68 Confrontation
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Author :HotIce
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68 Confrontation

Han Jiang, he was one of many people who left the base the moment the danger arrived. However, little people did know that he did not truly leave the base.

He was hiding the proximity base with his group, watching the battle unfolded. When the first zombie horde was cleared, he planned to go back and took over the base from Tang Shaoyang with his group.

But then, he heard there was another zombie horde coming, a bigger zombie horde. With an additional group of apes, Han Jiang canceled his plan to take over the base.

He then searched for more people and recruited them into his group.

Han Jiang and his group were one of the famous groups in the base hence he easily recruited more people into his group. When he told his plan to his people, everyone immediately agreed to his plan.

The importance of the base was absolute. Han Jiang realized that after staying in the base. It had resources that people could not get just by killing the zombies.

A talent, the General Shop, and more importantly the rumored class. Han Jiang could not miss this chance to take over the base.

While Tang Shaoyang and the people staying in the base fought the second horde, Han Jiang had been gathering people. Thanks to his unrelenting effort, he managed to recruit 209 people to his group. With his original party, now he had 239 people.

All these people were the people who decided to leave the base just like him. Hence he easily recruited him either by force or persuasion. On the fourth day, he managed to gather 239 people, it was time to claim the base.

"Why are we not allowed to go back to our home?" Han Jiang shamelessly confronted Zhang Mengyao.

He claimed the base as his home when he left the moment crisis arose.

Zhang Mengyao cast a disgusted look at the shameless man, "You left instead of protecting your so-called home, and you still dare to call this as your home!"

"I left to persuade these people to come back with me to protect our home," Han Jiang smiled in return as he was not bothered by Zhang Mengyao's words. He also pointed to the people behind him.

'After taking the base, you will be mine as well,'

"But when we come back the battle is over. It's unfortunate but we are trying our best as well here," Han Jiang shook his head as he tried to look as sincere as possible.

"It took four days to come back, huh!?" Zhang Mengyao replied sarcastically.

"We know we are at fault, but we regret our choice and come back. We apologize for our cowardly action, we come back to make our mistake," The man next to Han Jiang bowed his head toward Zhang Mengyao in the form of apologizing.

He was Han Jiang's right man, Shi Ping. He was in fact the one who planned everything. The mastermind behind Han Jiang's action.

"Your apologies accepted, now you can leave!" Tao He who was watching silently from the sideline finally spoke out. With his cold voice, he told these people to leave.

"But why? We have apologized, we regretted our choice, and I do believe we deserve the second chance!" Shi Ping raised his voice at Tao He.

'Tsk, this unknown dude acts as a leader in front of me, let's see how you are going to face my people!'

"Yeah! We deserve the second chance as well!"

"We regret it, why can't we join back with you guys!"

"We promise we will not do it again!"

"We have apologized!"

"Who are you? Why do you act as a leader?"

"Where's Tang Shaoyang? We want justice!"

The people behind Shi Ping and Han Jiang started to raise their voices as well.

Zhang Mengyao flinched slightly. She was unsure of what to do. Accepting these people had pros and cons, she had to think carefully. Moreover, she needed to discuss this with Tang Shaoyang.

After the battle, they lost half of their forces. Accepting these people back would recoup their loss. If another zombie horde came to attack, they would have more people to fight the zombie horde. This was one of the pros.

The con was she was afraid these people did not blend well with the people who chose to stay in the battle. It would break the harmony in the base.

"You don't like it, then fight me!" Tao He raised his spear and pointed the spear toward Shi Ping.

Tao He's hot temper was understandable. He lost his two friends in the battle against the first zombie horde. He did not blame Zhang Mengyao but he blamed the people who left the base. If they did not leave the base, he believed they could defeat the zombie horde with fewer casualties.

"What? Do you want to fight? Let's fight then!"

"Let's kill this cocky guy!"

"Yeah, kill that annoying guy!"

The people behind Shi Ping and Han Jiang started to pull their weapons out as well. A clash was about to break up between the two groups.

However, Zhang Mengyao's group only had thirty-three people. They lost in numbers.

During this time, Shi Ping winked his right eye at Han Jiang. Even though the plan did not go smoothly because of Tao He's intervention, it still went well.

The original plan was to lure Tang Shaoyang out of the base before they started the fight. They wanted to take advantage of Tang Shaoyang's exhaustion to kill him and his people. That was the plan, but with or without Tang Shaoyang, they had to give a go now.

Killing these thirty people would also cripple Tang Shaoyang's strength. It was the same as cutting one of his arms.

Zhang Mengyao panicked on the inside. She was still unsure of what to do with these people. Since the battle against the first battle against the zombie horde, her confidence was shaken. She was starting to afraid to make a decision without thinking about it carefully. She was afraid her decision would lead to a disaster just like before.

However, the people behind Zhang Mengyao also started to pull their weapons out. Despite being overwhelmed by the numbers, they were not afraid. They had faced the zombie horde, many of them. Over two hundred people did not scare them, at all.

When Zhang Mengyao was about to calm the two sides, she heard a familiar voice.

"What's with the commotion!"

Her face immediately brightened up as if her savior was coming. She truly did not want bloodshed after the long battle against the zombie horde.

Zhang Mengyao's group lowered their weapons as the thirty people moved aside, creating a path for Tang Shaoyang to walk.

Tang Shaoyang walked up with Destroyer on his shoulder. Behind him, Lu An closely followed with a sword on his waist.

Shi Ping and Han Jiang's face brightened up at the sight of Tang Shaoyang. Even though they could not see a sign of exhaustion on his face, Tang Shaoyang was their main target.

The main reason was Origin, the AI that controlled the base. By killing Tang Shaoyang, Shi Ping thought the AI would obey Tang Shaoyang's killer. Hence if they wanted to take the base smoothly, they had to kill Tang Shaoyang at any cost.

Tang Shaoyang hugged Zhang Mengyao's waist with his empty hand and whispered, "Dear, you should not hesitate when facing unfaithful people like them!"

"Their mouths may say they regretted their past action, but we don't know their hearts. However, I know a certain thing. They leave once when the crisis arises so I have a question for you,"

"Do you think it would be easier or harder for them to leave again when danger approaches our base?"

Zhang Mengyao fell silent at the question despite having an answer. She knew the answer, it would be easier for them to leave the base again.

There would be less burden as they did it once. For the second one? They would leave without any burden since they had done it once. Unless they truly regretted their action and wanted to change, but she did not know what these people were thinking of.

"It seems you know the answer," Tang Shaoyang then looked toward the group in front of him.

"If you truly regret your past action, prove it with your action, not your mouth! Become my slave for a year, hand over all GC you have, and all your loot will be handed over to the Empire during this one year! How is it? If you agree, this base will be your home once again! This is the second chance you seek!" Heero grinned at the group.


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