72 Yet Another Discovery
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Author :HotIce
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72 Yet Another Discovery

Tang Shaoyang made a big discovery in the morning training. In fact, he not only increased his Stamina attribute but his Strength attribute as well.

After taking a shower, he had a cup of coffee and started discussing the discovery with Zaneos.

"It certainly has something to do with your breathing technique," Tang Shaoyang concluded immediately after taking a sip of his coffee.

He had asked Zhang Mengyao and the others if they had an increase in their attribute. Yet none of them had their attribute increased.

"It can't be the main factor. First of all, your people have less work out than you. They merely ran around in a circle. Second, most of them have inferior talent. Third, the connection between us. I am your contracted spirit so it could only work for you!"

Zaneos explained more possibilities about how the Training State was working.

"But we can try tomorrow! Have your people…" Zaneos stopped midway, "Don't teach all your people my breathing technique, but the people you can trust only! If the breathing technique is the key just like you said, you have to keep it for your people only!"

While both were having a conversation, Zhang Mengyao went out of the bathroom. Wearing a white bathrobe with her hair still wet, she sat next to Tang Shaoyang.

"Who are you talking with? Origin?"

"No, I am talking with Zaneos. I made a big discovery this morning…" Tang Shaoyang told his discovery to Zhang Mengyao.

If someone asked who he trusted the most, there were two names on top. First, it was Lu An. The second was Zhang Mengyao. So he did not hesitate to tell his discovery to his woman.

"Really? Should I join your morning exercise too? I can ask Wei Xi to lead the Tarrior's exercise!" Zhang Mengyao was interested to give the method a try.

"Mnn, we can test it out with your woman and your young subordinate tomorrow morning. Maybe we can try it on Pride as well, it will be interesting if we can make that ape master a weapon!"

Zaneos gave his permission before Tang Shaoyang could ask his consent. The Demon Swordsman knew that his Master respected him despite him being a contracted spirit.

"What about me? Should I join the training as well?" Karen immediately joined the conversation.

"You don't have a physical body, training is useless for us,"

While the two spirits were having a conversation. Zhang Mengyao shared her discovery too, "Actually, the kitchen people generated a new skill by cooking,"

Attribute and Skill, both were equally important. Tang Shaoyang was equally surprised when heard this. He eagerly waited for Mengyao to elaborate more.

"Cooking Mastery, it was the skill they got from cooking. Don't you feel it? Our meal has become tastier lately?" Zhang Mengyao asked her man with a smile.

When Zhang Mengyao brought this up, Tang Shaoyang recalled his last meal. Indeed, it started yesterday, when he tasted the dumplings and more.

"So a skill can be learned as well!" Tang Shaoyang held his chin.

He thought the skill was something provided by the system. You got what the system provided. You chose a class, you would get an exclusive skill from the class. You chose talent if you were lucky enough, you would get an exclusive as well like Zhang Mengyao.

"Then we should change your training menu! I am going to teach you the way to use a sword!" Zaneos joined the conversation, he spoke inside Tang Shaoyang's head.

"Maybe you can use my skill without activating [Spirit Integration],"

The more Tang Shaoyang talked about this, the more excited he became. The path for him to grow stronger was open wide for him.

After having discussed the skill and attribute, they talked about the growth of their base.

"For the time being, we have enough people. Management and security are good, but we have two problems!"

"First, the food supply. All this time, we gathered the food from the abandoned store, house, etc. But we don't have a permanent resource for food supply. We will be fine for a few months but it will be bad for the long term. Especially if we keep accepting more people to our base, we need a permanent resource for food!"

Zhang Mengyao elaborated on the first problem. They did not need to discuss the details for the time being but the basic things for survival were the things needed to be addressed first.

"Oh, we can build a farm actually. We can use the GC in our treasury to purchase the land near our base and buy the seed from the General Store. As for livestock, I don't know if we can acquire normal livestock now,"

Tang Shaoyang got a solid solution for this issue. This was Origin's idea in fact. Origin was helping him with basic survival such as getting a permanent supply of food.

Zhang Mengyao's face brightened. If that was so, their problem was easily solved. She could search for the survivors to take care of the farm.

"Then we are good about food for now. The second problem is the medical team, we need a medical team. For people with high Vitality attributes, they don't need the medical help to heal their injuries but not for the people with low Vitality, the kids, and the elderly! They need medical help, we need a medical team to maintain our people's health!"

Zhang Mengyao was right, they needed a medical team, or even he wanted to build a medical division. So far, he still had not found a healing skill or something similar.

For this one, Tang Shaoyang did not have and could not offer a solution to Zhang Mengyao.

"What about the survivors? Do we have nurses or doctors?"

"We have three doctors and ten nurses. But they left when the zombie horde attacked. Now we only have two nurses," Zhang Mengyao had checked all the survivors. The base only had two nurses.

Looking at the troubled look on Tang Shaoyang's face, she offered a solution, "We don't have them but we can look for them! SH Hospital, the biggest hospital in the city, one of the nurses say the hospital has a dormitory for the doctors and nurses. We can go there and save them if they are still alive. At least, this is the only available option for now!"

Tang Shaoyang had to agree with the plan. The medical team was really important for the base and his people.

"That's good. Where's the…" Tang Shaoyang paused as he remembered Bai Yuan was hospitalized at SH Hospital. He and his nurse girlfriend could be the guide.

"Let's prepare a team for the hospital expedition. You choose the team and I will lead them. Get twenty slaves and twenty Tarriors for the team!" Tang Shaoyang made a decisive decision.

*** ***

The next morning

Tang Shaoyang, Lu An, and Zhang Mengyao together ran with a big log tied to their waist.

Tang Shaoyang added one log, so two logs tied to him while Lu An and Zhang Mengyao had one log. He also has taught the two Zaneos's breathing technique.

Tang Shaoyang easily finished his round. Zhang Mengyao was doing good but Lu An had a hard time finishing the round. Among the three, he was the one with the lowest Stamina.

After finishing their round, they also did the afterward breathing technique. Just like Tang Shaoyang did yesterday, Zhang Mengyao and Lu An breathed out hot hair. They also felt a current warmth on their chest.

[You have entered the Training State for 01:02:34. Your Stamina has increased by 3!]

The robotic notification rang in Zhang Mengyao's head. She opened her eyes in surprise. The method was actually working for her.

[You have entered the Training State for 01:10:02. Your Stamina has increased by 2!]

At the same time, Lu An also finished his breathing. He heard the notification and opened his eyes in a pleasantly surprised manner.

When he opened his eyes, he met with Zhang Mengyao's eyes. From such a short exchange gaze, both could tell the method was working. They maintained their silence so they did not disturb Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes. At the same time, he heard the same notification.

[You have entered the Training State for 01:02:01. Your Stamina has increased by 2!]

The increase was not as much as yesterday morning. But it was better than nothing.

He then turned his head toward Zhang Mengyao and Lu An, "How is it?"

"It's working!" The two answered simultaneously with a big smile.


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