89 31 Survivors
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Author :HotIce
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89 31 Survivors

"Huff… huff… huff…" Kang Xue wipes the sweats on her forehead. The sweat was mixed with blood, the blood of the zombies she had killed. While trying to stabilize her breathing, she scanned the surroundings with an unbelievably look on her face.

The cafeteria of the first-floor dormitory was now clear from the zombie. On top of that, more than half of the zombies were killed by her. Blood dripped from the blade of the scythe, one drop after another.

Amidst the messed up cafeteria, there was a man with a big battle-ax that rested on his shoulder walking toward the kitchen. The man opened the fridge, taking out a bottle of juice. He did not immediately open the bottle but scanned the bottle first, she guessed he was checking the expiration date.

After stabilizing her breathing, she walked toward the kitchen as well. She sat on the half-destroyed counter, "Can I get a bottle too?" Looking at the man gulping a bottle of juice, she asked for one as well.

Tang Shaoyang took another bottle of orange juice and delivered it to the girl. He placed the bottle right in front of her, "Good job!" He did not forget to praise the girl as well.

"Thank you," Kang Xue looked down at the orange juice while whispering.

"Huh!? What?" Her voice was small, he could not hear clearly because she spoke at the same time he threw the bottle randomly.

"Nevermind," the girl shook her head as she twisted the bottle cap and delivered the refreshing juice into her mouth. Her mouth curved upward as a sweet smile formed while she was drinking the juice.

She thanked the man, not for the juice but for saving her life, again and again. From the outside, he looked uncaring but he always kept an eye on her. Each time Crawler tried to sneak attack her, he would come to save her.

'Tsk, why can't you just be honest and say you are going to protect me while I am killing the zombies,' the girl thought to herself as that was actually what happened. The man would fight while making noise as loud as possible, attracting the zombies away from her.

As she recalled what happened back then, she was convinced that the guy was good albeit a little bit domineering. Tang Shaoyang was oblivious to the girl's thoughts. He got another bottle of juice and gulped it down at once, finishing the second bottle, he picked the battle-ax, "That's enough time for a rest, let's go to the next building!"

Kang Xue smiled in return as she finished the half-filled bottle of juice. Then she picked the scythe and followed after the man. When they were about to come out of the cafeteria, they met a man in a blue uniform.

"Xue'er!" The man called out while waving his hand toward the girl. From his voice, Tang Shaoyang could tell the man was very excited to find his girl.

Kang Xue was also surprised to see the man. From her expression and gesture of her body, she was less excited than the man. It was more like she was happy the man was still alive.

However, the man took that differently. He rushed over, and Tang Shaoyang finally got a clear look at the man. He was wearing a dirty blue uniform, a security uniform, bringing the same emergency ax that Kang Xue had earlier.

He threw the emergency ax away and was about to hug the girl. Kang Xue was freaked out as she was not expecting this. She was about to avoid the man but she did not need to do that as Tang Shaoyang stood in front of her. He stretched his hand forward, holding the man's shoulder, stopping him from hugging her.

"Wow, man! You can't just run around and hug another's woman randomly like that! It's inappropriate," Tang Shaoyang grinned at the man who had a high expectation of hugging the girl. He could see a deep frown formed on this guy's forehead, but he ignored the man's hostile gaze as he looked at the name's tag on the right chest, Zhang Wen was written on that.

"Who are you? She is not yours, she is MINE!" The man declared as he glared at Tang Shaoyang to the eyes. His voice was loud, reverberating through the cafeteria.

Tang Shaoyang turned his head back to the girl, no words came out of his mouth but the girl could tell from his expression that he was asking, "Is he your boyfriend?" to her.

Kang Xue shook her head. She indeed claimed she had a boyfriend, but not this one. Zhang Wen was a friend she made during the first three months she was hired by SH Hospital. She was surprised that Zhang Wen claimed to be her boyfriend now, "No, we are just friends," she replied to Tang Shaoyang, making clear her relationship between her and the man.

