86 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 5
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Author :HotIce
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86 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 5

Tang Shaoyang and Kang Xue went up to the dormitory.


"Is there anyone inside?" Tang Shaoyang broke the door and called out. The door was disintegrated in one hit of his battle-ax. He had been doing this for a while.

Kang Xue looked at the man strangely. He told her that they were looking for more survivors, and he oddly specifically told her there were ten more survivors in the hospital area.

Looking at how the man searched for the survivors crudely like this, she did not know how to say about this. She also did not want to say anything about that, no, she did not want to speak to him after what happened before.

Even after they checked all rooms on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor, they did not find a single living being. Not even zombies or the monsters despite the ruckus made by this perverted man.

For some reason, this made her lower her guard down. They went down together as she followed the man quietly. When they reached the 7th floor's stairs down to the 6th floor, the man had his hand stretched out to stop her.

"Do you hear something?" She heard the man ask her. Kang Xue creased her brows as she tried to hear the thing the man said. Unfortunately, she had a low point in Sense so she could not hear what the man heard.

"Get into the room, they are coming!" He could hear them coming but he did not know how many of them. Since they were not visible to the eyes, he had to ask her to hide. He could not split his focus while facing such an enemy.

Kang Xue was hesitating as she held the scythe in her hand tighter. She wanted to fight along with Tang Shaoyang. But then, the man looked at her sharply. She then went into the closest room that the door had been broken. She entered the room and went directly to the bathroom.

Kang Xue did not close the bathroom, she left a little gap open to hearing what happened outside.


The wall of the bathroom was shaken. Even though she did not see what happened, she could imagine the big battle-ax struck the wall.


After that, a weird shrill resounded from outside. Less than two minutes later, she heard the man's voice again, "It's clear, you can come out now!"

She opened the door and rushed out. The floor and the wall next to her were destroyed. There was a corpse right below his feet, the monster corpse to be exact, and it had the chest split open. To the destroyed wall, a monster's body was dangling there with its head stuck into the wall. In his hand, the man was holding a monster head in the other hand and the small monster's body on the other hand. The man seemed just ripping that poor monster's head off its body.

Tang Shaoyang turned around, half of his face was covered by the blood and the same for his chest area. He picked the Destroyer from the ground and motioned the girl to move, "Let's go!"

Looking at the man's face and his full appearance, with additional gory background, Kang Xue flinched slightly. If this man did not save her life twice, she would not dare to get closer to him.

Afterward, both went down while checking the room, it took them an hour to check all the room, but they did not find the people they were looking for.

*** ***

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Mo When kept running to the other side of the hospital. After sacrificing Yang Peng, he managed to reach the other side of the fourth floor.

At the same time, the door to the emergency doors opened. Cao Jingyi came out from the emergency stairs with three girls following her. Mo Wen's eyes heightened, he waved his hand and called out for help immediately, "Help! Help!"

Cao Jingyi was alerted by the cry for help. Along with the cry, her hand moved to the sword's handle. She was readying for a battle, but what she saw was a man running toward them, with nothing following him.

"Where's Yan Sheng and the others?" Since they had arrived on the fourth floor, she guessed the man must be from Yan Sheng's team.

"The monsters! The invisible monsters are chasing us!" Mo Wen pointed his finger to the back as he hid behind the girl. His frightened expression alarmed the girls as they immediately entered the battle state.

Li Na immediately summoned her Crescent Moon Bear. Her action shocked and scared Mo Wen who did not know anything about her class. As for the other three girls, they already knew about her class and were not surprised by the bear's sudden appearance.

By now, the Crescent Moon Bear was three-quarter of Li Na's height. She was not idling after she acquired [Summoner] class and had been leveling her summon up in the last week.

Cao Jingyi stared at the dimmed and quiet hallway. She stared at the hallway, concentrating everything on this empty hallway. After a moment, her eyes twitching, "Two are near us!" She whispered to the others, "Three, there are three of them and they are coming from the top!" She warned them and pulled her two short swords out.

[Ranger], Cao Jingyi's class was [Ranger], the class with a very sharp sense. In this quiet and dimmed hallway, she could tell the movement in the air.

Fu Dandan raised her sword. Her sword was bigger than the normal sword but smaller compared to the great sword. Dai Wenqian raised her rectangular shield in her left hand and had a sword in her other hand. Li Na loaded her small crossbow in her right arm, aiming to the top. The three completely trusted Cao Jingyi.

"Li Na! Shoot your arrows!" Cao Jingyi glanced at the girl, she noticed where the girl aimed for hence she ordered her to shoot.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three consecutive arrows bolted out of the small crossbow. It looked like the arrows were shooting at the empty air, but then, the arrows bounced back as the arrow's head hit something in the air.

At the same time, one Dark Goblin emerged in the air. The goblin used the scythe to reflect the arrow, forced to show up by the arrow. But the attack did not stop there, there were still two Death Scythes.

"Dai Wenqian! One comes from your top and…" Cao Jingyi threw one of her short swords to the air, to the top of Fu Dandan, "Fu Dandan! Get ready to kill!"



The sword accelerated until a clanking noise resounded. The second goblin showed as it was forced to block the incoming sword. However, the third goblin successfully attacked Dai Wenqian. It was just unfortunate that Cao Jingyi had warned her earlier so the scythe was blocked by the rectangular shield.


The tip blade of the scythe hit the shield, and the third Dark Goblin showed up.

With her remaining sword, Cao Jingyi rushed toward the goblin who reflected the arrow. She was engaged against this one while trusting the remaining goblins to her team members.

Fu Dandan quickly gave a follow up after the goblin blocked the flying sword. She took two steps forward, with her both hands holding the sword, she slashed the sword upward.

The strong momentum from the flying sword threw the goblin off so Fu Dandan easily sliced the goblin.

At the same time, Li Na's summon, Moon was charging toward Dai Wenqian's direction. It leaped to the air, using its big paw, it slammed the goblin down hard.



Dai Wenqian pulled back her shield and stabbed the goblin on the ground. The sword shot to the vital part of the goblin, the head. Just like that, the team took two out of three goblins.

Cao Jingyi was at a disadvantage because her sword was shorter than the scythe. She could not reach the small creature with her sword.

But thanks to her instruction, two goblins were down. Fu Dandan, Dai Wenqian, and Li Na moved up to help Cao Jingyi.

"Get down, Sister Jingyi!" Li Na called out.

Cao Jingyi thought Li Na was going to support her with the crossbow. She got down, but then, it was not an arrow but a big guy passed on the top of her head. Moon was leaping toward the Death Scythe.


With its two paws on the goblin's shoulders, the creature was completely immobilized. At this time, Fu Dandan arrived. She hacked her sword down to the goblin's neck.


The head got separated from the body, three Death Scythes were killed in a short time. The team had very good teamwork and handled the Death Scythe pretty well. But there was a big guy that was unsatisfied.

Li Na named her summon Moon. The big guy crooked his head to Fu Dandan and angrily growled at her, "Grrrrhhhh!"

'You were stealing my prey!' It was what Moon tried to say.

"Oopsie, I'm sorry," Fu Dandan said so with a smiley face, trying to hold her laugh.

Moon got off the dead body and started to approach the girl.

"Li Na, calm your big guy!" She ran off behind Li Na, the girl did not even forget to stick her tongue out to the big bear.

"It's okay~ It's okay~," Li Na caressed the big guy's back, only then Moon calmed down.

Cao Jingyi did not take part in the play as she approached the coward who fell with his butt, "Where's Yan Sheng and the others?"


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