69 A Twis
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Author :HotIce
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69 A Twis

"Hahaha…." Han Jiang laughed aloud when he heard the so-called second chance.

"Slaves? Are you kidding me? We are living in the 20th century. Slaves, seriously!?" A man behind Han Jiang could not help but ridicule Tang Shaoyang.

"Maybe he thought he has become an Emperor so he wants to establish slavery!"

"An emperor with one base? Huhuhu…"

"There's something wrong with his head, maybe?"

More and more people started to ridicule Tang Shaoyang. Han Jiang's group started to show their true color as they openly mocked Tang Shaoyang.

Lu An showed his killing intent as his eyes scanned the people who laughed at Tang Shaoyang. His right hand was on the handle, ready to pull the sword anytime.

"Calm down, Boy! I am not a tyrant, not someone unreasonable to speak with too. I heard you guys want a second chance, this is your second chance! If you can't accept the term, leave now!" Tang Shaoyang waved his hand casually at Shi Ping and Han Jiang, motioning them to leave.

Not only Han Jiang did not leave, but he also took big three steps forward, shortening the distance between him and Tang Shaoyang up to a meter.

He smirked and said in a nasty tone, "You should stay inside your base so we can't touch you!"

"Let's start the party guys!"

Han Jiang raised his sword. It was so sudden that alarmed the people behind Tang Shaoyang.

"Die you daydreaming B*stard!" The sword was about to slash Tang Shaoyang's head.


However, the sword never descended as Tang Shaoyang kicked Han Jiang on the belly. Han Jiang's body flung back.

Shi Ping reacted faster, he caught Han Jiang's body. Even so, Shi Ping was getting pushed back by the impact. He was shocked and looked at Tang Shaoyang with his widened eyes.

The impact was so strong that he almost crashed down along with Han Jiang. He just could not believe that such a simple kick was this strong.

'Am I wrong? Did the long battle not affect him in any way? Just how strong he is? What about his level? He should be at least at level 40 at max, right?'

Shi Ping started getting nervous on the inside. He was not expecting Tang Shaoyang would be this strong.

'No, we still have a chance. We have over two hundred people while there are only thirty people with him now! If we act now, we may have a chance to take him down!'

'He may be strong but we have the numbers here! In the end, he is still human!'

Shi Ping looked down, checking Han Jiang's body. The guy coughed up blood by just one kick. He did not look in pain but his face showed that he was in shock.

'Han Jiang is not in the state of leading these people. I have to act now!'

Shi Ping turned around and yelled, "What are you doing? Kill him! He attacked Han Jiang first! We can't let him bully us like this!"

It was clearly Han Jiang who was the one who tried to attack Tang Shaoyang first. But Shi Ping made it Tang Shaoyang who started it first. At this point, he did not care about his image anymore as he straight up directed his sword to Tang Shaoyang.

At Shi Ping's words, the people behind him charged forward toward Tang Shaoyang.

"I would like to remind you once again, Dear!" Tang Shaoyang whispered to Zhang Mengyao, "Our future enemy is not only the zombie or the beast but people as well! No matter who they are, if they try to harm us or block our path, then they are enemies!"

After that, Tang Shaoyang released his hug and brandished the Destroyer with his both hands horizontally.


It caused wing-blowing noise as he swung the big battle-ax. The people who tried to attack Tang Shaoyang immediately put their weapons forward. They tried to block the battle-ax with their weapons.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

However, their efforts were futile as their weapons were blown away by the battle-ax. They could not contend with Tang Shaoyang in pure strength.


At the same time, the battle-ax also cut through a few bodies while a few managed to duck out from the battle-ax's range.

After that, Tang Shaoyang took a big step forward and slammed his battle-ax on a guy who fell right in front of him.


The poor guy had his head split open as the ax cut his body through the head. The internal organs and blood sprayed around.

Tang Shaoyang's face also got sprayed by the blood. He did not bother to wipe the blood as he let out a cry, "Who's going to die next!!!"

Tang Shaoyang killed twelve people, but his action instilled a fear of the rest group.

With a dead body with disarray organs in front of him, face covered with blood, and added with a big grin on Tang Shaoyang's face. The hundreds of people subconsciously took three steps back.

Tao He on Tang Shaoyang's back also gasped in shock. Even he got intimidated by his leader.

'As I thought…' Wei Xi relieved on the inside.

Next to him, his wife, Cao Jingyi was also stunned. At this time, she remembered her husband's words about Tang Shaoyang.

'That guy is dangerous and scary, but it only applies if you become his enemy! He will be someone dependable if you have him as your ally!'

So far, her husband's words were proven to be true. He was merciless to the people who tried to harm him. But he was someone you could depend on the moment a crisis arose. The battle against the zombie horde was proof that Tang Shaoyang was someone you could depend on.

"What are you doing? He is alone, don't get intimidated by him!" Han Jiang yelled from behind.

He tried to rally more people to exhaust Tang Shaoyang then he would kill Tang Shaoyang by himself. Han Jiang knew that he had reached a point of no return.

However, his words were useless. It moved no one as Tang Shaoyang's frightening image had been instilled in their mind.

Han Jiang gritted his teeth. Just as he was about to rush forward to lead the people, blood splashed to his cheeks. It shocked him as he subconsciously looked to the right.

Han Jiang's eyes widened in shock as he saw Shi Ping's head fall off from the body. Blood spurted out like a fountain next to him.

He also saw Shi Ping's eyes widened in shock. The guy himself could not believe he would die at this moment.

The headless body walked two steps forward before it fell to the ground.

Han Jiang's eyes immediately spotted the culprit who cut his comrade's head. The guy was still standing with a sword stained in blood.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, B*STARD!" Han Jiang shouted out of his lungs.

With an expressionless face, the culprit replied in a flat tone, "Killing you to get my second chance, of course!"

"I AM THE ONE WHO WILL KILL YOU!!!" Han Jiang swung his sword toward the culprit's head, trying to avenge his friend.

The culprit ducked his body down and thrust his head forward. He headbutted Han Jiang's right on the belly.


Han Jiang grunted in pain as his body fell backward. The man did not allow Han Jiang to get up as he stepped his right foot right on Han Jiang's chest.

Without any words, the man beheaded Han Jiang.

The sudden change shocked everyone, including Tang Shaoyang. He was not expecting such a thing would happen.

Then, the culprit picked Shi Ping and Han Jiang's head. He held the head by the hair. After that, he walked toward Tang Shaoyang's direction.

The group subconsciously created a path for the culprit. In fact, no one dared to get near the culprit. They were afraid they would be the culprit's next target.

However, the man did not attack anyone until he reached Tang Shaoyang's front. He knelt as he put the two heads down, "I want my second chance and this is a present for you, Boss!"


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