83 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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83 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 2

One of his team members died while the other two managed to avoid the blade by the hair. Zhao Zhong looked up, he saw three small creatures were still in the air with their scythe. He focused his strength on his feet and leaped up to the air.

"You are not going anywhere, you bastards!"

He managed to catch up with the creature, in the air, his body spiraled along with the sword in his hand.

[Helix Strike]

The sword swept the creature in the air, but the Death Scythe reacted in time despite the surprise. They put their scythe forward to block the spiral sword.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Even though they managed to fend off the sword to cut their bodies, the force was still there. The Death Scythe could not hold their scythes under the assault caused the scythes to fly away from their hands as their bodies slammed onto the wall at the same time.

"Kikkkk!" The monster let out a weird pained cry which delighted Zhao Zhong. He got them.

But then, a shadow appeared behind him with the shiny scythe. The scythe was pulled up, the moment the scythe was about to descend to Zhao Zhong's neck, a spear shot up toward the Death Scythe.


The Death Scythe released the scythe as it tried to pull the spear out of his chest. However, Bai Yuan did not let that happen as he pinned the creature down with his spear.

Bai Yuan finally got a clear look at the small creature. He furrowed his brows while his spear was shaking non-stop. The Death Scythe tried to break free from the spear.

Bai Yuan did not let that happen as he raised another spear in his left. He aimed the spear right at the creature's forehead.


The creature's skull cracked and pierced by the spear as blood spurted out. The Death Scythe instantly died with his head pierced by a spear. Yes, Bai Yuan used two short spears as his weapon, and he was good at it.

Zhao Zhong was aware Bai Yuan saved his life. But his eyes still locked at the knocked down Death Scythe. He landed in front of two knocked down Death Scythe.

"Now you will become Dead Scythe!" He pierced the Death Scythe to the right as he pinned the left Death Scythe with his left foot. He pulled the sword and pierced the one on the left.

Two Death Scythe successfully killed under his sword. Zhao Zhong then turned around, he noticed the remaining Death Scythe tried to run away as half of its body was about to disappear at the dark corner.


Zhao Zhong then activated another exclusive skill for Berserker, [Berserker's Call]. The Death Scythe who was about to disappear suddenly lunged toward Zhao Zhong, without scythe at that. The small creature uses its sharp and pointy nails to prick his chest.

He easily avoided it by taking a side step to the left. While Death Scythe's body was still in the air, Zhao Zhong slashed down his sword to the neck.


More blood splashed as the Death Scythe's head rolled down on the floor. Just like that, the battle was ended, the four Death Scythes who ambushed them were killed with one casualty.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Zhao Zhong's adrenaline was at its peak as his heartbeat spiking up. It was a close battle in his perspective, if not for Bai Yuan's quick action his head might no longer attach to his body right now.

He approached Bai Yuan and tapped the guy's shoulder, "Thanks!"

"No problem!" Bai Yuan replied casually as his gaze locked to the creature he just killed, "What is this thing?" His forehead creased as he tried to identify the dead body next to his feet.

His words caused Zhao Zhong to look at the creature as well. There was disgust on his face as he looked at the creature. But he had no clue about the creature as well.

"It's a goblin!" a voice answered from the side. Zhao Zhong and Bai Yuan looked toward the voice direction at the same time. A young man that looked about in his early twenties, this man was the one who identified the creature.

"What?" Zhao Zhong asked again when he heard the foreign word. Goblin, he never heard that word before, and he did believe goblin was not a living thing unless it was the rarest exotic animal.

The young man's name was Liu Pao. Different from Yan Sheng, he knew goblin from reading the comic only. He did play games but he was more into comics. So Liu Pao explained what Goblin was based on the comic he read, including that the goblin was supposed to be having green skin.

While Cao Jingyi listened to Yan Sheng, Zhao Zhong did not believe that the fantasy creature in the comic would appear here. He waved his hands at Liu Pao, dismissed the nonsense about the goblin.

"Stop with the nonsense, the thing in that comic is just the comic author's imagination! Moreover, this thing is called Death Scythe, not goblin!" Zhao Zhong then continued his search for the survivors by entering the room he just checked now.

Bai Yuan did not say anything, but he did look at Liu Pao. Before he killed the Death Scythe, he used [Basic Detection] on the creature. He found out Death Scythe was a class of this monster while the monster was Dark Goblin. He was surprised Liu Pao guessed it right.

