67 Crescent Moon Bear
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Author :HotIce
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67 Crescent Moon Bear


Name: Li Na

Age: 20

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 33

Talent: -

Attribute Point: 34

Strength: 16

Agility: 17

Vitality: 11

Stamina: 10

Magic Power: 75

Sense: 8

Skill: [Basic Detection] [Arcane Summoning] [Celestial Summoning] [Infernal Summoning] [Summon Space - Lvl 1]

Summon (0/3):


Li Na checked her new Status Window. She just got a new class hence she checked her status.

She was shocked when she saw her Magic Power. Her eyes widened a little as it increased so much.

If she remembered correctly, she only has 11 on Magic Power before she chose the [Summoner] class. Now her Magic Power rocketed up.

Even though she did not know what the use of the Magic Power was. An increase in her attribute was a good thing.

Then Li Na looked at her skills, there were four skills added to the window. It was certainly a good thing but the girl did not understand a single thing about the skill.

[Honestly, you have the good luck to survive from battling two zombie hordes with your current attribute!]

Origin's voice rang in Li Na's head. Under Li Na's consent, Origin was allowed to see the status window.

Li Na recalled the battle she experienced. Indeed, she was saved many times by the people around her while killing the zombies as many as possible.

"You are right! I am quite lucky to meet him. Without him…" Li Na paused midway.

If she did not meet Tang Shaoyang and come with him, maybe she would not be here. Lu Wen, her old group's leader might force his way onto her.

"But now I have to rely on myself!" Li Na muttered firmly.

[That is what we try to achieve with the new class. But receiving help is not necessarily bad as well. You just need to know when you have to ask for help and when you have to face your problem by yourself!]

"Mnn," Li Na nodded her head. Origin made a good point.

[Good! Do you want to hear more suggestions from me?]

Before, Li Na had not chosen her class yet hence Origin could not help to explain the class. Now, Li Na had chosen the class, it could help by explaining the skills for example.

"I am willing to listen!" Li Na nodded his head.

[Good girl! Before we go with the skills explanation, what about if you get your talent first!]

Li Na followed the instruction. She came out of the advancement room and went into the next room.

For the talent, Li Na did not have another choice but to choose Random Talent.

The Empire sponsored her class advancement but it was not possible to sponsor her in getting talent as well. 10 million GC, it was too much for sponsoring someone like Li Na.

She immediately pressed Random Talent. The room flashed as words flashed out one after another. It lasted for a while until a word appeared in front of Li Na.


It was her talent, a D-Tier Talent. Li Na let out a sigh of disappointment. As an ex-receptionist, she knew a lot about talent. D-Tier Talent was one of the common talents everyone got.

[Don't be disappointed, girl. It is a decent talent even though it is a D-Tier Talent. It's just a pity that the bonus attribute does not sync with your class!]

[Summoner] Class needed a big Magic Power to use the skill. But [Swiftness] gave +1 Strength and +1 Agility each level up.

Li Na did not feel good despite the consolation from Origin.

[Now, I will explain a bit about [Summoner] Class. Your class is about summoning a creature with your skill. Then you use your summoning creature to fight for you!]

Li Na nodded her head at the explanation. She started to understand a little bit why Origin recommended this class to her. She did not have the basics for close combat, and her archery was so-so.

[Summoner] was the right class for her in that sense. She relied on her summoning creature to fight.

"What creature can I summon? Is it a zombie? Or a mutated animal like the Fogged Ape?" As she relied on a summoning creature, she wanted to know what creature she could summon with her skill.

Her future was depending on her summoning creature, after all.

[It's random, but mostly it is based on your Magic Power, no, it's seventy percent based on your Magic Power and thirty percent luck! The higher your Magic Power is, the stronger creature you could summon!]

Li Na nodded her head. The explanation was easy to understand to her.

[Now let's figure out about your skills, girl. Your skill is completely different from the other class, it's a one-time-use spell rather than a skill! So you can only use the summoning spell once!]

Li Na only got half-understanding of what Origin talked about. She nodded her head nonetheless, trying hard to follow Origin's words.

[[Summon Space] is a passive skill for [Summoner]. It's an exclusive space for your summons later. Why don't you try your spell for now?]

The girl nodded as she looked at her skill. [Arcane Summoning], [Celestial Summoning], and [Infernal Summoning]. Origin told her that the skill or the spell would summon a creature, a creature belonged to her.

Li Na judged the skill based on its name. She did not know what Arcane was, but [Infernal Summoning] gave her a bad vibe. The only skill that gave her a good vibe was [Celestial Summoning].

After a short of hesitation, she tried to use [Celestial Summoning].

[Magic Power is not enough to use [Celestial Summoning]! You require at least 100 Magic Power to activate your first summoning spell!]

A cold robotic rang in Li Na's head. It was not Origin's voice.

Li Na panicked as she was unable to use her spell. She picked a class and now she could not use the skill. It meant the class was useless. That thought struck her and she panicked.

[Calm down, girl! Calm down! You are okay!] Origin noticed the girl panicked through her expression.

[Do you remember what it told you when you tried to use the spell?]

Li Na fell silent for a moment as she tried to recall the voice just now. It said she could not use the spell because she was lacking Magic Power. She nodded her head, indicating she still remembered.

[Good then! You have 75 on Magic Power now and you also have 34 free attributes! You are okay, girl. This is why I told you to save your attribute points.]

Origin had planned everything from the start. The moment it successfully persuaded Li Na to join the front line and until now, choosing the class. Origin had thought of Li Na's beginning path.

Li Na's face brightened up. She opened her status window. She immediately allocated her attribute point.


Name: Li Na

Age: 20

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 33

Talent: Swiftness

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 48

Agility: 49

Vitality: 11

Stamina: 10

Magic Power: 109

Sense: 8

Skill: [Basic Detection] [Arcane Summoning] [Celestial Summoning] [Infernal Summoning] [Summon Space - Lvl 1]

Summon (0/3):


'Now I have enough Magic Power to use the spell!'

Li Na was about to use [Celestial Summoning] as she figured now she could use the spell. However, she stopped midway as she thought of something.

Origin told her that the higher her Magic Power was the stronger creature she could summon.

'Should I wait until my Magic Power is higher?'

[You have a good course of thinking there. But this is your first summon! Just like you, your summoning creature also needs to level up. You have to groom your summon creature to grow it stronger.]

[At this early stage, you have to use your spell and summon a creature so you can groom it easier as the monster outside is still a low-level monster! For your second summon spell, then you should think carefully about when to use it!]

"I see…" Li Na nodded her head. At this point, she completely trusted Origin.

[Arcane Summoning]

Li Na activated [Arcane Summoning]. In that instant, the room brightened, and a projection of a ten meters white bear appeared in front of him.

The white bear with blue stripes on its body, a crescent moon mark on its forehead faced downward, and blue flame covered its paws. The white bear roared toward her.

It lasted for a minute before the projection sucked into one spot. The projection transformed into a ball of blinding light.

Li Na closed her eyes. After a moment, she opened her eyes. A bear with white thick fur and blue stripes about half of her height appeared in front of her. The bear blinked its light blue eyes adorably toward Li Na.

At the same time, a robotic voice rang in Li Na's head.

[You have successfully summoned Crescent Moon Bear!]


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