81 The Hunt Starts - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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81 The Hunt Starts - Part 2

"No!!!!" Without Kang Xue realizing, tears were swelling up in her eyes as she cried out unwillingly. The man was her savior, and now thanks to her, he died.

'If only I follow the others to run… If only…' she regretted her stupid decision. After watching the fight, Kang Xue was aware that she was a burden to the man. If she was not here, maybe the man would be fine. But now, he had to fight the monsters while protecting her.

'Why don't you just let me die? Why are you protecting me so hard?' That was what she thought as she watched the scythes stabbed into the man's back.

But then, a husky voice flowed out of the man's mouth, "Why are you being so dramatic? I am fine you, you Idiot Ugly Swan!"

Tang Shaoyang wagged his right arm to the back as he spun his body around. The five Dark Goblins were caught and slammed to the right by his right arm. The five goblins were stacked together on the left side.

[Wild Axes]

He activated his skill and the two axes flew to the five stacked goblins.


[Wild Axes] merely killed the first three goblins. The three goblins had their bodies sliced up into three by the axes.

Tang Shaoyang then picked the battle-ax. Since he fought them in a limited space, he had been always holding the battle-ax in the middle of its shaft so he could use the Destroyer freely despite the limited space of the emergency stairs.

He swung the Destroyer vertically, hacking down the remaining two goblins.


The two poor goblins split into by from their chest. Blood sprayed everywhere, the blue-tiled ground now covered by the blood of the goblin.

Seven out of twelve Death Scythes were killed. Without looking back, Tang Shaoyang walked out of the emergency stairs, "Stay there, you Noisy Idiot Ugly Swan!" He did not forget to remind the girl to step out of the emergency stairs.

Even though there were Idiot and Noisy in front of her unwilling name, she was happy on the inside. Just now, she thought the five scythes would pierce through his back to his heart. But now she saw what happened.

The five scythes were still dangling on his back. However, only two inches of the scythe's blade pierced the leather clothes and his back. Blood flowed from the pierced clothes.

At this moment, Kang Xue already did not care what actually happened to the man. Whether he was transforming into something else, it did not matter anymore to her. What mattered was the man was safe and sound, though she was worried about the injured on his back.

However, since the man told her to stay back. She obediently abided by his words and stayed behind.

After killing seven goblins, the remaining five did not show themselves. They hid in the dark. Tang Shaoyang held the destroyer straight as he scanned the dimmed cafeteria.

One thing he learned after he re-entered the hospital. He could not see the goblins with his eyes, but he could hear a slight noise once the goblin used their skill. The skill that made them invisible. He assumed it was a skill since the goblin had a class.

He focused on his hearing more than his vision. Slowly, Tang Shaoyang closed his eyes, to his surprise, he could hear the woman's breathing behind him.

Kang Xue did not know what the man did right now. However, the quiet and dark atmosphere caused her breathing to be hurried slightly. She pumped out and breathed in the air faster which was caused by nervousness.

The game of patience, that was what Tang Shaoyang did right now. He had to be patient to kill the remaining goblins.

Ten seconds passed…

Twenty seconds passed…

In thirty seconds, his ears twitched slightly as he heard a movement.

'Two from the left, one from the top, and another from the right… One is missing…' He counted in his mind as he opened his eyes at the same time.

[War Cry]

Tang Shaoyang used his skill the moment he detected the movement. A deafening roar-like lion came out of Tang Shaoyang's mouth. The roar caused the wall and the ground to vibrate slightly.

At the same time, the five goblins showed themselves or maybe their skills got canceled by his [War Cry]. Tang Shaoyang was delighted by the surprise, without wasting any time he swung the Destroyer toward the five goblins. There was an additional goblin on top of him, he miscounted them.

Three swings of his battle-ax cleared the remaining five goblins. As soon as he killed the last Death Scythe, a notification rang.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

Despite the cold tone of the robotic voice, Tang Shaoyang grinned while raising his hand, "Yes, Baby, level up…"


The celebration stopped midway as a throbbing pain struck his back. He just realized the five scythes were still dangling on his back. He immediately reached the scythes and pulled them over.

"Don't…!" Kang Xue called out but she was too late as Tang Shaoyang already pulled them off his body.

"What?" Tang Shaoyang turned back.

"Why did you pull it off?" She approached as she tried to see the wound on his back.

