93 Mini-Game Cleared
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Author :HotIce
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93 Mini-Game Cleared

Kang Xue was standing alone in front of the entrance to the laboratory. She did not run for her life but was waiting for the group to finish off the monsters inside.

She had been standing there for like ten minutes. However, it was like an hour for her. The longer she waited the more anxious she became. Through the gap of the door, she could hear the sound of metal clanking.

It was the sign the fight was not over yet. But then, in the next thirty seconds, she stopped hearing the noise.

There was one possibility and two results waited for her. The fight was over, but she did not know who came on top. If the man who overbearingly claimed her to be his woman won, then she was safe. But if the monsters killed everyone inside, today would be her death anniversary for the next year.

'Should I run outside?' It was a lie if the thought of running away never crossed in her heart. She heard from Tang Shaoyang that the area outside the hospital was the safe zone. As long as she could run out, she would be safe.

However, she did the unexpected, looking around her, she found a block of wood. Kang Xue picked the block and took a deep breath, "F*ck it! I am going in!"

Maybe the man's fearlessness inspired her, she bravely entered the building. Maybe because her life savior was inside so she wanted to come to help. Or maybe she had fallen for him…

'The last one is absurd, there's no way I fall for that brute…' she thought to herself as she pushed the door open.

Kang Xue stepped into the laboratory. From her short experience of battling the monsters, she made sure to not make any noise. She passed the short hallway and reached where the battlefield was.

Her timing was spot on, she witnessed the monster's head got beheaded. The head flew up as blood sprayed into all directions. The timing of the head landed on the hard ground and the timing of the body flopped down was precisely the same.

Kang Xue's eyes were locked on Tang Shaoyang. The man now had his skin darkened, just as she wondered what happened to the man, the dark skin returned normal.

Right after that, the man flopped down with his knees. She threw the block away and rushed toward the man. When she got closer, she saw the big cut on the man's left shoulder downward.

As the man was about to fall to the hard ground,  she caught him. She panicked when she noticed the long cut on the left,  "Are you okay?" He was certainly not okay, but those words just came out from her mouth subconsciously.

She then looked at the wound, but then, she felt a warm liquid from the man's back. She pulled out her hand and saw her right palm was covered in blood too. Kang Xue postured Tang Shaoyang to sit and checked his back. There was a similar wound but the one on the back was more shallow than the one on the front.

"I… am fine…" an exhausted voice entered her ears. She looked back at the man,  indeed the man looked so exhausted. His eyes were half-open,  his breathing was irregular, but she found the man was smirking. His half-open eyes were looking at the headless body. He looked genuinely happy.

"You look so happy? Are you a psychopath?" She could not help but question the man. Who would smile while looking at the headless body?

"Pfft…" he was holding his laugh when he heard those. The reason he was being so happy was that he just killed the Dark Phantom. On top of that, it was the notification he got after killing the monster.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

The double notification voice was so beautiful to him so he could not stop smiling. Two levels from killing one monster, it was bliss for Tang Shaoyang, 'This dude should give me this much, I almost lost my life,' he thought.

"Stop laughing, let's go back to the hospital and get your wounds treated!" Kang Xue tried to help the man to stand up, and he allowed the girl to do that. When he stood up, he flicked the girl's forehead.

"Ouch! What are you doing? Stop flicking my forehead," Kang Xue covered her forehead with her free hand.

                             "Stupid Swan! Do you forget I have high Vitality? The wounds will heal by itself! The fight is still not over, you should not be here!" He turned around to see how his people were doing. They were supposed to fight the last 10 Death Scythes.

[Congratulations! You have completed the Normal Mode Mini-Game]

[You have completed the two objectives, you gained a bonus reward]

[You have defeated the Boss, you gained special reward Alchemist Facility (in a broken state)]

[You gained +3 Level]

[You gained +20 Skill Points]

[100,000 Game Coins have been sent to you!]

[You gained a level 7 Treasure Chest!]

A series of notifications rang in Tang Shaoyang's head. The notification was an indication his people had killed all Death Scythes.

At the same time, Kang Xue also received a notification. It was only one notification.

[You have been rescued by the Tang Empire!]

She certainly did not know anything about the Tang Empire, 'Does his name Tang Empire?' She thought while looking at the man. The people around him call him Boss so she still did not know his name.

'7 Levels! I leveled up seven times, a high risk with a high return…' he muttered as he counted how many levels he gained in this mini-game.

Cao Jingyi did not pay attention to the notifications. There was something urgent than that as she rushed toward Tang Shaoyang.

"What's wrong?" She heard the man ask her.

Cao Jingyi was surprised to see the big cut on his left shoulder. On top of that, he needed help from the woman to stand up. She was not expecting she would see the man in this condition.

She shook those thoughts and reported the aftermath. They managed to kill 10 Death Scythes, but they had to pay a big price for that as the last 10 Death Scythes were far stronger than the ones they encountered in the hospital.

"We lost three people, one is heavily injured, and…" She was hesitating in the end, unsure what to say, "What's wrong? Just say it!" Tang Shaoyang pressed for an answer from Cao Jingyi.

"Hah…" Cao Jingyi let out a long sigh, "It's Li Na's Moon… Follow me!" She turned around but soon she noticed the man did not follow her. She looked back and furrowed her brows, "What are you doing? I don't have the mood to play around now!" She was slightly angry as she thought Tang Shaoyang was playing around.

Tang Shaoyang rolled his eyes, "Do you think I am playing around? I can't walk, my muscles have gone weak!" He was serious with his words. He did not have energy in his body, the moment [Spirit Integration] wore off, all energy was drained out of his body.

Cao Jingyi scanned Tang Shaoyang's body, she then found out his words were true. Standing there, she could see his legs were shaking. She came to the man and helped him to walk.

Soon, they reached where Li Na was. She was crying on top of the big white bear. Kang Xue was surprised to see the big white bear. She just could not think of where the bear came from.

The white fur now turned red as blood dyed the fur. Tang Shaoyang frowned the moment he saw the white bear was breathing weakly.

"In the last moment, three Death Scythe tried to ambush Li Na from the dark, but Moon tanked everything!" Cao Jingyi told what happened to Moon.

Next to the white bear, there was a man heavily injured. His left shoulder was pricked by the scythe, his thigh sliced open, and there were five small holes on his left belly. The man was breathing heavily, he looked at Tang Shaoyang, pleading to be saved.


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