82 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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82 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 1

Ten minutes had passed and Tang Shaoyang did not come back. It caused a few people to worry as they were uncertain whether their Boss who was also the strongest survived or not from the Death Scythe.

Cao Jingyi however had big confidence in their Boss. If they were part of the group who faced the zombie horde together they would know how ridiculously strong that man was. She believed Tang Shaoyang, it was backed up by the number of the Death Scythe that got reduced in the objective screen.

Zhao Zhong, Qin Shoushan, Li Na, and the Tarriors believed in Tang Shaoyang. It was the slave group and the survivors who doubted whether their Leader was still alive or not.

"Alright, we will go as planned! You two stay behind and protect these people!" Cao Jingyi called out two men, one of them was part of Tarrior and the other was from the slave group.

20 out of 44 people that entered the mini-game were the children and their caretakers. Someone who could not fight. The rest was Tang Shaoyang's group which consisted of 13 Tarriors including Tang Shaoyang and 11 people of the slave group. 2 died, and both were part of the slave group and Tang Shaoyang was still inside the hospital

Since they had 21 people Cao Jingyi divided the group into four teams with five people into each of the teams except for her team. Her team was filled with all girls, she, Li Na, Fu Dandan, and Dai Wenqian.

Qin Shoushan had his team and Zhao Zhong also led one team. Yan Sheng, a man who showed an excellent performance in the battle against the zombie horse. That was the reason she chose him to lead the fourth team.

As for why Cao Jingyi only left two people behind, because the area outside the hospital was a safe zone. She left two people behind to keep on watch these survivors.

She then approached the man she trusted to watch the survivors, "Keep an eye on them! Also, give them food and drinks, appropriately as we don't know how long we are going to stay in this place!" The survivors' condition was not good, from their complexion, she could tell they were starving. Their lips were dried, almost cracked, and their face looked bloodless.

"What if they don't listen to me?" The man asked as he glanced at the survivors. The kids should not be a problem as he could scare but the newcomers were different. Two kids and the rest were adults. The adults might not be listening to him.

"If they don't listen to you, you can do whatever you want to them. You can hit them or even cut one of their limbs, it's not a problem as long as you don't kill them!" Cao Jingyi replied loudly, making sure the survivors heard her. It served as a warning to these people.

It was effective as the survivors flinched in fear the moment they heard that. They were mentally exhausted so a little threat from Cao Jingyi frightened the survivors.

She then looked toward the man in front of her, "As for you, if you do something over the line to them, you will not be spared either!" Cao Jingyi warned the man.

After a brief word with the man, the teams left. The group then headed toward the hospital. Guan Yao, one of the men who survived battling against the zombie horde watched the group enter the hospital.

As he looked at the group entering the hospital, he felt relieved but also a tinge of regret. He was relieved that he was not picked by the team to enter the hospital to face the scary monster. However, for some reason, he felt some regrets as well, he did not know why but he felt so.

*** ***

The group entered the hospital slowly. The beforehand incident traumatized the group so they became more cautious.

But Zhao Zhong seemed not affected, he boldly picked the path to the right corridor, "Then we will take this way!"

Cao Jingyi nodded, "Be careful!" She warned the reckless Zhao Zhong. The latter merely waved his hand casually, indicating he would be fine.

The remaining three teams went to the left. When they arrived at the emergency stairs, Qin Shoushan went ahead while Cao Jingyi's team and Yan Sheng's team took the emergency stairs to the second floor.

The SH Hospital had ten floors with a parking lot in the basement. The building was big, forming a U-shape building with a small dome laboratory in the center. As for the dormitory, it was located at the rearmost of the hospital.

The plan was to explore each room in the hospital to find the remaining survivors. They had no clue about the remaining survivors, after all. This was what they could do. Zhao Zhong's team and Qin Shoushan's team would look around on the first floor and they would go up after they were done with the first floor. At the end of the building, there were more emergency stairs too so they could climb up from there.

When Cao Jingyi's team and Yan Shen's team reached the second floor, they saw the unknown dead bodies. A creature with a small frame and a scary face. Most of the corpses were incomplete, some had their head cracked and some had their bodies split open.

"It's goblin!" Yan Sheng blurted out when the creature's face. He was so surprised to see the goblins.

Cao Jingyi and the others immediately turned to Yan Sheng. His voice was not loud but it was clear in their ears, "Goblin?" Cao Jingyi got closer to Yan Sheng, "Do you know these monsters?"

Without a doubt, these corpses were left behind by their Boss. The corpses confirmed their guess that their Boss was still alive. But she was surprised that Yan Sheng knew these ugly creatures.

Yan Sheng cautiously approached a barely intact Dark Goblin's dead body. He kicked the body, making sure the goblin was dead. Confirming that he squatted down to get a clear look.

"Yes, this is a goblin!" Yan Sheng stood up excitedly and turned to Cao Jingyi, "This a fantasy creature that usually appears in the game, fantasy story, and also anime!"

Yan Sheng, 22 years old, was in the fourth year of his university before the world changed. Love to play games, watch anime, and read comics. He called himself half-neet and he was not embarrassed to admit that.

He could not hide his excitement to find a fantasy creature in real life like this.

Cao Jingyi who was not part of these three certainly did not know. She looked at the other girls, but Li Na, Fu Dandan, and Dai Wenqian also did not know. They shook their heads in response.

"But weird, the goblin I knew has green skin but this one has dark skin," Yan Sheng bravely poked the lifeless goblin with his finger, making sure the dark skin was not painted or something similar. His finger bounced back at the soft goblin skin but it did not leave any mark on his finger, meaning it was not painted but the goblin's natural skin.

"A goblin with a scythe…" Yan Sheng muttered in a low voice. He was trying to relate the goblin he discovered and the goblin in the comic he read.

"They may be the same creature but they are also different. Don't try to compare the fantasy thing and the real one, you may lose your life!" Cao Jingyi did not know what goblin looked like in the fantasy story nor she knew their combat ability. But she could tell Yan Sheng was trying to analyze the goblin.

"Alright, we will part our ways here! We will take the left corridor!" Cao Jingyi did not want to dawdle around with the goblin dead bodies. She went out of the emergency stairs and turned to the left. Her team would explore the left side of the hospital while Yan Sheng would explore the right-wing. The four teams now completely split up.

*** ***

Back to the first floor

Zhao Zhong and his team slowly walked to the right side of the first floor. So far they had not encountered anything, even a single zombie.

"This is the twelfth door…" Zhao Zhong muttered as he walked toward the door that was two meters away from him. The door had a rectangular glass so he could see what was inside the room.

He slowly approached the door and peeked through the glass. It was a patient room, just as he was about to open the door, he saw a reflection of a shiny blade through the glass.

"Get down!" With his quick reaction, he warned his team members as he pushed the team member next to him.


But it seemed not everyone had a fast reaction just like him. He could feel his back was soaked, and he was sure it was blood. He turned around and saw a headless body. The body was still standing as blood spurted out of the neck.


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