94 Inventory Bag
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Author :HotIce
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94 Inventory Bag

Tang Shaoyang thought for a moment before he looked toward Kang Xue, "You are a doctor, right?" He asked the girl.

"Yes!" Kang Xue answered readily as she knew what the man wanted her to do. In the next moment, her eyes wide open when she was asked to save the bear instead of the man.

"Then can you save the bear?" The moment Li Na heard that she looked up to Kang Xue with teary eyes.

"Huh!?" She did not know how to respond to this question. But soon, she found out the man was serious with his words. Kang Xue looked toward the bear, "I don't think I can. Let's say I can stop the bleeding, but the bear lost too much blood, and we don't have the tool…"

She did not finish her words as Tang Shaoyang looked away from her, 'Why don't you ask me to save the man instead?' She thought while looking at the man.

Tang Shaoyang pondered something before he finally took something from the small bag around his waist. It was a vial containing red liquid, there two of them.

'The vial is truly durable…' He thought to himself. He had been rolling around while fighting the Dark Phantom, but not even scratch could be seen from the vial.

"Don't cry, girl! You look ugly when you cry!" Then Tang Shaoyang tossed the vial toward Li Na, "Feed that to Moon, he will be fine! It's a healing potion!"

'Is that how you console the girl?' Kang Xue could not help but look at the man. But from the short experiences she had with the man, this was what the guy would do.

Li Na caught the vial with a surprised face. She completely trusted Tang Shaoyang hence she opened the vial and fed the liquid to Moon.

At the same time, he put the last one in the bag. Kang Xue and Cao Jingyi could not help but stare at him, "What about the man?" Kang Xue blurted out while pointing her finger toward the man.

"He does not deserve to receive my healing potion!" He replied in an unwavering tone. As a doctor, Kang Xue of course could not accept his reasoning, but she was silenced by his next words, "If you know nothing, don't try to preach me with your doctor vow or how important human's life is! But you can save him, you are a doctor, after all!" Tang Shaoyang shrugged and looked toward the direction where the shiny treasure chests.

The reason Tang Shaoyang did not use his healing potion was that the man was part of the slave group. He was not going to give his precious potion to someone who abandoned him once. Giving them the second chance was the best he could give to these people.

"Get someone to help her!" He pointed toward Kang Xue who walked toward the man. Cao Jingyi nodded her head, she then called Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian to assist Kang Xue.

With the help of Cao Jingyi, he walked toward the treasure chests. Fourteen chests were lining up in orderly, thirteen of them shone in blue while one shone in golden.

Zhao Zhong and the others merely surrounded the treasure chests. No order from the Boss so no one dared to touch the chest. They just looked at the chest from a distance.

Tang Shaoyang walked toward the chest. For the first time, there was a translucent screen on top of the chest, "Level 7 Chest" was written on it. He walked further and identified all the chests. Thirteen Level 7 Chests, and one Bonus Chest.

Bonus Chest was the chest that shone in golden light. It looked more appealing than the other chests.

Under his people's gazes, he opened the chest. Brilliance light burst out from inside the chest. Everyone had to close their eyes from the blinding light.

In a few seconds, the light disappeared and showed what was inside the chest. Everyone had to tiptoe to peek at the content of the chest.

Tang Shaoyang looked down, thirteen black crystals were lying down inside. He picked one crystal and information showed up.

[Inventory Bag Crystal, do you want to use it? Yes/No?]

He without hesitation chose yes. The moment he said yes, the crystal cracked and disappeared.

"Huh!? Where's my Inventory Bag?" Tang Shaoyang blurted out in confusion. In the next moment, a translucent appeared in front of him. On top of the screen was written [Inventory Bag]. Below it, there was a grid with ten empty squares, and on the right bottom left there was written [Upgrade].

He tapped the upgrade button and a new screen popped on top of his Inventory Bag.


Upgrade Inventory Bag Lv2

2x Inventory Bag Crystal + 100,000 Game Coins.


