneously.

Tang Shaoyang nodded and headed toward the elevator.

"Where's Lu An? Is he still sleeping?"

[No, he just finished washing up!]

"Nice timing! Tell him to get my weapon in my room! A little exercise after eating is good for the body!" Tang Shaoyang grinned evilly.


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