74 Blocked by The Entrance
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Author :HotIce
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74 Blocked by The Entrance

The group departed from the base with the car they picked from the hotel's parking lot. There were a few expensive cars that were still working fine, and they picked a few cars randomly.

SH Hospital was located to the north of the base. If it was a normal time, it took them half an hour to reach the hospital by car. But now, it would be taking them longer to reach the hospital.

The group traveled with five luxurious SUVs and Tang Shaoyang was within the front-most SUV. He was sitting in the front seat while Bai Yuan drove the car.

Behind, Li Na was sitting in the middle of Zhao Zhong and Qin Shoushan. She was quite nervous as the two men next to her had a fierce-looking face.

Zhao Zhong had a scary scar on his right eye, but he kept smiling at her which made even more nervous. As for Qin Shoushan, he always had a serious look, making him hard to approach. The posture of him sitting also upright, with his broad shoulder, he looked like a veteran soldier.

The slender Li Na was more like a sheep between two fierce tigers.

On the back seat, Cao Jingyi, Fu Dandan, and Dai Wenqian. Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian were the ex-soldier who was also Zhang Mengyao's subordinate in the military.

They traveled in silence, but Tang Shaoyang noticed the poor Li Na who looked very uncomfortable being stared at by the lewd Zhao Zhong.

"You are scaring her, Zhao Zhong!"

Tang Shaoyang broke the awkward atmosphere.

Zhao Zhong was being chatty with Li Na while the latter only replied with one or two words. It was quite awkward hence Tang Shaoyang called him out.


Cao Jingyi followed with a smack on the head, "Did you hear that? Don't bother my little girl!"

If it was only Cao Jingyi, he would talk back but his Boss also called him out. He did not dare to talk back against his Boss, especially in front of the other people.

Zhao Zhong smiled awkwardly as he rubbed his hair.

Qin Shoushan did not even give a glance to them. He crossed his hand on the chest and closed his eyes.

At this moment, the car stopped. It helped Zhao Zhong to get out of the awkward moment.

"What's wrong?" Tang Shaoyang looked forward.

"There are a few cars that blocked the road!" Bai Yuan pointed to the road forward. A car crashed into another car, and there was a white school bus on the side road as well.

Knowing this was his chance to get out of the awkward moment, Zhao Zhong volunteered himself, "I will move the car away! Leave it to me!"

He slammed his chest to assure the others before he went out of the car. Without words, Qin Shoushan also went out to help.

Tang Shaoyang merely nodded his head. He did not plan to help, at all. Such a menial work, he just let his subordinate do it for him.

With their current stat, they easily moved the car. Both had reached over Level 30 and both already had class. Zhao Zhong had a unique class, Berserker while Qin Shoushan had a basic class, Warrior.

Tang Shaoyang closed eyes, trying to take some nap. He was so crazy last night so he suffered a lack of sleep.

He just closed his eyes for a moment, but a hand shaking his shoulder lightly.

Tang Shaoyang looked back. It was Li Na who shook him. She pointed her finger to the front.

He looked forward. Qin Shoushan and Zhao Zhong had moved the cars. However, there were three more people with them now. Two females and a male.

"Should we come down too?" Li Na asked.

Recalling the sloppy Zhao Zhong and the quiet Qin Shoushan, Tang Shaoyang nodded. He came down with Li Na.

"What's up, Zhao Zhong?" Tang Shaoyang called out from afar.

Zhao Zhong turned around. When he saw it was his Boss, he immediately ran toward Tang Shaoyang.

"They are the survivors, Boss! They asked us for help!"

Tang Shaoyang nodded and approached the three people. The male was someone in his mid-thirties with a messy beard and unkempt hair.

The two females were no better than the male. Well, they were much younger but they had an awful smell like they had not taken bath for a long time.

"I am the Leader of this group, what do you guys need?" Tang Shaoyang straightforwardly asked the middle-aged man.

The two females flinched slightly. Putting aside the two fierce-looking dudes on his side, Tang Shaoyang's voice was deep enough to intimidate the two females.

The middle-aged man also seemed to be intimidated by Tang Shaoyang's aura. However, he looked at the situation much clearer than the two females.

Qin Shoushan and Zhao Zhong stood slightly behind Tang Shaoyang. From the short conversation between Tang Shaoyang and Zhao Zhong, the middle-aged man could tell the man in front of him was respected by the two fierce-looking dudes.

"My name is Yan Guangli and I am the head of Century Orphanage. Can you help me and the kids? Please lead us to the shelter,"

Yan Guangli bowed his head toward Tang Shaoyang. He assumed Tang Shaoyang and the others were coming out of the shelter or something similar since he claimed to be a leader of this group.

The two females immediately followed the middle-aged man as well to bow their heads.

"Where are the kids?" Tang Shaoyang did not see the kids around.

"They are inside that building!" The middle-aged man pointed toward the two-story restaurant that was a few blocks from here.

"How many?"

"Seventeen children, we have five years old the youngest while eleven the oldest," The middle-aged instantly replied as he added some details as well.

Survivors, Tang Shaoyang certainly needed more survivors to fill the base even though it was children. He did not mind taking them with him to the base. But he was on a mission, that was the problem.

"Well, if you trust us, I have two choices for you! First, we are on a mission so we can't take you to the shelter. You can wait here until our return from the mission, and we will bring you and the kids back with us after the mission!"

"Second, I can tell you the way to the shelter. You and the kids can go walk or take some random cars with you and go to the shelter,"

Yan Guangli had a troubled expression when the second choice was mentioned. If he was not children, he could risk it to reach the shelter. But with the children, it was impossible to do.

"Don't worry, Uncle Yan. We have cleared the zombie on the way here. You can travel safely," Li Na, who never spoke before, finally spoke out to assure Yan Guangli.

Nonetheless, Yan Guangli did not dare to take the risk.

"Is this yours?" Cao Jingyi appeared next to Li Na as she pointed to the white school bus on the side road.

"Huh!?" Yan Guangli was at loss for a moment with Cao Jingyi appearance, but he still nodded his head, indicating he had the bus.

"Good! Get the children out and follow us on the bus. We are not far from our destination, SH Hospital!" Cao Jingyi told her idea.

She thought the mission was not that dangerous with their team. Their team was strong, protecting them from the zombies should not be an issue.

"Can we?" The middle-aged man was delighted with the idea. He looked to Tang Shaoyang, waiting for him to respond with the idea.

"We need a driver, especially a bus driver like him to bring the doctors and the nurse, why don't bring him with us?" Cao Jingyi explained the reason why she wanted to take them to the mission.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows as he looked at Cao Jingyi. After a moment, he finally agreed, "Then you will be in charge to organize this group!"

"Yes!" Cao Jingyi nodded.

"I will also help Sister Jingyi~," Li Na volunteered to help.

"Do whatever you want, quick!" Tang Shaoyang waved his hand and returned to the car.

It took them fifteen minutes to organize these people. Just like that, a bus school followed the group to the hospital.

Just like Cao Jingyi mentioned, they were not far from the SH Hospital. They arrived at the entrance to the hospital in fifteen minutes.

However, when they arrived at the hospital, there was a group of people that blocked the group at the entrance. Completely different from the beforehand group, this group was armed.


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