84 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 3
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Author :HotIce
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84 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 3


Tang Shaoyang flicked the girl's forehead.

"Ouch!" Kang Xue exclaimed painfully as she covered her forehead.

"Girl, you should realize by now the world has changed! There's nothing impossible, even a zombie suddenly appeared next to you at midnight, have you forgotten that?" Tang Shaoyang turned around as he walked toward the kitchen, he picked a glass and poured water for himself, "Since you survived, you should have leveled by killing the zombies?" He drank the water after he asked that.

'It has nothing to do with your body that heals by itself!' She wanted to refute Tang Shaoyang but she stopped when she heard the next question thrown toward her. Talking about level, she was now level 6 after killing dozens of zombies with her emergency ax.

Tang Shaoyang finished the glass of water and walked toward the bed to sit. There was no chair in the room and the room was bigger than his old room but too small compared to his current room. The bedroom, kitchen, and living room were connected.

"I assume you already know about the level. What about the attribute?" He stretched his body while his eyes were still on the girl.

"I know about the attribute!" Kang Xue answered truthfully. Since she was level 6, she got a total of 10 attribute points, and she had allocated all of them into Strength and Agility.

"Then do you know what Vitality does?" He asked again.

"Uhmm…" her voice trailed off as she thought what Vitality meant, "Your health?" She came up with a plausible thought for her. The moment Vitality was mentioned by the man on her bed, she thought Vitality related to health.

Tang Shaoyang let out a chuckle when he heard the answer. He could not say the answer was wrong as it was indeed related to one health, but it was not right either, "Open your Status and tap the word Vitality!" Rather than telling her directly, he guided her on how to find it out.

Kang Xue did not doubt Tang Shaoyang's instruction. At this point, the man had gained her trust. She opened her status window and tapped Vitality. The girl was slightly surprised, she then looked at the man.

"You are right! I have a high Vitality so swallow wounds should not be fatal for me!" Tang Shaoyang told the girl as he could read what she was going to ask him.

Then he stood up from the bed, "Alright, I am fine so we can continue with our search. 10 people need to be saved. We have to move fast before they get killed by our cuties goblin,"

Kang Xue rolled her eyes when the man still called the ugly monster cuties. Just as she was about to nod her head, her eyes fell into a door. Tang Shaoyang caught her longing as she looked at the door.

"What? Is there something important inside that door?" He approached the door and opened it. Inside was a bathroom. Then he looked back at the dingy girl. He called her Ugly Swan because she was smelly and dirty.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows and held his chin. After a moment of thinking, he spoke, "Ten minutes! You have ten minutes to clean your body!" To his surprise, the girl seemed not happy with that.

"Ten minutes? It's too short, I need at least twenty minutes…" she had not taken a bath for almost one month or maybe over one month. She did not know as she lost track of time, but she was sure 10 minutes were not enough to clean her body.

Tang Shaoyang shrugged his shoulder lightly as he walked back to the bed, "Take it or leave it!"

"Alright!" Kang Xue walked to the wardrobe and took her clothes with her. She needed to change her clothes as well, after all.

Tang Shaoyang waved his hand, indicating the girl to go shower fast as he laid down on the bed. He pulled the pillow and put his head on it. As he placed his head on the pillow, he smelled a pleasant smell. It was not the opposite smell of the girl who currently took a shower.

However, he knew this fragrant smell belonged to that girl. As he heard water poured down from the bathroom, his lips formed a smirk. He then sat up and thought of his search.

Kang Xue told her there were three buildings in the dormitory. Each of the buildings was ten floors on the first floor as the cafeteria. He was assuming that if there were survivors, they might want to stay near a place with food.

He was currently in the first dormitory building on the seventh floor. He was thinking of the path he should take from the seventh.

'I will go up first then go check the lower floors afterward…'

While he was planning his path, ten minutes passed. Kang Xue was on time as she finished shower in ten minutes. She came out of the bathroom with her still wet hair. As Tang Shaoyang did not give her enough time, she tried to dry her hair with the towel in her hand.

Tang Shaoyang was snapped out of his thoughts when Kang Xue came out of the bathroom. To his surprise, she came out while wearing gym attire that only covered her chest area and tight pants.

The girl maintained her body well as the tight pants showed a nice curve. Her bulging chest also showed up perfectly.

'What with this girl? Is she trying to seduce me?'