"Of course, I have to pull it off! It stuck on my body!" He did not understand why this Ugly Swan tried to prevent him from pulling off the scythe. It was painful when you had those things on your back. So to get rid of the pain, he had to take those things off his body.

"We have to prepare something to treat the wound and stop the bleeding," She circled to Tang Shaoyang's back, "See, it's bleeding a lot, we have to tend the wounds now or you are going to lose a lot of blood!" She anxiously examined the wound.

"Nah, it's fine! I have a high Vitality!" Tang Shaoyang waved his hand casually, "You better go regroup with the others or at least get out of the hospital!"

'The hunt starts!'

Since [War Cry] could cancel the invisible skill of the Death Scythe, Tang Shaoyang was eager to hunt the Death Scythe down. 12 Death Scythe, he leveled up once, killing 88 of them might give him three levels.


[Normal Mode Mini-Game]


1. Rescue the survivors in the hospital area, 31 Survivors.

2. Kill all Death Scythes (76)

Note: Completing both objectives gives you a bonus reward!


1. All the survivors die.

2. All participants die.

Note: Normal Mode Mini-Game does not give you a penalty.


1. A level 7 Treasure Chest for each surviving participant.

2. +20 Skill Points

3. +3 Levels

4. 100,000 Game Coin for each surviving participant and 100,000 Game Coin for your faction if you are in a faction.

5. A random bonus reward if you completed both objectives.

Time Limit: No time limit!


He then checked the progress of the objective. 12 had been killed, only 76 Death Scythes remaining.

'10 more survivors and 76 Death Scythes!'

*** ***

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, Cao Jingyi took over Tang Shaoyang's position temporarily. No one objected to that as Zhao Zhong and Qin Shoushan backed her up.

"It seems he's fine!" A roar just resounded from the hospital. From the roar, she could tell the roar's source was their Boss, Tang Shaoyang. They were worrying over their Boss since he did not come out with them. But the roar confirmed that he was still alive.

"Let's wait for ten minutes. If he does not come back, we will enter the hospital back! We will start the mission, rescue ten more people, and kill the Death Scythe then we are done!" Cao Jingyi then turned toward the survivors they just saved, "Do any of you know the hospital's layout?"

Before any of the survivors could respond to her, one of her team objected, "Should we enter the hospital again? Isn't it the same as suicide? We don't even know the Boss is alive or dead by now?"

Right after that, everyone had their eyes fell on the man. He was one of twenty people from the "Slaves" group. Two people died just now and they wanted him to enter the hospital again? Hell no, he did not want to throw his life there.

As the slave group did not experience the battle against two consecutive of the zombie horde. They did not have the same mentality as the group who faced the zombie horde.

"What? Am I wrong? How are we supposed to kill the things we could not see?" Being the center of attention, that made the guy nervous. He stood up and raised his voice subconsciously.

"If you don't want to enter the hospital, then I am going slice your neck with my sword!" Qin Shoushan who was always silent stood up. He had his hand on the sword's handle as he was ready to pull the sword. He was serious with his words.

Zhao Zhong also stood up with a grin on his face. He was ready to back up Qin Shoushan as well.

The man took a few steps back subconsciously. He was intimidated by the two guys, he then looked around as he tried to look for friends to back him up. He believed that he was not the only one who was scared of the things in the hospital. However, everyone avoided his gaze, no one was willing to offend three important people in the base.

Cao Jingyi stepped in as she prevented these two went wild and started to kill randomly. She walked toward the man who objected to entering the hospital, "If we don't enter the hospital and don't complete the objective, how are we going to come out of this place?" She pointed toward the entrance that blocked.

"On top of that, don't forget your status! You have signed it! You only listen to the order not otherwise! Do you understand?" Cao Jingyi hovered over the guy and he did not dare to look into her eyes.

The man avoided Cao Jingyi's gaze as he lowered his head. He did not even dare to answer the question.

"Do. You. Understand?" Cao Jingyi repeated it once again with her deepened voice.

"Y-yes…" the man nodded his head furiously as his voice stuttered.

"Good!" Cao Jingyi then turned around, walking back to the survivors, "Does any of you know the hospital's layout? If you know, raise your hand!"

Qin Shoushan and Zhao Zhong also followed Cao Jingyi's gaze. For some reason, the survivors also got intimidated, slowly, one after another raised their hands one by one.

"Good! Tell us then! We are going to start the hunt in ten minutes!"


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