"But he said he was. I am pretty sure that my hearing has no problem, unless…" He got his head closer to the girl and whispered, "Unless you don't want to admit it because you are afraid of me killing him?" Tang Shaoyang's lips formed an evil grin.

Before the girl could respond to him, Zhang Wen slapped Tang Shaoyang's hand away. Right after that, he sent a kick to the belly. He was security, and he was recruited because of his black belt in taekwondo, 2nd dan black belt. Not the best but beating five to ten thugs on the street should not be a problem for him.


The kick landed right where he aimed for, he smirked, 'This is what you got from taking another's woman!' That was what Zhang Wen thought when his kick landed on the belly. But then, things did not go as he expected. The scene where the man got thrown by his kick did not happen, the man in front of him did not even budge despite his strong kick.

Tang Shaoyang looked at the man, he was not angry even though the man kicked him. He grinned at Zhang Wen, a mocked grin. He let himself get kicked by Zhang Wen to test out his body. He found out the kick was nothing but a slight sore to the belly. Surprised and delighted, that was how he was feeling right now.

Zhang Wen gritted his teeth as he took two steps back. He altered his stance to send an even more powerful kick. Just now, he kicked the man without a proper stance so it weakened his kick. He was now prepared, taking a step forward with his left foot, he spun around, using his left as a pivot, Zhang Wen sent a spinning kick to the same spot.

"Too slow…" Tang Shaoyang remarked as he caught the kick with his free hand, "Now should be my turn, right?" He grinned at the shocked Zhang Wen. The guy was shocked as his powerful spinning kick was caught easily by Tang Shaoyang.

"Stop!!!" Kang Xue intervened half-way. She pulled Tang Shaoyang back, hiding him behind her. From Zhang Wen's perspective, the girl he loved was protecting the arrogant man from him.

Of course, the fact she was afraid Tang Shaoyang might kill Zhang Wen. So she put herself between the two to stop the conflict, "Zhang Wen, we are just a friend. My boyfriend is…"

"ME!" Tang Shaoyang did not wait for the girl to finish his words as he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her into his embrace, "Stop being a delusional, man!"

Kang Xue looked up and met with the man's eyes. She wanted to say he was not her boyfriend, 'but maybe this is the easy way to solve the problem for now. I can clear our relationship later after we come out of this cursed place,' she thought to herself. Little did she know that the chance to clear their relationship would never come in the future.

"But your boyfriend…" Zhang Wen looked at Tang Shaoyang with hesitation, "No, he is my boyfriend," Kang Xue affirmed the relationship. Not wanting to dawdle over this matter longer, she changed the topic, "Are you alone, or are the more people with you?"

"Sorry, I thought he's not your boyfriend but some random man who tried to threaten you," Zhang Wen apologized to clear the misunderstanding since Kang Xue admitted the man was her boyfriend, "And yes, I am not alone. Brother Kun and Brother Ding with me, Department Head Lin, and…" Zhang Wen told the two that nine people were hiding in the basement parking lot.

"I am trying to get food for us, but I heard a commotion so I came to check," he scanned the cafeteria and was surprised by the corpses of the zombie.

"Good! All survivors are now located!" Zhang Wen brought good news. 20 survivors were safely brought out and 10 survivors were safe as well in the basement. Now they were left with the second objective, killing all Death Scythes.

"Let's go to the next dormitory," Tang Shaoyang pulled the girl with him. Thinking back then, accompanying the girl back to her room was not a bad idea.

"What? Why? Shouldn't we regroup and think of a way to get out of the hospital?" Zhang Wen failed to comprehend the intention behind Tang Shaoyang's bold idea to go to the next dormitory.

"Yes, why are we going to the next dormitory if we have found all survivors?" Kang Xue asked in a whisper.

"We have to finish the second objective too, kill the remaining cuties!"


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