87 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 6
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Author :HotIce
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87 Hunt or Being Hunted? - Part 6

Yan Sheng limped his way to the hallway. Despite the throbbing pain in his right ankle, he picked up his pace to catch his team members. If they died before he arrived, then he would immediately turn around. He was not going to throw his life away to face the three Death Scythes at once with his current condition.

On top of that, he did not have a door or limited space he could use to fight against the Death Scythe. The hallway was wide enough that ten to fifteen people could stand side by side. This was not the ideal place to fight against the invisible goblin.

As he was hoping his team would survive, that hope crushed the moment he saw two dead headless bodies laid down in the middle of the hallway.

Yan Sheng gripped his spear tightly as he scanned the surroundings, "There are only two corpses, maybe the goblins are still chasing the remaining two!" He speculated as he saw the empty dimmed hallway.

'Should I keep going or go back?' He questioned himself. The ideal situation was to get back. He halted his steps and leaned to the wall next to him, "F*ck that guy! If he did not start screaming to run, we might win against the monsters!" Remembering what happened back then, he could not help but curse the man who started to scream and run.

He looked at his still bleeding right foot and gritted his teeth. He remembered Cao Jingyi's team should arrive on this floor at this time, 'If I keep going I may meet them if I am lucky, of course,"

Yan Sheng continued walking, he did not even glance at the dead bodies. If they wanted to blame someone, they should blame themselves for running away, thought the man.

As Yan Sheng continued to walk, he never lowered his guard down. His eyes darted around, to the darkroom on his left and right. He was on high alert, with his foot, an ambush from the Crawler might cost his life.

After a few minutes of slow walking, he saw yet another body, still headless body. This time it was only one and he immediately recognized the body belonged to Tarrior under him, Yang Peng.

"Shit, Boss surely will scold me this time!" Yan Sheng clenched his left hand. He knew Tang Shaoyang was appreciating the people who survived the battle against the zombie horde more.

While he was in a daze, he heard a series of footsteps ahead. Yan Sheng was alerted and he subconsciously raised the spear for the upcoming battle. He could also feel a slight vibration, "It seems something big also came…" he whispered, "Am I going to die now?", Yan Sheng had surrendered to fate.

Slowly, four figures emerged from the dimmed hallway. He recognized all four of them instantly, they were Cao Jingyi's team. Then he saw a big white bear with blue stripes following the four girls.

He finally understood who caused the vibration on the floor. The famous Moon, Li Na's summon.

As soon as Yan Sheng identified who was coming, he let out a long relieved breath. He lowered his guard and let his body lean to the wall to rest. It was nerve-wracking for him.

Cao Jingyi was delighted to see Yan Sheng was still alive. But soon, she noticed a headless dead body next to him. She also recognized the dead body belonged to Tarrior.

As she was about to get a quick check on the body, she noticed Yan Sheng walked toward her with a furious expression latched on her face. Cao Jingyi was confused why Yan Sheng was like this, 'Is he grieving for the death?' But her team should not be blamed for that.

While Cao Jingyi was confused, Mo Wen knew the reason why Yan Sheng was furious. Sure enough, Yan Sheng bypassed the four girls and went straight to Mo Wen. He sent a punch to Mo Wen's face and it was followed by a spinning kick to the belly.

Mo Wen's body was just like a sandbag sent flying. The guy did not have a chance to dodge or block.

Cough! Cough!

He coughed up blood but his hand was holding the belly. The excruciating pain from the kick was unbearable. He groaned in pain as he rolled on the ground. Then he peeked through the small gap of his eyes. He thought Yan Sheng would be satisfied with this, but it was not. The guy was still approaching him with a spear in his right hand.

Yan Sheng arrived next to him, he placed his right foot on Mo Wen's chest, and then he raised his spear. He was going to pierce the man's neck with the spear so this man could not scream anymore.

Mo Wen was terrified as he did not expect Yan Sheng would go for a kill. His eyes wide open in horror as he suddenly could no longer feel the pain on his face and stomach.

