78 Death Scythe
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Author :HotIce
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78 Death Scythe

Tang Shaoyang entered the hospital through the main entrance. He hid behind the pillar and peeked inside the lobby.

There was a big crowd of zombies inside. The zombies were roaming around aimlessly. It was as if they were guarding the entrance. On top of that, the door was closed.

"Tch, how I am supposed to sneak in?" Tang Shaoyang muttered quietly. It was not that he was afraid of the zombie, but he came to scout not to kill them. Scouting was supposed to be secretly gathering intel, right? Tang Shaoyang thought to himself.

"Nah, who cares!? This is my way of scouting!" In the end, he gave up to scout sneakily. He opened the glass door which immediately attracted the zombie's attention. All the zombies were merely Stage-1 Zombie hence he easily cleared them all.

After killing the zombie, he stopped right in front of the big counter while looking right and left, 'Where should I go now?'

"Maybe to the right…" the words stopped midway as he heard something from the left corridor. His hearing detecting a slight movement from the left, whether it was just him hearing things or maybe there was something on the left, he changed his mind as he headed to the left.

To his delight, he found something that he did not expect to find. A head popped out from a door, she glanced to the right and the left cautiously. Maybe the lack of lightning limited her vision hence she did not see him.

Tang Shaoyang without much thought approaching the girl. But then he saw a small creature appear in front of the woman. The creature tried to slice the woman's neck with its scary scythe.

'I won't allow that to happen!' Knowing the woman was his objective, Tang Shaoyang would not allow the creature to kill the woman. He rushed forward with all his might and slammed the creature with his Destroyer.


"Hello, lady! Don't daze around like that or you may get killed!" Tang Shaoyang greeted the woman. But then, the woman seemed to be shocked by the event she just experienced as she did not react to his greeting.

At this moment, he heard a movement from behind. Based on the slight noise they made, it was not just one but about four to six, he was not sure about that.

Kang Xue was holding her breath with a destroyed wall and a big battle-ax struck on it right in front of her. She thought she was dead for sure just now.

She then turned her head around and saw a man smiled at her. Then she heard the man speak to her, "Is this the thing called saving the damsel in distress?"

Then she noticed a change of look on the man's face when they met face to face.

"But the damsel is an ugly duckling, not a beauty," The man playfully remarked afterward.

"I am not an ugly duckling, I am a swan!" Kang Xue blurted out. She did not know why but there was an urge to rebut the man who just saved her. She did cover her mouth afterward though.

"Alright, ugly swan! We have to move now, that guy's friends are coming, and they are not friendly, at all!" Tang Shaoyang grinned as he pointed at the creature he just killed. He did not have time to get a clear look at the creature as more were coming toward them.

He pulled the Destroyer from the wall and held the girl's waist, "Where are we going, Ugly Swan?"

Kang Xue gritted her teeth as she accepted the name unwillingly. They indeed had to move out from their spot or the monsters would come for them.

"Run ahead and turn right at the third door! We have to get the medicine first before we return to the second floor!"


She was shocked as the man was moving so fast. A big blow of wind hit her face and in a few seconds, they arrived at the third door. As they entered the door, the man put her down and stayed near the door.

"Go get the medicine, I will guard the door…" Tang Shaoyang paused as he found the room had two doors that led to a different room, "Follow me closely!"

He then walked toward the door to the right. With a light step, he reached the door, and he tried to peek through the circular glass. He tried to secure the room so the girl could get the medicine safely.

The room behind the door was dark with a few desks inside. He saw nothing inside. "Where's the medicine?" Asked Tang Shaoyang without looking back.

"The other door! We store the medicine inside!" Kang Xue replied as quietly as possible. She did not want to alert the monster or the zombie, just in case monsters were hiding inside the room.

"Follow me closely, less than a meter, understand!" Tang Shaoyang turned around and ordered the girl. He was no longer being playful and Kang Xue could tell that by his expression. She nodded her head nervously.

Tang Shaoyang then walked toward the door ahead of them. He peeked inside and it was darker than the beforehand room. Inside, he could see a big shelf lined up orderly where the medicine was stored.


He then opened the door, but the door was locked. He turned toward the woman, "The door is locked, Ugly Swan. Do you have the key?"

Kang Xue shook her head, indicating she did not have the key. But she might know where the key was. She slowly turned toward the other door.


Based on the woman's reaction, Tang Shaoyang knew she did not have the key. Using Destroyer, he destroyed the door. He then pulled the woman's hand to the room and commanded, "Get the medicine fast, we don't have much time!"

The door was made of metal but it was easily sliced open by the man. Kang Xue was once again stunned by the man's brute force and his idiotic action. They were supposed not to make any noise to not attract the monsters, but this guy not only made a little noise but he made a big one.

"What are you staring at? Go in and get the medicine!" Tang Shaoyang could not help but knock the woman's head.

Kang Xue did not bother to refute as she flushed into the room. Tang Shaoyang did not follow the woman. He chose to guard the door since the door was locked. That meant there should be no zombie or any creature inside.

'What was that just now?' Tang Shaoyang recalled the creature he smashed just now.

He could not get a clear look at it since the corridors had no lightning, but he could see a glimpse of it. The creature was about half of his height or maybe even shorter. It had dark skin, a big and pointy nose, and its ears also pointed upward.

While he was wondering what creature it was, someone nudged his arm from behind. He looked back. The woman already backs with a plastic bag with medicine inside.

"I got the medicine! Let's go back to the second floor. We need to deliver the medicine quickly or…" before Kang Xue could finish her sentence, Tang Shaoyang cut her off with a question, "How many?"

"What?" Kang Xue asked back.

"The people on the second floor? How many of them?" 

Even though Kang Xue was clueless why the man asked her the number of people with her, she still answered honestly, "21! 21 survivors including me! Why?" The man was her and the other survivors' chance to survive out of the hospital.

Right after she finished answering, Tang Shaoyang picked her up with his empty hand. They immediately rushed out of the room and he stopped at the door toward the emergency stair.

While dangling in the air, Kang Xue tried to guide Tang Shaoyang to the stair.

"Yes, we can use the stairs to the second floor!" She used his finger to point the stairs.

However, Tang Shaoyang's eyes gazed into the destroyed wall. The creature's body was nowhere to be seen but he saw the blood around it. There were two possibilities: either the creature did not die when he struck it or its friend brought the body.

He was more inclined to the first possibility. Since the body was not here, Tang Shaoyang dashed toward the lobby instead of going to the emergency stairs.

"Where are you going!??" Kang Xue crooked her head up and yelled at the man, "We have to deliver the medicine to him or he may die!" She struggled hard, trying to break free from Tang Shaoyang's hand. But the hand was firm, she did not have the strength to break free.

Tang Shaoyang ignored the struggling woman as he dashed faster. Because he felt a strong gaze on his back, not just a pair, but many pairs of eyes.

*** ***

Meanwhile, Cao Jingyi had divided the team into six teams. Five teams would enter the hospital and one team would stay behind to protect the children.

"Get ready! We will move very soon!" Cao Jingyi called out the people to get ready. She then took the quiver off her waist and got two short swords. The bow was certainly not a good weapon to use inside the hospital.

"Huh!? Why? Shouldn't we wait for Boss to come back first?" Zhao Zhong asked back.

"He will be back very soon because he is not scouting, but running amuck inside! He will be back with the thing called Death Scythe chases after him!" Cao Jingyi rolled her eyes at Zhao Zhong. They clearly heard the loud bang noise from the hospital, Tang Shaoyang was clearly not scouting.

Sure enough, after she finished her words, she saw Tang Shaoyang came out of the hospital.


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