Her dirty face was cleared and showed a chic look. Tang Shaoyang was surprised that the Ugly Swan was not ugly but a beauty all this time.

Kang Xue had not realized that a predator was eyeing her. She chose gym clothes because it made her easier to move and maneuver. While drying her hair, she walked to her wardrobe to pick a hoodie.

She arrived in front of her closet, just as she was about to open the closet, a shadow loomed over from behind. Kang Xue subconsciously turned around and met with Tang Shaoyang's face. Her noose and his noose was just a few centimeters from touching. She was shocked, trying to distance herself from the men but her back hit the closet. She was nowhere to go as Tang Shaoyang's arms locked from moving to the side.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Her heartbeat spiked up as she was nervous. She was not expecting such a thing would happen to her as she fully trusted the man.

Tang Shaoyang slowly came closer to her until their cheeks were touching. Then she heard a deep whisper from the man, "Girl, you are playing with fire!"

*** ***

On the second floor

Yan Sheng's group encountered five Stage-2 Zombies. Five Crawlers burst out from one room and ambushed the group.

Yan Sheng maintained his composure as he held the spear forward. Fortunately, this was a big hospital with a wide corridor so he could still use his spear in a fight.

On top of that, thanks to the battle against the zombie horde, he leveled quite a lot. He was currently level 42 while his attribute focus was Agility and Strength.

As the Crawlers came from the same direction, Yan Sheng swung his spear to the right. His timely action swept all five crawlers in one swing of his spear.


The Crawlers crashed to the glass on the right side. Yan Sheng without hesitation leaped into the room where the Crawlers crashed. Yan Sheng's quick action surprised his team members.

The four people were about to distance themselves to prepare themselves to fight against the Crawlers. However, since Yan Sheng blew them off, they also rushed into the room to help.

As the four were about to charge in, they were stupefied as the five Crawlers were no longer moving. They noticed there was a hole on each Crawler's heads. Then the four looked toward the young man who was standing near the five Crawlers. Yan Sheng was smiling happily as he looked down. Yan Sheng's image to them was more like a maniac who enjoyed killing.

The four looked at each other as they realized this young man was as crazy as the others.

Of course, Yan Sheng did not enjoy the killing. He was happy because he just got a notification that he was leveled up. He allocated the attribute points and then came out.

"Let's go! We are going up!" He pointed toward the emergency stairs' door. The group had reached the end of the right side of the building.

"Huh!? This is surprisingly easy!" Said a man that looked in his early thirties. He was part of the slave group and was getting cocky since he did not encounter anything dangerous. So far they only encountered 5 Crawlers that were worth the fight and it was easily handled by their captain so the man started getting cocky.

Yan Sheng halted his steps and glanced back at the man, "If you don't want to die, you better be more cautious! We haven't encountered any Death Scythe yet!" He warned the man.

Yan Sheng warned the man out of his kindness. However, the man took that kindness as a scolding, thinking Yan Sheng was trying to assert his dominance as their leader.

Even though the man was unhappy, he still swallowed his anger down.

The door was not locked as Yan Sheng opened it smoothly. They went up together until they reached the floor with the number "4" printed on the wall next to the door.

"This is it!" He opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, his face was blown by a gust of wind as something bypassed the top of his head.

"Ambush! Get down!" Yan Sheng yelled before he rolled forward, avoiding a scythe that was about to slice his neck.

Thanks to his timely warning, the others managed to save their lives as well. They followed him, rolling forward.

"F*ck! Run!" The man who just now said it was easy yelled out and ran toward the other direction. His yell panicked the other three as well.

They took that yell as an order from Yan Sheng because Yan Sheng shouted at them first. They thought Yan Sheng wanted to run and regrouped with the other groups on the other side to fight the monster together.

They were panicked hence they could not differentiate whose voice was that. They followed the yell and ran to the left, leaving Yan Sheng behind.

"Coward!" Yan Sheng cursed out as he looked into the emergency stairs. Five Dark Goblins were hanging on the ceiling.

'Should I run as well? Or fight them?' His rational thoughts were telling him to run, but his feet would not move. For some reason, he wanted to fight the goblin.

While he was in dilemma, three out of five goblins were chasing after his team members, leaving two behind.

"Since there are only two, I will fight then!"

Taking a deep breath, he raised his spear. He was ready to fight since there were only two opponents.


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