85 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 4
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Author :HotIce
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85 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 4

Yan Sheng had his eyes focused on the two Dark Goblins. He used [Basic Detection] skill on the two and found out both had a higher level than him. The one on the left was level 61 while the one on the right level 55.

'I may lose in the term of the level but I will not lose in a fight,'

Then Yan Sheng noticed the two goblins' figures blurred within the darkness. He figured out something when he saw this. Yan Sheng took three steps forward and thrust his spears toward the door of the emergency stairs.

He aimed at the top of the opened door and thrust the spear again to the lower part. In the span of a short time, he thrust his spears six times.


In the sixth thrust, his spear hit something as it made a clanking noise. Right after that, a Dark Goblin reappeared in the air. It tried to block his spear with its scythe. The Dark Goblin's body flew back and hit the wall.

At this moment, Yan Sheng knew he had to kill the immobilized goblin now. He pulled the spear back and rolled forward.


A scythe swung an empty air. If Yan Sheng did not move just now, the scythe might pierce and tear his chest.

He then stood and rushed toward the goblin that was about to get up. He jumped out to reach the goblin, landing his right foot on the goblin's chest.


The goblin groaned in pain. It did not stay still, the goblin used its pointy claw to break away from the oppression of Yan Sheng's foot.

"Arghh!" Despite the excruciating pain, he did not pull his foot away from the goblin. Yan Sheng used his spear to stab the goblin on the head. The spearhead pierced through the head and stopped after it reached the wall.

Yan Sheng dragged his injured foot as he turned his body around. There was still one goblin left, he could not lower his guard. But then, the goblin was nowhere to be seen.

Without any way to detect the invisible goblin, Yan Sheng raised his spear upward toward the direction of the emergency door. He counted to three in his heart before he brought the spear downward.



The spear bit something made of metal. Then the disappeared goblin appeared in front of him. The goblin had its scythe to the air, blocking his spear from hitting its head.

Using his injured foot as a footing; he spun around, pivoting on his heel, and sent a spinning kick toward the goblin's belly.


The goblin screamed as its body was sent flying back by the spinning kick. The goblin's body bit the wall on the other side.

Positioning himself, Yan Sheng raised his spear with his right hand, he then threw the spear to the goblin. The spear shot toward the goblin and pierced its left shoulder.

The Death Scythe let out a pained shrill. Using both hands, the Dark Goblin tried to pull the spear out of the shoulder. However, the spear was staying still as the goblin could not even shake the spear.

Yan Sheng was relieved that the goblin could not pull his spear out. He then walked toward the goblin. With his ankle pierced by the goblin, he was slightly limping. On the way, he picked the scythe on the ground.


He beheaded the Dark Goblin with the scythe in his hand.

"Whew, that was really close…" Yan Sheng muttered as he looked back at the door to the emergency stairs. That door was the one who saved him, "Should I feel grateful they ambushed us there?" He let out an amused chuckle.

Since the goblin ambushed him into the emergency stairs and missed, they entered the limited space. In order to attack him, the two Death Scythes had to pass the door to attack him. Using the door, he sent random attacks that covered most of the door predicting their move since they could not be seen by naked eyes.

Fortunately, the plan was working and he was saved from the two Death Scythes' Assault.

Yan Sheng then checked the mission window. He found out 70 Death Scythes were remaining. Tang Shaoyang ordered them to finish both objectives so he needed to kill more of those Dark Goblins.

"Hmm… I killed two and Boss killed twelve on the second floor. The other teams or Boss may have killed the other four…" then he looked to the left direction of the hallway, "There are three more chasings after those fools!"

He wanted to go there, but he was hesitating as he looked down at his injured foot. With the injured foot, he was not as fast as before. He might lose his life if he tried to chase since there were three more Dark Goblins.

After some time, he decided to go anyway, "I hope the three idiots are still alive!" If they all died, he might really lose his life since it was impossible for him to win against the three monsters.

Meanwhile, the four people of Yan Sheng's team were running with all their might. Despite that, they were not faster than the goblin. Two people had their heads fall off from their bodies.

Now it was two people who still ran away from their lives. Mo Wen, the man from the slave group who got rebuked by Yan Sheng and a Tarrior named Yang Peng.

Even though Mo Wen was a part of the slave group, Tang Shaoyang was not stingy. He bought the basic equipment for them from the General Shop that was available in the base. They were armed to fight, not to kill themselves.

However, at this moment, Mo When pulled out the sword and stabbed Yang Meng's thigh. To save his life from the monster, he did not care even if he had to sacrifice a life.

Yang Peng had his eyes wide open as he could not believe the man would stab him. With his thigh stabbed by the sword, he fell to the floor. In the last moment of his life, Yang Peng did not even scream from the pain.


Then his head fell off as a scythe passed through his neck.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang did not know his subordinate was killed by the slave group despite the second he gave them. Currently, he had his eyes on the prey before him.

He then locked his arm around Kang Xue's waist as he pulled her closer to him. He smelled the fragrant smell around her neck.

"W-w-what a-are you… doing?" Kang Xue stuttered. She tried to push the man away but she lacked the strength to push him. The body just would not budge even though she used her two hands to push.

"Kuhuhu, what do you think I am doing?" Tang Shaoyang's other hand slowly crept up from her back, caressing her smooth skin.

Kang Xue's body shivered, but for some reason, she did not feel repulsive, at all. 'What's wrong with me?' She screamed in her heart.

"I-I-I… H-have b-boyfriend…" After some time, she managed to say that out. She indeed had a boyfriend, before this shitty zombie came out, she had a boyfriend for real. But now, she did not know whether her boyfriend was still alive or not.

"Kuhuhu, Does that matter?" Tang Shaoyang cracked into a chuckle as his hand caressed her soft cheeks, "Do you know who the most beautiful woman is in the world?" With his deepened voice, he asked the girl.

"W-who?" Kang Xue subconsciously asked out. She regretted it immediately though. She should not have asked that she thought.

"It's another's woman!" The man answered with his deep voice. Hearing the answer, she knew she was doomed. The answer was telling he desired her. Just as she thought his hand would reach her chest, she felt her butt was being wrung by the man.

After that, the man kissed her neck, the right side of her neck to be exact. After that, the man got off from her, he did not continue his perverted action.

"I leave the mark on you, now you are mine!" The man declared overbearingly. But soon she realized what he meant by saying he left a mark on her, he left a hickey on her neck.

"What? Are you disappointed that I stopped halfway?" The man narcissistically asked her, "Listen, girl! This is not the right time to do that, we are going to save that for later after we come out of this place!" The man grinned at her.

'Huh, I will make sure that I am not going to see you anymore after I come out of the hospital!' She thought to herself.

Kang Xue did not reply to him. She opened the wardrobe and took a light blue hoodie to cover her body from the perverted man. After that, she picked the scythe from the ground and declared, "I am ready to go out!"

"Why would you cover your body with the hoodie? You are great with your gym suit," Tang Shaoyang remarked disappointedly. She had great assets but she chose to cover it, it was a pity in his eyes.

Kang Xue merely rolled her eyes at those remarks, she chose to not respond to him. She thought it was the best way to treat this perverted man, ignore him.

"Since you are ready, then let's go hunting!" Tang Shaoyang took the Destroyer from the side before he walked toward the door. Kang Xue followed him as nervousness started to invade her, she was going to face the monsters again.


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