70 Friend?
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Author :HotIce
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70 Friend?

Everyone did not expect such a twist. The two guys that schemed to take the base now were dead, getting killed by their own people.

The surroundings had their focus on the man who killed Han Jiang and Shi Ping. They tried to get clear on the man's face. Unfortunately, they could not as half of the man's covered with blood. Even his hair turned red because of the blood.

Tang Shaoyang was frozen for a moment before he cast an interesting gaze at the man. For some reason, he saw someone on this man's ruthlessness. The man reminded him of someone in the past.

"Raise your head!"

The man raised his head. Even though Tang Shaoyang could not get a clear look on the face because of the blood, he noticed a long stitch mark. Starting from the corner of his lips to the right below his left ear. That was not the only stitches mark, there was another stitches mark on his forehead.

There was also another short stitches mark, right in the middle of his forehead down to the middle between his eyes. There was also a big scar right below his chin.

Even without his merciless action and blood covered his face, the guy had a scary face already.

But what shocked Tang Shaoyang was the fact that he recognized the guy. The guy was in fact a comrade when he was in Dragon Wings.

"You are the Zombie dude, right?" Tang Shaoyang called out, making sure he did not remember wrongly.

There were two infamous men in Dragon Wings when it came to fighting. First, it was him, the Berserk of Youyouliucun. Second, it was the man in front of him, Zombie.

Why did people call him Zombie? One could tell by looking at the scars and stitches marks on his body and face.

Yes, in the street fight, this guy always suffered many injuries. He fought in the front line and back with a body full of injuries.

However, in the last fight against Hawk Talon, this guy did not participate. The reason? He was still in a coma in the hospital. Meeting the guy here was a surprise for Tang Shaoyang.

"It's rare for you to run away from the battle?" Tang Shaoyang was even more surprised that this guy left the base without joining him and fought against the zombie horde.

If this Zombie dude in Han Jiang's group, it meant he was part of the people who ran away from the battle.

"Do you know him?" Zhang Mengyao could not help but ask when Tang Shaoyang recognized the man.

"It was a long story. I will tell you later," Tang Shaoyang replied in a whisper.

"Yes, that was me. I have my reason to leave! I don't want the people to know about that, but if you want me to say it now then I will tell you everything, Boss!" Zombie's voice was hoarse and rough.

"We will talk about that later," Tang Shaoyang waved his hand at the guy.

Afterward, Tang Shaoyang scanned the remaining group. Yet none of them dared to meet his eyes. Each time his gaze landed on a certain spot, the people on that spot would lower their gazes.

"Follow my rule if you want to stay here and leave if you don't want to!" Tang Shaoyang shouted to the crowd.

His shout was replied by silence. No one moved and spoke, they did not even dare to raise their heads.

"If you want to replace me then fight me! Kill me!"

When the words "Kill Me!" came out of Tang Shaoyang's mouth, the nearest people flinched and subconsciously took a few steps back.

Just like that, the conflict was solved with a little fighting and killing with a twist between.

From the remaining group, 43 people decided to stay. They were willing to be "slaves" for a year.

*** ***

Inside the base, Tang Shaoyang sat opposite Zombie, the guy who killed Shi Ping and Han Jiang.

Zhang Mengyao was next to him while there were two additional girls with the guy. Zombie was a name given to the guy while his name was Bai Yuan.

A little girl sat on Bai Yuan's lap. She was his little sister, Bai Mingyu. The main reason why Bai Yuan risked his life, fighting on the street. There was a certain rule in the group, the more people you took down the more money you would get. Bai Yuan risked his life for his sickly little sister.

Next to Bai Yuan, a female in her mid-twenties. She had short hair and black hair with chubby cheeks. She was not fat but for some reason, her cheek bulged out. The girl looked cute and her name was Yu Ting, Bai Yuan's girlfriend.

From Bai Yuan's story, Yu Ting was the nurse who nursed him while he was in a coma. She was the girl who also helped him to take care of Bai Mingyu.

"They are the reason you ran away?" Tang Shaoyang looked interestingly at the three.

"Yes! You did not prevent the others from leaving and many of them left. A little over two hundred people against a zombie horde, I did not believe you would win so I ran!"

Bai Yuan told Tang Shaoyang the story from his perspective, "I could not risk my life in the fight that was impossible to win. Even though I was wrong in the end…"

Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao could understand the reason. It was understandable but it did not change anything.

Even though they were friends, they were not close enough for Tang Shaoyang to overlook Bai Yuan's misjudgment. He should be a slave for a year with the terms they had agreed with.

"Alright! Origin has shown you the terms of the slave contract. If you agree with the terms you can stay! If you don't then you can leave!" Tang Shaoyang leaned back to the chair.

When he mentioned the slave contract, Yu Ting had an uncomfortable look on her face. She was still concerned about her boyfriend.

"I am fine! After a year, I shall be free from the contract and would have regular treatments like the others, right?"

"Yes! If you make a special contribution to the empire, you can end the contract faster too!" Tang Shaoyang assured Bai Yuan with a nod.

"I believe if it's you!" Bai Yuan nodded his head seriously.

"Nah, maybe I have changed! You should not trust someone easily, especially in the current situation!" Tang Shaoyang grinned.

After a small exchange with Bai Yuan, he had his eyes landed on the little girl, "What about her? Is she okay now? We have a magical tech now, maybe we can help her,"

"She's fine! The disaster healed her!" Bai Yuan's wordings were quite weird, but it was true.

Since the thing called game start. His little sister's sickness never relapsed, in fact, she was extremely healthy.

Tang Shaoyang also recalled that his injuries were healed when the robotic voice said the game started so he understood Bai Yuan's words.

"For your girlfriend, have her send her profile to the receptionist. We don't accept an idle here, so we will assign her for work based on her expertise!"

"As for your little sister, we have a few kids. Maybe you can…" Tang Shaoyang wanted to say "You can introduce her to the other kids!" but stopped midway.

With Bai Yuan's face, he would scare the kids before he could introduce his little sister to her new friends.

"You can ask your girlfriend to meet the other kids so she can play with her peers while you're doing your work!"

Tang Shaoyang paid some details as he said those. The reason was Bai Yuan, it was worth putting some investment feelings into this man. As long as he could make the man follow him loyally, it was a big win.

"Alright, we are done here! You can go!"

Bai Yuan picked his little sister up and bowed his head slightly toward Tang Shaoyang. Yu Ting also did the same before they left the room together.

As soon as they left the room, Zhang Mengyao turned her head toward her man and immediately asked the thing she was curious about, "How did you meet him?"

Her impression of the Bai Yuan was dangerous and wild. From the way Bai Yuan killed Shi Ping and Han Jiang, she felt that was not his first time killing people.

"It was a long story, including my past too!" Tang Shaoyang then hugged her waist and pulled Zhang Mengyao closer to him before he whispered with his deep voice, "How about if I tell you about that in our room?"

It had passed two hours since the mess, the sun had set and the moon shone. Zhang Mengyao got the meaning behind Tang Shaoyang's proposal.

Zhang Mengyao had her face flushed red. She was still not used to how bold Tang Shaoyang was. Nonetheless, she still nodded her head shyly.


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