That was the materials needed to upgrade the Inventory Bag to lv2. Tang Shaoyang closed the upgrade screen and took the remaining crystals. The chest disappeared the moment he took all crystals, and a new screen popped out again.

[Do you want to save Inventory Bag Crystal x12? Yes/No?]

He chose yes and then the crystal disappeared from his hand. At the same time, the crystal appeared in one grid of his Inventory Bag. It showed the picture of the crystal with x14 at the bottom corner right of the picture.

"Ah, I see…" figuring out how the inventory bag was working, a delighted smile formed on his lips. He was just like a kid who found a new interesting toy.

"Hmmm… now I want to take it out, so…" a screen popped out, asking him whether he wanted to take the crystal out or not. He took three crystals out, then three crystals appeared in his hand.

Cao Jingyi was amazed, 'how did he do it?' She thought while watching the trick.

"Here, we got an amazing reward," He handed one crystal to Cao Jingyi before calling Zhao Zhong and Qin Shoushan. From his understanding, the reward was based on the surviving member, but then he was confused.

'What about the kids in the safe zone? They should be considered as participants, right? But why are there only thirteen Level 7 Chests? Is it because they don't contribute anything in the mini-game completion?' That was the possibility he could think of.

Tang Shaoyang shared the inventory bag with the Tarrior and told them how to use the Inventory Bag. When Tang Shaoyang told them what the crystal was, they were so excited. Of twenty people who entered the hospital seven died, two Tarriors and five from the slave group, leaving ten Tarriors including Tang Shaoyang and three from the slave group.

Yan Sheng escorted the survivors to the safe zone, Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian helped Kang Xue treat the heavily injured slave, and Li Na was still sitting next to Moon, waiting for its recovery.

He then saw Mo Wen did not come toward him so he called him out, "Oy, you don't want your reward?" He thought Mo Wen was part of Tarrior as he wore Tarrior's equipment.

"He is part of the slave group, Boss! You don't have to share the reward with them!" Zhao Zhong immediately informed his Boss.

Mo Wen just about to walk immediately stopped the moment he heard Zhao Zhong's words. In the contract he signed, he had to give all his loot to the faction for him to stay in the base.

"Then why did he have Tarrior's equipment?" With a frown, he asked.

This time, it was Cao Jingyi who told him what happened with Mo Wen.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. He was in a good mood, he did not want the good mood to be ruined with a coward like Mo Wen. So he chose to ignore the guy for now.

As for Bai Yuan, he did not protest. He had signed the contract, as long as Tang Shaoyang kept his promise he did not mind if he did not get the physical reward. In the end, he leveled up and also got the coins.

"Alright, it's time to open our reward, you can choose your chest," all chests looked the same, so it was pure luck whether one could get a good loot or bad loot. So Tang Shaoyang let his people choose the chest they wanted.

"Me! Me! Me!" Zhao Zhong raised his hand excitedly, "I want to go first!"

"Tsk, childish!" Cao Jingyi remarked.

"Go ahead!" Tang Shaoyang let him go first.

Getting Tang Shaoyang's consent, Zhao Zhong immediately ran toward the chest. He scanned them one by one. After a moment, he returned to his original spot. He began scanning the chest one by one carefully. But he saw no difference.

"Just choose one already, God damn it!" Cao Jingyi urged Zhao Zhong.

"Alright! Alright!" Zhao Zhong walked toward the right, the first chest on the right. Everyone thought he was going to choose the first from the right but he did not. He was counting the chest. He stopped at the moment he arrived at the seventh chest.

'7 is a lucky number, right? Or is it 13?' Zhao Zhong looked to his left, looking at the last chest. He then kept looking at the 7th and 13th chest, back and forth.

At this moment, Zhao Zhong started to regret his decision to go first.

'Let's go for the 13th chest…' just as he was about to take the first step to the 13th chest, his foot stopped midair.

"Zhao Zhong!!!!" Cao Jingyi yelled at the guy. She was pissed off.

"Alright! I know!" He pulled his foot back and opened the 7th chest.


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