As for why he did stay silent, it was because he did not want to argue with Zhao Zhong. After a short interaction with him, he certainly knew Zhao Zhong was typically someone that would only listen to the people he respected or someone with a higher status.

Zhao Zhong listened to the woman because he respected her. Zhao Zhong without a doubt would listen to whatever Tang Shaoyang ordered. He respected and admired his Boss, he could tell that by just one glance.

On top of all of that, no one here fit the criteria so the guy would not listen to them hence Bai Yuan did not bother to speak what he found as well.

After a quick check, Zhao Zhong came out, "There's no one inside, let's continue!" He then walked to the further hallway.

"What about him?" Zhang Ding asked as he pointed at his friend's dead body. Zhang Ding and Guo Nan, the guy who just died was a friend and also part of the slave group.

Zhao Zhong turned around and looked at the guy pointing toward the corpse. He furrowed his brows, he was not happy with the stupid question, "What? What do you want to do with the dead body? Do you want to bring the corpse with you while fighting those monsters?" He was pointing at the Death Scythe's corpses.

The question silenced Zhang Ding as he had not expected Zhao Zhong would be unfazed and uncaring by the death of their comrade. His friend was after all still their team member.

"If you want to die and follow after him to hell then you can bring the body with you. Just don't be a burden to the team!" Zhao Zhong waved his hand at Zhang Ding.

Zhang Ding looked at Bai Yuan but the latter ignored him. Bai Yuan did not even glance back at Zhang Ding as he followed Zhao Zhong. He then looked to Liu Pao.

Liu Pao shook his head, telling him not to do anything stupid with his body gesture. Both were about the same age, but Liu Pao had experienced the battle against the zombie horde. He had seen many people die before his eyes so he was unaffected by the death of Zhang Ding's friend.

In the end, Zhang Ding left his friend's corpse behind. He was having a thought of giving burial to his friend. But since his life was on the line, he was not going to do it.

Just like that, Zhao Zhong lost one of his team members after a few minutes of the trip.

*** ***

Meanwhile, on Qin Shoushan's team, they did not encounter the Death Scythe but a dozen zombies on the way. Four of them were Stage-2 Zombie, Crawlers.

However, Qin Shoushan handled the Stage-2 Zombies easily. He took care of the four Crawlers while his team members were having the easy one. It was smooth for them so far.

*** ***

Cao Jingyi's team also did not encounter any ambush from the Death Scythe as her team explored the left side of the second floor. However, on the way to the left hallway, they found corpses of the zombies.

From how the zombies were killed, they could tell it was Tang Shaoyang's doing. The zombie's dead bodies were split mostly, either their body cut into two or the bodies were headless.

As they smoothly reached the end of the left side, they found the emergency stairs. Aside from the emergency stairs, they also found an unlocked door. The door that led to the dormitory.

"Where should we go? Find him or go as we planned?" Cao Jingyi asked the other three girls.

Li Na wanted to say to find him, but she refrained from speaking. She did not want to make it so obvious as the two girls near her were Zhang Mengyao's friends from the military.

"Let's continue with the plan! I already can imagine what he's going to say if he finds out that we are looking over him rather than clearing the objective!" Dai Wenqian responded immediately.

Fu Dandan was imagining Tang Shaoyang lecturing her. She immediately shook her head and agreed with Dai Wenqian's choice.

Cao Jingyi smiled in return, she also had the same thought as the two girls, "Good, then let's continue to the fourth floor!"

The third floor was Zhao Zhong and Qin Shoushan's responsible while the fourth floor, sixth, and so on were their and Yan Sheng's team area to explore.

*** ***

As Cao Jingyi predicted, Tang Shaoyang was indeed going to the dormitory area. The reason why he immediately went to the dormitory area was that he knew his people would explore the hospital. Rather than wasting his time in the hospital, he went to the dormitory.

Another reason was the Ugly Swan. This woman insisted on treating his wounds so she had been forcing him to go to the dormitory, to her room.

Yes, Tang Shaoyang was currently inside Kang Xue's room. As soon as they entered the room, the girl aggressively opened his leather armor and clothes.

However, Kang Xue was shocked to see the wounds were healed already. There were only small marks left behind, even the wound marks were still in the process of healing. As a doctor, she was shocked to see this phenomenon. It could be considered a miracle in the medical field.

"How is this possible?" She blurted in confusion.


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