77 Kang Xue
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Author :HotIce
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77 Kang Xue

Tang Shaoyang nailed right on the spot with his guess. A group of survivors consisted of twelve adult females, three males, four elderly, and two children were hiding in the storage room of the hospital's cafeteria.

"Doctor Kang, his temperature keeps rising! We need medicine to help him!" A female in a dirty nurse uniform reported to the female wore a blue shirt.

Kang Xue was the newly hired Doctor in SH Hospital. At that time when she was accepted by SH Hospital, she thought that a bright future was waiting for her. The biggest hospital in SH City and the top ten hospitals in the country, everyone would have the same thought as hers.

However, she never thought such an absurd disaster struck. While she was in the midnight shift, a zombie appeared next to her. Her quick reaction saved her from the zombie's first strike. Now, she had saved eleven female nurses and a few patients.

"Just leave him be! Let him die already, don't torment him! We can save more food as well with that," one of the male survivors chimed at the moment the female nurse reported the little boy's condition.

Those remarks caused Kang Xue to frown. The male who just spoke was also a fellow doctor just like her. How could a doctor speak like that? The doctor was supposed to be saving a life, not watching them die. However, Kang Xue did not bother to talk back as she walked to the corner of the room, where the boy was lying down. An emergency ax was hanging around her left hand, making her look more like a butcher as blood covered the ax.

She walked to the little boy and squatted down. Sweat flooded his face, his lips had lost their color, and the boy's body was quivering despite losing his consciousness. She put her hand on his forehead to check his body's temperature. It was extremely hot for a body's temperature. Even though she was a doctor, she was helpless without medicine.

"If you don't want to watch him being tortured like that, give your ax, let me end his life!" The male doctor continued as he stared at the emergency ax. The emergency ax was the one who saved them from the zombie. He wanted to have it to protect his life and ran away from this damned place if he could.

At those words, Kang Xue turned toward the male doctor. Her eyes showed some hostility toward him.

The male doctor was not intimidated by the female doctor's gaze. He stared back and talked back while raising his voice, "What? Do you want to save him and go out there to get the medicine? If you want to die by that scary monster outside there then go ahead!"

He was so stressed, being locked in this kind of room for over a month with a scary monster looming around outside there. It was natural for him to turn like this under huge stress. At least, he justified his action based on that.

"Hah…" Kang Xue let out a sigh, she was so exhausted and did not want to waste his breath to the almost breaking doctor like this guy. She then turned toward the female nurses, "Do any of you want to accompany me to get the medicine?"

The silence was the reply of the female nurses to her. None of them wanted to follow her outside. Kang Xue could not blame them as there was truly a scary monster outside there. It was not a zombie, it was a monster that would slice your body into two with one slash of its scythe. On top of that, you could not see the monster, not because the monster was invisible or something. It was because the monster moved so fast that it could not be seen by naked eyes. It was more like a shadow flashed here and there to her.

The people inside this storage room were afraid of that monster. The zombie was still okay, they could still kill the zombie or even escape from the zombie with some a juke move but not this monster. How could you escape from a monster that much faster than yourself?

"Alright then, please look after him for me," Kang Xue asked one of the female nurses to look after the boy. The female nurse nodded in response.

Kang Xue then walked to the door. She stood in front of the door for a moment. It was a lie to say if she was not nervous at all. She was extremely nervous and scared on the inside. However, she badly wanted to save the boy, the passion she had as a doctor had not dimmed yet despite the world had turned upside down.

It took her some time to calm her spiking heartbeat and gathering her courage before she finally pushed the door open. She pushed the door slowly, taking a peek at the kitchen. Yes, the storage was immediately connected to the kitchen.

The empty and dark kitchen gave her spine chill. She tried to not make any noise to alert the monster outside. Seeing nothing outside she pushed the door again, slowly, making sure not making any noise.

After enough gap was open, she tried to slip out. Taking one step of another, Kang Xue managed to get out of the storage room without making noise. Afterward, she closed the door slowly.


With a click of a little noise, the door was closed. Her muscle tensed up a bit the moment the door was closed. She scanned the kitchen, holding her breath, her eyes darted around to detect any movement.

Kang Xue's muscle loosened a little as she found no movement around the kitchen. She paused her steps as she tried to recall the layout of the hospital. She was in the cafeteria on the second floor. The closest medicine storage was on the first floor.

Fortunately, there was an emergency stair near the cafeteria. She just needed to come out of the kitchen area and moved to the right corridor a few meters.

Kang Xue gulped out as her heartbeat spiking up again. Slowly, she crept her way out the kitchen toward the dimmed corridor. She peeked to the right and left, making sure there was no zombie around. As no zombie could be seen around, she braced herself and turned toward the right. Twenty-three steps, it was right twenty-three steps as she counted it inwardly.

Fortunate enough the door to the emergency stair was open. She peeked inside and it was safe, no zombies around. She released the breath she had been holding in a while in one go.

Maybe God perceived her good intention so God cleared the way to get the medicine. The path to the storage on the first floor was clear. From the emergency stair, she needed to go to the right corridor to reach the storage. She peeked out once again and it was safe once again. To the left corridor was toward the lobby, but she needed to go right. Moreover, the lobby was filled with zombies, the last place she wanted to go.

As it was safe, she came out and went to the right corridor. Maybe, she had used all her luck to reach the first floor, the moment she turned her head toward the right, a shiny blade of the scythe appeared in front of her face.


That was what she thought at this moment.


But then something big crushed the creature in front of her. God had not abandoned her it seemed.

"Hello, lady! Don't daze around like that or you may get killed!" A voice came right from behind.


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