80 The Hunt Starts - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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80 The Hunt Starts - Part 1

After hearing the order to run from Tang Shaoyang, everyone was running as fast as possible. The terror of looking at a head rolling down on the ground scared everyone.

Even Zhao Zhong and Qin Shoushan were scared. They were scared because they did not see how their friend's heads got sliced off. That was scaring them.

Bai Yuan, Zhao Zhong, and Qin Shoushan led the group, charging out of the hospital. However, they did not forget their task to protect the survivors.

Meanwhile, Cao Jingyi took the backline by herself. She slowed down her speed while protecting the elderly in front of her. Her hands were always on the sword's handle so she would be ready when the Death Scythe appeared.

Did she get scared? Yes, of course, she was also frightened by what happened just now. The thing she remembered was Tang Shaoyang yelling at them to get down. She did as per his order.

However, as she squatted down, she saw a man's head rolled down right in front of her. She recognized whose head it was, Zhang Tu's head. He was one of forty people who surrendered to be a "slave".

Zhang Tu was standing right next to her and she did not know how this man died. Her mind blanked but the afterward scream woke her up. The next thing she heard was Tang Shaoyang shouting furiously at them to run.

While her mind was preoccupied with the event just now, she did not realize she made it through the entrance and out. Yes, the group safely came out of the hospital.

"Two people are missing!" Bai Yuan's rough voice caused her to snap out of her thoughts and look back. Tang Shaoyang should be right behind her but she was not there.

She turned toward the group who ran toward the cars. Cao Jingyi could not find Tang Shaoyang among them as well.

"It's Boss and the doctor!" Zhao Zhong followed up after Bai Yuan. Yes, while everyone was busy saving their lives. No one noticed Tang Shaoyang was staying behind to hold the creature.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang squinted his eyes toward the dark ceiling. Slowly, the creature that hid in the dark resurfaced and showed their figures. Red eyes, a big nose that slightly pointed downward, big ears that protrude upward, and ragged teeth.

After getting a clear look at them, he then noticed these creatures were not even half of his height. They were hanging on the ceiling with their left hands while the other hand was holding a scythe.


[Monster - Dark Goblin]

Affiliation: -

Class: Death Scythe

Level: 72



"So these dark-skinned creatures are Dark Goblins…" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice. What surprised him was this monster had a class. Death Scythe was not the name of this creature but their classes.

Twelve Dark Goblins were hanging on the ceiling. These creatures were grinning at him, taking him as loose prey. At least, that was how Tang Shaoyang perceived it.

"Heh, I am not the prey, but you guys, cuties!" Tang Shaoyang grinned back at the small goblins. He was ready to swing his battle-ax to destroy these cute creatures.

But then, he felt his waist being nudged from behind. He crooked his head to the back and saw Ugly Swan. Yes, Kang Xue was standing straight, her eyes showed a strong determination, and her both hands were holding an emergency ax. She was ready to fight with her savior.

"I-I will fight them with you!" Her voice was a little bit shaky, but she tried to cover it up with her loud voice.

Earlier, when everyone was running for their lives, she noticed Tang Shaoyang did not run. She followed the group to the first floor, but she did not follow them to the outside. She went to pick her emergency ax and went back to fight the monster together with Tang Shaoyang.

That was her plan, she just wanted to help the man who saved her life. But little did she know that a good intention did not help in the fight against the monsters, at all.

"What are you doing here? Why didn't you run with the others?" Tang Shaoyang's voice deepened as he said that. He was surprised to see the girl did not run away. But she was not helping him.

"I… Watch out!" Before she could answer, she saw one of the creatures lunging toward Tang Shaoyang. She yelled to warn Tang Shaoyang while trying to rush forward, she was ready to hack the goblin with her emergency ax.

"Quite brave, aren't you!" Tang Shaoyang's lips cracked into a smirk upon noticing the girl tried to face the Death Scythe. He put her hand around her waist as he pulled her into the emergency stairs with him.


The Death Scythe swung the scythe but it missed. The goblin was still in the air. It was the right chance to slice the goblin.

After pushing the girl into the emergency stairs, he turned around and thrust the battle-ax toward the door. To his surprise, the Dark Goblin could maneuver its body in the air. It made some weird movement and suddenly, its body was moving backward in the air.

"What was that?" Tang Shaoyang muttered under his breath. That was so weird, the movement.

"Just stay there and watch my back! I appreciate your good intention but it does not help me! Stay still if you want to help!" Tang Shaoyang ordered Kang Xue to stay still. He then walked out again.

'What's that? Stay still if you want to help? Why does he so mean to me?' Kang Xue grumbled inwardly but she did not say it out.

When he was out of the emergency stairs, the twelve Dark Goblins were still hanging on the ceiling. They still had the same grin on their face.

"Kikiki…" "Kukuku…" "Kekeke…"

As soon as they met again, the goblin made some weird laugh. For some reason, he felt they were ridiculing him.

"You are messing around with the wrong person, cuties!" He grinned back at the goblins, "Come down you cuties, let me crack your heads open!"

"Kikiki…" "Kukuku…" "Kekeke…"

However, then the goblin was laughing louder at him before they abruptly stopped laughing. The moment they stopped laughing, slowly, the twelve dark goblins' figures blended in the dark ceiling.

'Is his head okay? How could he call those ugly creatures cuties?' Behind, Kang Xue questioned the man's taste. She was a beauty but he called her an ugly swan, and those ugly monsters were cuties in his eyes.

While she was in her own world, she saw the man slammed the big battle-ax forward.


The battle-ax destroyed the white-tiled ground, but it did not hit the monster. However, she then witnessed the man release his grips on the battle-ax as his both hands moved to the air. She saw his hand caught something in the air.



Tang Shaoyang caught one goblin right on the neck. He immediately slammed the goblin down with all his might, causing the little goblin to scream in pain.

But then, Kang Xue saw three scythes slashed downward to Tang Shaoyang's back. She did not see the creature but only their scythes. Her mouth opened, she was about to say "Be careful!"

However, those words did not come out of her mouth because she saw Tang Shaoyang pull the battle-ax and swung the battle-ax upward.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The three scythes were thrown away as it clashed against the battle-ax. Afterward, the man raised his right leg and stomped right on the goblin who laid down on the ground.


Dark Goblin's stomach was burst out under the stomp. It stopped squeaking as it died instantly. Despite the gory scene presented before her, Kang Xue's gaze never left Tang Shaoyang as she detected a change in him.

For sure, the man was getting taller. On top of that, his skin turned green, and his muscles also bulged out. While she was in a daze, a scythe appeared from her top.

The frozen Kang Xue stayed still despite the threat in front of her. She was caught off guard. However, the scythe that was supposed to pierce her face did not arrive as once again the man saved her.

Tang Shaoyang caught the goblin's feet and smashed the little guy to the wall.


The goblin's head was cracked open and her face got splashed by the goblin's blood.

She finally got to see the man's face once again and confirmed the man truly transformed into something else. Not only his skin turned green, but his black pupils also changed to green.

But then, another five same creatures showed themselves right behind the man.

"Watch out!" Kang Xue yelled out as she threw the emergency ax in her hand toward one of the Dark Goblin. Hoping to take down one of the goblins.

However, the reality was completely different from her expectation. The ax missed the target as the five goblins successfully landed their scythes on the man's back.


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