Fortunately, Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian quickly acted, "Don't!" "Wait!" Both yelled as Fu Dandan was going for the spear while Dai Wenqian had her hands locked his hand from behind.

Cao Jingyi immediately rushed and pulled Yan Sheng back, "What are you doing!?" She raised her voice, furious that these people were going to kill each other before her eyes.

Li Na was panicked, not expecting such a thing would happen. Moon seemed to realize its Master's feeling, it stood before her, trying to protect her.

"I am going to kill him! Let me kill this trash!!! This trash deserves to die in my hand!" Yang Sheng lost it, he was being emotional after seeing the person that almost caused him to die was still alive. He truly wanted to kill the man, his eyes started to turn red and veins began to appear below his cheeks.

Cao Jingyi looked Yan Sheng in the eyes, she immediately realized there must be a reason why Yan Sheng was so angry. However, she also knew that she could not let Yan Sheng kill Mo Wen in front of her.

"Snap it out, Yan Sheng!" She immediately called in a loud voice. With her voice, Yan Sheng stopped struggling and looked to Cao Jingyi, "Whether he was wrong or not, you don't have the right to punish him! The Boss has the right to talk about his punishment, do you understand?"

When the Boss was mentioned, Yan Sheng calmed down. He released out a long breath, releasing the pent up of anger and stress he had been holding up.

"Tell me now! What happened to your team?" Noticing Yan Sheng had calmed down, she inquired to the guy. She wanted to know what happened that made Yan Sheng so angry.

At the same time, she could not help but admit these people truly respected Tang Shaoyang a lot. When she mentioned him, it immediately calmed the furious Yan Sheng. She thought she had to use force to stop Yan Sheng from killing Mo Wen.

"Can you release me first?" Yan Sheng requested the girls. Cao Jingyi motioned the girls to release him. Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian released him, but they stood in between Mo Wen and Yan Sheng afterward.

Yan Sheng walked to the side and leaned his body against the wall, slowly, he let his body slide down to the floor. He sat there while telling the girls what happened before.

After hearing everything, the girls finally understood why Yan Sheng was so angry at Mo Wen. This guy's foolish action almost cost his life. Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian gave the cowardly Mo Wen disgusted face.

Cao Jingyi let out a sigh and muttered, "Bringing the slave group may not be the best choice…" However, she understood Tang Shaoyang's decision to bring the slave group with them. On top of that, no one expected such an absurd game would happen, after all.

"Alright, let's move out! Li Na, you and Moon go check the nearby room. You two, go search the further room, just in case a survivor stays on this floor! I am going to look for an emergency box to treat Yan Sheng's injury!" She instructed her team members while pointing at Yan Sheng's bleeding right foot.

She entered one random room that was closest to her. While looking for the emergency room, she checked the mission window. 64 Death Scythes were still alive, but they had lost one team already.

"We should regroup with Qin Shoushan's team and Zhao Zhong's team on the fifth floor…" Cao Jingyi changed her plan.

*** ***

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang and Kang Xue were on the second floor of the first dormitory building. They had to stop their search because suddenly the first floor was filled with zombies.

Kang Xue scanned the cafeteria, her eyes were darted around, looking for a gap to sneak out. Yes, she planned to sneak out, it was a hundred or might be over a hundred zombies. It was impossible for only two of them to take these zombies down. At least, that was what she thought.

"Are you done looking?" From behind, she heard the perverted voice. She turned toward the man, he was so calm, embracing the big battle-ax, leaning his back against the wall, looking unperturbed with their situation.

"Yes, I am done looking. There's no gap for us to escape! We have to think of another way out," she voiced her idea. But the man did not appreciate her idea as she saw the perverted was shaking his head at her.

"If there's no gap to escape, then we can just make that gap for us to get out!" Tang Shaoyang walked close to the girl and pointed to three Stage-2 Zombies, Crusher, "I am going to take care of those three big guys, you will take care of the rest!"


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